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Sterling Photos

I took a few photos with the Sterling…

Stock Folded

Stock Extended

I'm going to SBR this... I'll fill out the paperwork Monday.


  1. Mattitude's Gravatar Mattitude

    That’s a Sterling alright ;)

  2. shamp's Gravatar shamp

    That is so BA. I have to SBR that thing too.

  3. 03/26/2011    

    Oh man, next time you do a run of Sterlings, I so hope I have the money to burn on one. I’d SBR mine too, and find a couple of short 10-round mags, and figure some way to mount a long red-dot to the top of the reciever… why yes, I am a geek. Whatever gave you that idea? ;-)

    Seriously, Raptor wants. Badly.

  4. HiVelSword's Gravatar HiVelSword

    Yeah, that begs to be SBR’d.

    That and every time I see that 16″ barrel I picture Robocop grabbing it and bending it like it was a pipe cleaner.

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