To Unseat a sitting President, you have to put forth a Candidate that is more popular than the President.  A less popular person has never beat a sitting President.  And unfortunately, Newt is far less popular.  He has a 60% Dislike rating… Who really thinks that Newt could win the General Election?
I’m not saying Newt wouldn’t do a good job if he became the POTUS… I’m just saying it’s unlikely to ever happen.  Newt isn’t nearly as Conservative as he pretends to be on Fox News.  He has a lot of baggage.  He was ousted on Ethics violations, took 1.5 million from Freddie Mac, and sat down with Nancy Pelosi and supported Global Warming.  (Man Made Global Warming is BS, and the Liberals are using it to strangle Industry – this isn’t a Conservative platform, but it’s Newts) This guy is as popular as a case of Mono.  As useless as Obama has been, he remains more popular than Newt.
Obama would thrash Newt in the election.

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  1. Ogre,

    You hit the nail on the head. Bingo. Four more years, all thanks to a Dumb Party that can’t find a single electable candidate out of an entire nation.

    Or as someone recently joked, the Dumb Party candidates are like sort of like Cable TV. Lots
    of variety, but not one worth watching or listening to…

    Why can’t they find something OTHER than political hacks?

  2. True. And I feel much the same way about the ideologically vapid Mitt Romney. This is a particularly sad line-up.

  3. How much does the average American really know about Newt Gingrich? And, more to the point, how exactly do they know it? What they know is a result of what Big Media is telling them. And do you really trust the official popularity ratings and face-offs you hear and read as gospel? Newt may or may not be electable, but I think we are entitled to find that out on our own by hearing the man make his case for the Presidency. There’s a reason he has come on in the polls.

  4. If a Republican isn’t elected in November it will not be because the GOP isn’t fielding competent candidates, it will be because the nation we call America is no longer what we wish to think it is culturally and demographically. An Obama victory will make clear that Legacy America has some hard thinking to do about what happened, how it happened, and what the game-plan should be for the future.

  5. I think Newt’s a slime ball. He’s not conservative and he’s not a moral person. Why the hell should I vote for him? He has no chance of winning a general election.

      1. Newt is a card carrying prog. His hero’s are progs, i.e. bullmoose, the never to be sufficiently damned puddin’ head, the even more insufficiently damned nephew of bullmoose.

        This individual never met a government program that he didn’t like, never met a constitution principle he didn’t despise. Voting for this individual would be like putting 0 back in with the only redeeming quality that he might actually back Israel, although I wonder about that.

        I can’t remember who said this, but I think that it is accurate; “Newt Gingrich is the nicest sociopath that you will ever meet.” And this individual has lived up to that. With every affair.

        I have dealt with adulterers, only a few, I will admit, but those few have all, with no exception, been untrustworthy in my experience. And it gets worse the more they have cheated.

        I think that his popularity has come from the smackdowns that he has dealt the press. But I am paranoid enough to wonder if that was collusion between this individual and the msm.

        And no, I am not really a fan of any of the candidates out there now. Of them all, I felt that Santorum might be a decent pick, but I have a lot of misgivings with him.

        Paul talks a good talk, but is duplicitous about cutting spending. His foreign policy, while i agree with alot of it, we really can’t pull back and fortress America. That would just not be good in so many ways.

        Raub has the best description of Romney I have heard and second that.

        The last one, well I have explained that.

  6. As long as *supposed* Conservatives keep repeating lies and half-truths spread by the left, Gingrich may, indeed, not be electable.
    –He was completely exonerated on 84 of 85 “ethics” charges – and then the IRS found that his course was exactly what it had been presented as and exonerated him on thet (85th) charge.
    –The $300K that he paid was NOT a fine, but was a reimbursement to the committee for extra time spent on investigation.
    –He made $1.6million OVER 6 YEARS as a consultant – NOT a lobbyist at freddie. That comes out to a salary of about $299K/year. Is that – as obama has said – “making enough”? Or is $200K too much of a salary for someone to make. (No one, btw, has said that the democrat consultants – all of whom made more than Newt – were overpaid and greedy)
    –Gingrich was a consultant, not a lobbyist. Had he lobbied in any way, he would have been in violation of federal law – and his political enemies would have made sure he was prosecuted for it.

    Gingrich is the only actual Conservative in the race so far. And he is the ONLY one who has shown that he has a pair of balls and a spine and will stand up to the marxist pResident and his pack of fellow-travelers who are trying to destroy this country.
    The democrats know that Romney will fold in front of obama like a cheap suit. That’s why the want Romney to be the GOP nominee.
    The democrats are deathly afraid of Gingrich because they know that he can articulate Conservatism to all Americans and throw the marxists out of power. If Gingrich is elected, the democrat party plans for the socialization of America will be stopped.

    I would strongly suggest that those who call themselves Conservatives but keep repeating the lies and half-truths about Gingrich, do a bit of research and find out the truth. Ignorant is no way to vote.

  7. I agree with just about all that I have read so far in both the OP and the comments and I still have just one question for you all. On election day, what are you going to do? Are you going to vote for the republican or the democrat? And don’t give me some pious, holier than thou, BS about third parties or taking a stand on “principle”. Everyone that votes in November will vote to elect either the republican or the democrat. Period. Everyone that stays home and doesn’t vote will have voted for the status quo. Period.

    Politics is the American blood sport, not MMA on the UFC. Yes the game is rigged. It works that way a lot when you’re playing for keeps. Get over it.

  8. Personally, I prefer a “do-over”.

    That said, I think that I’d rather watch Newt spar with Obama in the debates.

    Sad that “ability” has so little to do with becoming President…

    1. Obama can be shown to be a liar, a manipulator, a socialist – almost anything – and survive it. What he cannot survive is being shown to be ridiculous. To be exposed as an ignorant, laughable buffoon. That will bring him down.

  9. Oh deary me, it looks like I’m going to have to hold my nose again and vote for anybody but Obama. Lordy I hope we get “conservative” control of the Senate and gains in the House. If Romney gets in and messes up I’m holding Ogre and the city of Salt Lake responsible ;P

  10. From a guy who was there and did that, and I still don’t like either Newt or Romney.

    I remember when the Republicans believed they were the permanent minority party. And then they threw away the advantage they had discarded Newt and ran away from anything resembling responsibility. Sigh.

    I have now gotten 7 calls this evening here in FL in anticipation of the election Tuesday, I am thinking seriously of disconnecting the land line this weekend.

    Romney’s latest ad…terrible.

    Who is about one more “I’m the choice of the MEDIA who want Obama to stay in office” ad from Romney from swearing off Romney for ever.

      1. Romney’s never gotten an actual 50% of any vote in his life. He got to be governor with just 49%+ – and then lost that after one term.
        And, if Romney did – by some miracle – get elected, you might as well consider obamacare a permanent fixture in America — along with the rest of obama’s policies.
        The democRATS and the old-line, RINO Republicans both want the same things for America.

  11. Long time lurker first time caller.

    The Republican party looks ready to nominate a person who believes the government can force you to buy a product as a condition for being an adult and breathing.

    Let’s not kid ourselves about the mentality behind such a belief.

    Regardless of how you feel about any of the other candidates the latter is simply fact. The Governor confirmed it again when challenged at the most recent debate.

    He also stated that while it’s fine for a state to do so he finds it utterly unacceptable for the country as a whole to do so. That’s either some serious cognitive dissonance or some serious deception. And how could one feel comfortable with a Chief Executive who even believed the government forcing a citizen to purchase something as a condition for living is acceptable at the state level?

    The former speaker has many flaws but he is adamant that he was wrong when supporting such a mandate in the past, while the governor will, and has flipped on every other value and belief except that it’s fine for the government forcing you to buy something for living.

    I came to this country so that the government would never force me to do anything as a precondition of simply existing. That many people, dear Ogre you two can support such a man while consistently trumpeting liberty is rather disheartening.

    And for all the other governors, senators and congressmen who bleat that this election may make or break our beloved union, but refuse to run for “family reasons” – cowards and hypocrites all.

  12. Alright, the Florida mess is over, Newt now wants the rules changed, and the delegates reapportioned because he lost to a set of rules he knew about going in. The month of February will see Romney win big in most cases, pretty much tying up the nomination.

    What to do? Well, I’ll vote for Romney. For 2 reasons-

    #1. I work for a man that is a smaller version of him. If he owns it or buys it, it’s profitable. Sometimes he makes unpopular decisions, never out of malice, but always with an eye on the bottom line. The workers are paid above average wages, with average benefits. Sometimes they do expect you to be a “company man”, and that, I hate. But I won’t argue with a steady paycheck that’s at least keeping up with inflation when I see so many others struggling. Right now, DC needs a financial man, period.

    But, but, but, Romney’s not a 2A purist!!! OK, with a slight duck here, I say “SO WHAT?” He is not “pro-gun control” either. Look, he will have his hands so full of financial issues his first term, that any gun control at all that he MAY actually want would be WWWAAAYYY down the priority list, and Congress would have to put it on his desk first. Not happening.

    2. I don’t give 10 shits in a bucket what faults the eventual republican nominee has, I’M VOTING FOR HIM. Why? Too many 5-4 SCOTUS splits. Obama can, and WILL undo 40+ years of gun rights legal progress with just one more SCOTUS appointment. Big O can’t win in Congress, so he’s stacking the bench. This cannot continue.

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