Hate Speech

I was recently enlightened that I am (meaning MadOgre.com) blocked at a fellow’s work. Network Admin’s reason was “Hate Speech”.
That’s a new one to me. Usually it’s “Weapons”. But Hate Speech is a fresh WTF here for me.
So since I’m accountable for Hate Speech… I might as well unleash some of it so they have a valid reason to block me.

I hate Liberals.  I hate Eco-Groups.  I hate the Green Movement.  I hate people who believe Global Warming is Man Made and has nothing to do with The Sun or naturally occurring geological events.  I hate Snow.  I hate being Cold.  I hate gout.  I hate that sprig of parsley that they always put on your plate with a steak.
I hate Pontiac Montana mini vans.  I hate Pop Music.  I hate the Pants below the Buttocks style of dress.  I hate commercials that have amplified volume.  I hate people that think because they drive a hybrid they are a better class of human than the rest of us.  I hate people that say gun owners are all banjo playing Red Necks.  I hate that Harry Reid is a member of the same Church I belong to.  I hate the Department of the Interior.  I hate Spammers, Hackers and Trolls.

And most of all, I hate people who talk in the theater.

There, I think that’s enough. I feel better now.

Pain? You don’t know pain, until you know Gout Pain.

“It’s kind of like Gout.”
Dude… You have never had a Gout attack… you have no idea what Gout is like. So don’t even think you know. Having a Gout attack is like joining an exclusive club. “Those who know”. Let me tell you something… you don’t want to be a Member. Ever. I’ve had crushed bones. I’ve shattered my ankles. I’ve torn out my knees. I’ve dislocated and torn my shoulder. I’ve been shot. I’ve been stabbed. I’ve been bitten by snake, dog, human, and cat. I’ve been sucker punched. Tasered. I’ve been hit with a beer bottle. I’ve been kicked in the junk. None of that pain… none of it… comes close to what Gout is like. If someone said, “okay Ogre, you can have a Gout attack or you can take a bullet from a .357 Magnum.” Seriously, I’d take the bullet. No, I’m not kidding and I’m not exaggerating.

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12 Gauge is too much gun?

A lot of shooters are going to the 20 gauge for home defense. And thats fine. It’s a shotgun and it’s not a .410, so that’s a good thing. What I find troubling though is that many of these shooters are doing it because they think 12 gauge is too much gun for them… that they cant handle the 12.

This is unfortunate. I took my 11 year old son out shooting, and he rocked one of my Remington 870 Tactical shotguns. He had no problem cycling the action, handling the recoil… He had no problem with a 12 gauge. Sure, he is the Son Of The Ogre… and he walks with large steps… but he’s still an 11 year old kid.

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