Ordered a .40 Magnum today.

I wanted a gun with more power and longer reach.  So I ordered a Glock 20SF today.  That’s a 10mm, Sports Fans.
Should be here Friday or Monday.  Some have said all pistols suck.  10mm… sucks a lot less.

The Glock 20SF was my pick because I just don’t dig the Gen 4’s and the SF is a lot like the Gen 4 with no backstrap attached.  The only one I could find with any of the distributors were only coming with the 10 round mags, so I ordered some 15 rounders.

I’ll need a holster for it.  I need to pick out some good sights.  And I need to get it to Joe at Crusader HQ for the Full Tilt Crusader Conversion.

This is all because of Nightcrawler.

37 thoughts on “Ordered a .40 Magnum today.”

  1. Nice choice. That is what I would pick for myslelf, if it weren’t for my Wife’s damaged hands. That leaves me with 9MM as she can comfortably handle it. Looking forward to seeing how the new “OGRE” special comes back from Joe.

    Are you going to stipple the grip on this one now that you know how easy it is?

      1. That will be the answer eventually. I am concentrating on building a good “base” set. I am hoping to add a Crusader Bones and Mossberg 500 this year.

  2. Damn ATF, a holster that could be used as a shoulder stock that had a red dot would be nifty…. Or at least a carbine to go with.

  3. I hear this Luke Adams guy makes a pretty decent holster…maybe a crossroads with some custom ostrich a crusader logo on it…

  4. I have been thinking up ordering one from Joe! I want one so bad! I guess it’s time to do the layaway….

  5. Yup. You let him get in your head and now its gonna’ cost you a grand.(grin) He’s right though. You’re sold on the Glock and the 10mm is a logical choice for multi-tasking with a handgun. Now you just need the Ogre coat of arms illustrating the crossed Glocks beneath a Warhammer reclined and a Becker combat bowie sinister at the bottom.

    1. Folks have been killed by any round out there. They’ve also been stabbed to death, beaten to death with sticks, and pushed out of windows, to name just a few. Personally, I’m not going to count on being attacked right near an open window, so I can push the attacker out. Maybe that’s what would happen, and it would all work out fine for me, and if that’s all I had, I’d use it. But I don’t think it’s a valid defensive plan. I’m going to plan for something more effective…

      1. So the homeowner just got lucky then…

        I’m not going to plan for something more effective, I already have an effective plan just like this homeowner did. I have a 9mm with 13 JHP, another mag, along with a .380 backup with 3 mags. If I can’t make it to the long guns with that in a home invasion scenario, then I shouldn’t have been dealing drugs in the first place…

        1. One shot one kill…
          Why do ya need the other 12 hounds and spare mags… much less the BUG?
          Just shoot the guy once with that 9mm war round and be done with it.
          Pull the trigger and walk away… like the cool guys in the movies when the set an explosion off…
          9mm is the same thing.


    2. > “Under the guise of getting ready to leave, the homeowner walked into a closet, got
      > his .9-mm gun and shot Martinez”

      Must have been some kinda shot placement to get a one shot kill from a .9mm bullet… 8^)

  6. Let’s see neck the 10mm case down to…..204 and make the core tungsten, go for a BC of .5 yeas that’s the…..OUch! What did you do that for?

  7. I want a 10mm but I can’t justify it to myself. I already have a 329PD that can easily send a 200-grain hollow point out at 1050 fps. Give me a reason, George! Give me a reason!

      1. ‘Rat, I carry and shoot a twenty-six ounce .44 Magnum revolver. Eleven hundred fps is still only about sixty-percent of full power. I’ve shot the G20 before. It’s a handful but nothing like a full power .44 Magnum. My standard woods load is a 310-grain hard cast, flat-faced bullet meandering along at 1,020 fps. It will do for anything on two or four legs in the lower 48.

        1. I’ve got a healthy respect for the power of a .44 Magnum. I fired one that was loaded with full power handloads. I handed it back to the owner after one shot; that was enough for me. I carry the 10mm Glock because it is the most power I can have in a normal size service pistol. And at least for me, it’s still quite shootable. That, and it’s only a backup weapon in the woods. Anywhere I might run into a bear I’ll generally have my Guide Gun or a slug loaded 12 gauge on me.

  8. If I need more than a 9 or 45 will just break out the old S@W 29. I hope you have years of enjoyment with your new 10 mm

  9. Glocks are so pedestrian. You guys should be souping up the Tanfoglio with the wonder finish, or the 10mm Nightguard

  10. Let’s hear it for the Glock 21SF with the G.I. conversion for .45 G.I………(Sound of crickets)

  11. Sigh, some people just totally miss the humor.
    Then again there are those of us who like eccentric unpopular calibers just because they exist and the way they perform. Maybe it is a Texas thing, “Why do you carry that big old .45? They don’t make a .50.”

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