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Under the Bus.

Some psycho kills 9 people and the 10th victim is American History.

I was pleased to see that the potential for Anti-Gun Politics to flare up didn’t happen.  The shooter had a photo with the Confederate Flag on his Facebook Page, so obviously the Bad Guy here is the Confederate Flag…  So in order to stop Hate, people are pulling down all the Confederate Flags everywhere.
You know what?  I’m fine with that.  Let’s throw the General Lee’s Battle Flag under the bus.  That’s our Scape Goat for this horror, so be it.   But then they started talking pulling down books, movies, and video games.  And there’s talk of pulling down statues and a National Monument.
Wait one second.
American History may not be all Rocket’s Red Glare… but it’s our History.  We need to OWN IT.  For good or bad, it’s our history… OURS.  We need to Remember It.  We need to Learn from it.  So we don’t need to Repeat it.  Glossing over the bothersome bits… glossing over the parts we don’t like… the parts that make us uncomfortable… is intellectually dishonest.

What is called the Confederate Flag was really not the Confederate Flag.  It was Robert E Lee’s Battle Flag during The War of Norther Aggression.    To some, it’s a symbol of Hate.  To others it’s a symbol of Rebellion.  To others, it’s a symbol of Southern Pride.  And to others it is a part of our collective American History.   To the Democrats, it’s all about that Southern Pride.  The Democrats with deep ties to Racism and all it’s ugly collateral that goes with it, loved the “Dixie Flag”.  Bill Clinton’s campaign used the hell out of it.  So did so many Democrats around the south.   Personally, to me, it’s the Rebellion.  The standing up to and fighting against the Federal Government.   BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT IT WAS.

I don’t care if you like it or not.  You don’t have to like it.   But you should respect it.  Before you call for it’s removal, you should understand it’s significance.  Censuring that flag as a symbol of hate is just ignorant.   Especially when other things are not censured.  Such as the Swastika.  Che Guevara T-Shirts.  Censuring one and not all… means your offended Self Absorbed Holier than Thou situational Moral High Ground is a Fraud.  It’s False.    So that means that you are either ignorant or dishonest.  One or the other… maybe both.  If we’re going to censure hate – there’s so much out there that also needs to be censured.  And if that’s what you’re wanting to do… Then you become one of those tyranical, hysterical book burners and you’ve just become that very thing you’ve been against.  Congratulations, you slobbering moron.

Own your History.  Learn from your History.  And don’t Repeat the bad History.

Hate Speech

I was recently enlightened that I am (meaning MadOgre.com) blocked at a fellow’s work. Network Admin’s reason was “Hate Speech”.
That’s a new one to me. Usually it’s “Weapons”. But Hate Speech is a fresh WTF here for me.
So since I’m accountable for Hate Speech… I might as well unleash some of it so they have a valid reason to block me.

I hate Liberals.  I hate Eco-Groups.  I hate the Green Movement.  I hate people who believe Global Warming is Man Made and has nothing to do with The Sun or naturally occurring geological events.  I hate Snow.  I hate being Cold.  I hate gout.  I hate that sprig of parsley that they always put on your plate with a steak.
I hate Pontiac Montana mini vans.  I hate Pop Music.  I hate the Pants below the Buttocks style of dress.  I hate commercials that have amplified volume.  I hate people that think because they drive a hybrid they are a better class of human than the rest of us.  I hate people that say gun owners are all banjo playing Red Necks.  I hate that Harry Reid is a member of the same Church I belong to.  I hate the Department of the Interior.  I hate Spammers, Hackers and Trolls.

And most of all, I hate people who talk in the theater.

There, I think that’s enough. I feel better now.