Aging Eyes.

As those close to me know, I’ve had issues with my eyes since about September 2010.  Specifically my right eye… and specifically going blind in it.  It’s been getting better and it’s now doing just fine.  Today I spent some time at the Optometrist.  I am pleased to report that my eye is back to full health with good blood flow and it’s only just like any other guy my age. Which means the lenses in my eyes are slightly cloudy, which is usual, and I have a hard time focusing far and near, again usual… and my eye’s astigmatisms are about the same.  The downside though is that while I don’t need bi-focals now, I will probably need them next time I come in.  So later next week I’ll be able to pick up my new glasses, with new frames, and I’ll bet much of my headaches will be remedied.

Growing old sucks.

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  1. I feel your pain, Ogre. I’ve been fighting the eye thing for a couple of years. Not bad enough to REALLY need my glasses all of the time, but I’m close to having to commit. The pause required between loading 3 magazines and refocusing on the 15 or 25 yard target is getting longer every month.

    I’ll have to cave in soon. I’ve been looking at the ESS prescription inserts for my eye pro. Between my Glock 30 occaisionally clobbering me with brass (actually left a “smile cut” on my forehead once) and my Mini 14’s, I fear going without full eye protection. Keep us posted on what you come up with…

    My eye doc says: all those years of staring at computer screens have not helped your condition. Right…awesome pointless observation doc.

  2. I’ve used corrective lenses since about age 10. Had to, between nearsightedness and astigmatism. I’ve used contact lenses while working for about the last 22 years. Recently, though, two problems have cropped up:

    First, I found that I needed reading glasses for even moderately small print, like that on driver’s licenses.

    And then, my eyes started becoming irritated after only about 10 hours of wear, which is a problem because my work comes in 12-hour increments….

    So, yeah, growing old sucks. And I, too, have bifocals in my near future.

  3. Understand fully Ogre Sir. My own eyesight sucks. Been in bifocals since I was 35 (52 now) and currently enjoying my trifocals. Some things, such as focusing in on the front sight is challenging to say the least. I am however happy to hear that your eyes are now back to normal. As I have stated for a long time,,, you can chew your food with false teeth, walk on a fake leg, but one cannot see out of a glass eye. Eyesight is precious.

  4. I believe the big dot sights were probably designed for us older guys! Hard to adjust from the three dot that I’ve been used to over the years though- and not as esthetic either, but yes beats the alternative

  5. I feel your pain Ogre! Gonna need a prescription update when I get back from the sandbox, handed my 11 y.o. my .45 last time I was home and blew the center out of my target while I had been sooting more of a pattern than a group. Gonna have to look at fiber optic sights I guess, unless someone has a better sugestion…

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