MHI: The Series

Congratulations to Larry Correia… he just sold the TV rights to MHI.  I think a TV show is likely.   Larry first gave me word of this at SHOT Show while on the way to get some chow… he said that it was in the works, but nothing finalized.  Well, now it’s a done deal.   That’s awesome.

All I gotta say… I want to be in the cast!


14 thoughts on “MHI: The Series”

  1. You and me both brother… it would be an honor to be red shirted on screen.
    Larry put the imagination and work into this series, that allowed it to be optioned.
    I have had massive respect for Larry for a while, makes me happy to see him get the good fortune he so richly deserves.


  2. It would be awesome as long as they got half way decent production. I remember how they managed to mess up the “Dresden Files.” They changed up so many details and got so PC that they annoyed the hell out of the book’s fans. Casting wasn’t all that hot either.
    Well at least Larry will get some gun money. The first scenes in the office from the book would be something I’d go to a movie theater to see.

  3. Dang, It is up to you younger guys to do the casting. Every time I think up a name she is now a Granny, or has a two chair Fannie.

  4. I just hope he got the cash up front. Take it from Jerry Pournelle, no matter how many times you sell the rights, it’s unlikely ever to be made.

    Who doesn’t know how you could do MHI justice on the box.

    1. I just called my son to tell him the news(we both have our own copies of MHI, in fact he bought my copy when he bought his.)

      He is totally stoked as am I.

      Congrats to Larry!

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