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Logic Fail: Democrats

The Government does something patiently illegal, and the Citizens take the blame. Yeah, I’m not Eric Holder’s Whipping Boy, so don’t look at me sideways because his Agency committed crimes which would land anyone else in the hole for the rest of their lives.  But of course, we all saw this coming.

What we want to see, is Eric Holder and a whole mess of ATF Chiefs get charged appropriately for the crimes they have committed.   The penalty for a Straw Sale is 10 years for each gun.

Straw Purchase 
A straw purchase is any purchase where a person purchases a firearm for another person who is not eligible to purchase it. Although it usually refers to the purchase of illegal firearms, the term can refer to almost anything bought or sold illegally.

In the United States, straw purchases are a felony violation of the Gun Control Act of 1968 for both the straw purchaser (who can also be charged with lying on Federal Form 4473) and the ultimate possessor.

A Firearms Transaction Record, or Federal Form 4473, is a United States government form that must be filled out when a person buys a firearm from a Federal Firearm License holder (such as a gun store). For knowingly making any false statement or representation on Federal Form 4473, the penalty is 10 years.

The ATF did more than just this.  They allowed straw sales against Dealers objections.  Then they went so far as to even use Tax Payer Dollars to buy even more guns to give to the Bad Guys.  Okay, wait, the line between the good guys and bad guys there is really thin and vague.  What the ATF did is horrendous beyond measure.  They broke the trust that was placed on them, broke the faith the American People put on them and this is unforgivable.  The entire agency needs to be Disbanded from the top down.

Pointing fingers at the American Gun Owner is remarkably asinine.  The Democrats solution is to lay down more laws and restrictions? Anyone with more than a pair of synapses can see the truth of this… The people they have to enforce the gun laws are the ones doing their damnedest to break those laws!

1.  Prosecute those that allowed this to happen, Eric Holder first and foremost.

2.  Abolish the BATFE completely.

3.  Wipe every – EVERY – Gun Law off the books nation wide.  Gun Laws should be a STATE issue.  Interstate Commerce is too thin a reason for Federal Regulation.  Some states have allowed Gay Marriage, yet we do not require those couples to never leave the state in which they are married… but they could move.  There’s an interstate issue now.  Does this make it a Federal one?  No.  It’s still a State issue.  I don’t need a Federal Driver’s License.  Yet I can drive in every state.   All Gun laws should be a State Issue.  The Feds need to drop it.  Every gun law on the Federal books should be ERASED.  EVERY ONE OF THEM.