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  1. You were off the internet for a while there.Thought we lost you.
    I enjoy your site.Welcome back!

    1. I really liked your review of the Mini Cougar 8045.
      I now have 2 Mini Cougar’s and 2 regular Cougar’s in .357 Sig, .40 S and W, .9mm and of course the trusted .45 ACP.
      They are still fairly easy to locate and the prices are within reason.
      You just have to make sure you know what you are getting with an online purchase.
      Thanks again.

  2. Greetings Mr. Hill.
    I was actually referred to you by a mutual friend, Richard Cluff. He said that you’d be a font of wisdom when it comes to enlisting in the army. I’m trying to get in right now for full time active duty. I’m just prepping for the ASVAB right now and doing exercise to get myself ready for the PT test. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me.
    1. Do recruiters really lie to you to get you to sign up?
    2. With today’s issues, both political and foreign, what do you think might be the chance I’ll get shipped to a ‘war zone’.
    3. What is the best way to deal with a whiny spouse that doesnt want you to enlist because he’ll be ‘lonely’ (extreme co-dependency).
    4. I was told to get everything in writing from the recuiter. What ‘everything’ would that generally include? Salary? Ship dates? MO availability? I’m not sure what to ask for writing and what not to ask for writing.

    Thank you SO much for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.
    ~Titianna~ (Tasha for short)

    1. 1. Do recruiters really lie to you to get you to sign up?
      Yes, but not as much as they used to. But get all offers in writing. If it sounds too good to be true, ask for validation.

      2. With today’s issues, both political and foreign, what do you think might be the chance I’ll get shipped to a ‘war zone’.

      3. What is the best way to deal with a whiny spouse that doesnt want you to enlist because he’ll be ‘lonely’ (extreme co-dependency).

      Tell him to Nut-Up because you are going to do what you feel is right; that you love him, but if he loves you he wont stop you from doing what you feel is right and important.

      4. I was told to get everything in writing from the recuiter. What ‘everything’ would that generally include? Salary? Ship dates? MO availability? I’m not sure what to ask for writing and what not to ask for writing.

      Ship Dates are too fluid… I mean Pay, MOS Assignments, Enlistment Bonuses… things like that.

      God Bless you, Tasha. I wish you the best.
      Please keep in Touch.

    2. I did a little stint as an army recruiter …and yes they will lie to you…….be SURE you get EVERYTHING in writing and read EVERYTHING——-DOUBLE check everything before you sign anything and get copies of EVERYTHING (again)…..recruiters have to get so many ‘heads’ a month to meet the required MONTHLY QUOTA–it is sort of like selling cars—–if he does not get the required quota; he gets reamed out——-an average recruiter works like a dog; and puts in a 60 + hour week—-they will sign up just about any body (no criminals etc)—–be wary of them, and believe nothing-(verbally)—-BLACK and WHITE proof ONLY—–lastly—some one made an inquiry about MILSTOR Shatter Disc 12 ga ammo—–The US COAST GUARD uses it for when they board ships—-it will absolutely destroy a person in a confined space but will not ricochet—-picture 12 nickel sized lead discs in a shotgun round —-an alternate is having each disc pre-cut/notched/sliced like a an apple pie into 6 slices—one shot, in a confined space will chop a human being to pieces (internally)—-a human being will not survive being hit by one of these rounds——and are not made anymore except for government use only—USCG,USN, USMC—-for ship boarding only—-

  3. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your Youtube videos, and also your website. I am currently looking for a way into the military, but being type 1 diabetic it is proving to be impossible. Are there any suggestions or alternatives you might have? I really agree with your piece on Egypt. If I were Israel, I would be preparing for some payback for the late 70’s stomping Egypt recieved at the hands of that tough little country. God Bless..

  4. I was wondering if you knew of a list of trigger-reset measurements for various handguns? Everyone measures the trigger pull for their reviews, but researching the reset distance of various guns is proving to be quite difficult.

  5. About the SMG’s: Where do I send $$$$? I’ve been looking at 9mm carbines, all have disadvantages. Perhaps this is the golden egg. Maybe that goose did come through!

  6. Tasha, if I may, let me put in my .02 to your questions:

    1. Yes all recruiters lie, but that’s not a black & white question or answer. Recruiters have a monthly quota to fill and many of them will say just about anything to keep a prospect from walking out of their office. They are “supposed to have all of the answers”, but that is impossible and most 17-22 yr. olds don’t want to wait for an answer that a recruiter isn’t 100% sure about. Also those prospects are typically young & impressionable and will pretty much believe anything that they are told. Best thing to do is go there with detailed questions in mind and it is ok to question their answers if they don’t sound right.

    2. It really depends on your job in the military that determines mobility and world-wide requirements. There are many more small “conflicts” going on in the world right at this moment that get zero media coverage, but rest assured the US military are in those places. So short answer is yes, chances are if you join the Army or Marines you will be deployed somewhere at least once…if not a half dozen times depending on your enlistment length. Deployments aren’t really that bad you just have to maintain the right frame of mind and realize why you are there in the first place. Being deployed is a great oppertunity to see the world and also get away from your daily grind. A chance of scenery helps out the mind & body and is needed from time to time.

    3. Without disrespecting your spouse, he should understand that you are a patriot and are one of the few that actually wants to do what is right in the world…because you aren’t doing it for the money. I assume he is young to mostly feel this way. Tell him that he is about to join you on an adventure of a lifetime. He will be able to live in places, possibly overseas, that people pay thousands of dollars just to visit for a week. It’s a growing process that he should appreciate over time. He really needs to man up and support your decision to do this. It also sounds like he needs to make some friends and get some hobbies. Being “lovey-dovey” is nice, but not very healthy for a relationship. He needs to find some things to occupy his time for a few hours a week, then hopefully he’ll chill out some and grow up.

    4. You will DEFINATELY want some things in writing from your recruiter, but you will have to realize that there are some things that no matter what they can’t promise. Pay is one of them. There is a fixed pay scale that is determined by your rank & time in service and that is set in stone. They also can’t guarantee assignments, duty stations or non-deployment status. What you want in writing is: rank that is higher than E-1, which is possible if you have a certain number of college credits or held a certain rank in the Scouts. There are other qualifying things, but remember if you meet any of them and are eligible for a higher rank upon enlistment, GET IT IN WRITING. You can also be guaranteed a certain MOS, get it in writing. If you are eligible for any enlistment bonuses, GET IT IN WRITING. If you are wanting a certain job, hold out until it’s available. Don’t get pressured into something and be told that you can cross-train at a later date…it’s hard to do and sometimes impossible and it might not even be available when you are eligible to cross-train. You can always come back to the recruiter at a later date when the job you want is available. Get as much as you want from the beginning and don’t get pressured into anything. Good luck!!

  7. i bought my first motorcycle 6 years ago..a bmw 1150 rt -04…believe me unless you can do the work on your own bike…change oil, change tires, valve adjustments, a car is much much cheaper…not nearly as much fun but a whole lot cheaper…..

  8. Dear MadOgre,
    On your website you had a long list of “Weapon Manufacturers” which I bookmarked. When I click on this bookmark now, IE tells me that the webpage cannot be found. I found this Weapon Manufacturers link to be very helpful. Do you still maintain this list and how do I get to it?

    1. Rich, it’s still there. Click the page up top that says Old MadOgre and go to the weapons section, and you’ll see the list.
      I’m working on the new version.

  9. ogre this is true

    “John Galliano to Face Trial for Anti-Semitic Remarks
    Exhibit A. The Paris Prosecutors Office has decided to put designer John Galliano on trial for anti-Semitic and racist abuse he allegedly hurled at customers in a Parisian bar. He faces up to six months in prison and more than $25,000 in fines. Galliano is believed to have left France and may be checking into rehab in Arizona.
    _________________________in norway a lutheran priest faces 6 months in jail for saying homosexuality is wrong..he is being tried for hate speech….how long before this happens here? paul

  10. Hery George, after the Crusader Sten, how about an updated “Crusader” style grease gun? long barreled .45 acp “car” carbine. Hey, just a personal “dream”. Like the site, visit almost dail, but always catch up.

  11. Ogre,
    I’ve been looking into picking up a new rifle and was eyeing the Robinson Armament XCR. It looks like an interesting alternative to the ARs and AKs out there. I was wondering what your experience level was and your take on the rifle. Thanks in advance.


  12. Ogre, since The seals got bin Ladin and they carry the sig p229, I’m betting that’s what killed him. A 9mm sig. Paul

  13. ogre i bought a glock 21 5 years ago…not one ftf….my daughter moved to virginia and i gave it to her for protection…i was thinking about getting another one but i keep hearing bad things about the new glocks..any truth to that rumor? after reading some bad posts on glock talk i am thinking about the polymer .45 from springfield armory..any thoughts ? thanks paul

    1. The Gen 4’s have had some teething issues. Especially in 9mm. The model 22 Gen 4 in .40 is just fine… but… I prefer the Gen 3 guns.
      Get a S&W M&P 45 in your hand – put on the small grip insert. Feel that and see how it points for you. Totally 1911’ish.

  14. Dear George,

    Been trying to catch up on my AAR podcasts. Up to May of 2010. Caught your comments on the Sig P238. That’s my current carry gun. I would like to go up a caliber, maybe 9mm or .40, but I am a small person with small hands. The P238 carries beautifully in an IWB Bianchi holster. I’m afraid that anything bigger would necessitate going to a purse carry. Any suggestions? A friend of mine has a Springfiled XD 9mm (double stack mags) which I was able to shoot with accuracy but it felt to large. And definitely to large and too heavy for carry. HELP!!

    Suzie in Las Vegas
    CCW Holder since 2010

    1. Take a good look at the S&W M&P Compacts. With the small grip adapters, I bet your hands will fit it just fine. There is also the SIG 239, in 9mm or .40 or even .357SIG. Great guns. You are lucky in Vegas as you have a couple Ranges/Stores there that you can probably find one to try out.

      1. Dear George,

        Awesome. Thanks for the advice. I DID look at the S&W compacts when I was in the Chicago area on vacation, of all places. But I also looked at the Glocks and Kahr Arms. I’ll have to go try a few of these. And yes we have some great gun shops here in Vegas. And keep up the good work on AAR. I love hearing you and Mark talk about guns and everything. Your articles in Concealed Carry Magazine are truly informative. Yes I am a USCCA member too. Just need to get more training.

        Suzie in Las Vegas

  15. I’ve been looking for a commander 1911 with an officer sized frame. I’ve recently come across your video review of your Sig Sauer C3. I’m between that or a Kimber compact stainless II. I prefer a 1911 with the original bushing. My main concern is that the Kimber pistols use a lot of injection molded parts. Is that the same case with the C3 or does Sig machine their internals?

  16. Hi,
    I am one of the adult leaders in charge of shooting sports for a Boy Scout troop here in California. There is often a lot of negative press/messaging around firearms in California and I am a small part of a grass roots movement to show how shooting sports can be a positive and affirmative part of family life and a bonding activity in a healthy American family. But as a volunteer organization, we are always conscious of costs. Can you please give me your opinion on how I should approach a decision regarding shooting sports for our Troop. I would like to buy a rifle that the troop can use for target shooting at a local range. Here are the critical elements for consideration as I see them (but please add anything that you think I might be missing):

    COST–Since we are a non-profit/volunteer organization, all costs tend to come out of the pockets of a few dedicated and civic-minded citizens. Nobody here has deep pockets, so we need to be VERY conscious of cost. I am thinking about the cost of purchasing the rifle(s) that we will be using as well as the ongoing costs of ammunition and maintenance.
    CALIBER–Our local shooting club has ranges of 25 yds, 100 yds, and 200 yds. I think that for most of the boys, we will have to focus on the 25 and 100 yd ranges. So I will need a rifle that is effective at these two distances primarily. My initial thoughts ae that we should be looking at rifles chambered for .223 Remington and .17 HMR for cost and accuracy at these ranges, but if there are other suggestions, please let me know.
    MANUFACTURER/MODELS–Considering what we are trying to accomplish, are there particular models and manufacturers that you think would be a good fit.
    On paper and on the Internet, I have looked closely at reviews of models from CZ-USA, Savage, Remington, Marlin, Ruger and many others, but my research has really only gotten me to a state of “analysis paralysis”. I am hoping that you will lend your experience and expertise to my Troop to help us make the best decision. I look forward to any advise that you can lend.



    1. I’d probably stick with .22 Rimfire in the form of the CZ Scouts. Small, feel like a “Real Rifle”, but tough as nails and your troop will be able to use them for generations. The .223 guns for when the Scouts get bigger and want to shoot farther, and still be cost effective, take a good hard look at the SAVAGE AXIS. It’s cheap, but well built and Savage will back you guys up if you have any problems. Accuracy has been impressive for a gun at that price… well under 300. And a local dealer should be able to get you these guys at not much over cost.

    2. ScoutDad, you might want to check with the NRA and/or other pro-rights organizations (esp. local ones), firearms and/or ammo manufacturers, to see if they’ll share the cost of a firearm or 3, ammo and safety equipment for your organization. Can’t hurt to ask, IMO.

      And I believe you can pick up a Remington 597 semi-auto in .22LR for about a hundred bucks. If you do, be sure to pick up a few extra magazines (it comes w/ a 10-rounder in GA — don’t know about CA.)

      Thanks for being a man of courage.


  17. Dear sir, I planned to save this so I could do it right (while clear headed) but after skimming your Highway Patrol account I thought you and your readers might need this now. So with no blog of my own I would like to pass this along. God bless Montana and the Free States of America. Recently pulled over by an LEO in MT whom shall remain nameless lest they be considered derelict of duty as even I, the pulled over, had to suppress my urge to say “but wait, I’ve been bad”. To sum up I quit moving and placed my hands on the top of the wheel when the man with the badge and the gun approached. I was asked if I was trying to get someone killed. No sir, driving angry no excuse, I know better, ect… I provide lic. reg. and isn. plus my CCW which was of no interest as he already knew thanks to general competence. After examining my light summer garb he does ask where and what it is so I tell him there is a Ruger 9mm in my front right pocket. This seems to bore him. I was directed to exit the vehicle, for the well deserved chat if you know what I mean. I say with my hands in a non threatening but non surrendering possision, “Do you want to secure it sir?” As I have given him probable cause and would not blame him and would permit it as he has established trust, i.e. I have been up here for a while and they aren’t like LA county sheriffs, LAPD, ATF, Atlanta PD, or any other type I have had the misfortune of dealing with. He politely says no “just keep your hand out of you pockets” and directs me to take a seat in the front passenger side of his vehicle. “I clocked you at 91,(75 zone) which isn’t so bad but you really made me chase you.” , no shit, his words, so what’s going on today, why so mad? I swear when I hear 91, see dollar sings in my eyes and cant figure out why I am not in the back seat with the cuffs on again. I reluctantly told him about how all that is going in the news has gotten to me, the ohio cop thing, soldiers in southern cities like martial law had already been enacted, printing money like the Weinmar Republic ect.. but “I don’t think it’s relevent sir, I was being irresponsible” And you should have seen the way I made the light at the end of the offramp. He listens and says things like I didn’t hear about that and asks where I get my news. I tell him nowhere in particular, I listen and then try to find out if it’s true. I mention I used to listen to FOX but they have lost their credibility with being bought out by the Saudis and such, he seems concerned by this. He prints of a ticket for $40 and sends me on my way. I would estimate time elapsed to be about 8 min. or less. This is typical of my LEO encounters up here. As for that sick rapist murderer from Mexifornia, they locked his ass up for life, no parole, thew away the key, he seemed surprised.

  18. Just read your article “Why I Hate the M-16 and AR-15 Rifle and Variants” and I can say that I agree totally. In Australia we now use the Steyr for all services. Long after our Army starting using the M16 at least my service which was the Royal Australian Navy had more sense and stayed with the Lithgow L1A1 SLR (FN Fal derivative). I was persuaded to get an AR15 as a hunting rifle for wild pigs and kangaroos and I found it the most useless rifle and least accurate of any I had before or since. The hitting power on this rifle was nothing compared to the .308 I had previously and I was able to offload this weapon to a mate who was going to turn it into fully automatic for plinking as he knew it wasn’t much good for anything serious.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. Hi Mad Ogre,
    I live in Texas but was born and raised in Vernal. I love to read you posts. Been checking them out for about a year. I will be in town next week. My cousin and I set up a GOP debate watch party. I would enjoy meeting you if you can make it. We are a little crazy over Ron paul. All are welcome. Could you help us spread the word please? I am not sure who to pass this on to since I only come to visit now and then. I have helped organize similar events here in Texas with the tea party. I am heading into the bookcliffs for the next 3-4 days. If you are not interested, no hard feelings.
    Come and join us in this years GOP debate party at the Dinosaur Brew Haus (550 E. Main St. in Vernal). We will be there around 5 or so in the afternoon getting set up your welcome anytime the debate starts at 6pm. You might want to come a little early so you can order yourself some grub and grab a beer before the debate starts. We will provide online voter registration for anyone interested in registering to vote. Political propaganda is strongly encouraged so bring your own (we’ll have ours for sure!!) Hope to see you all there. O yea PLEASE R.S.V.P. ON THIS FACEBOOK PAGE so we know approx. how many people will be attending. MSNBC will broadcast the debate live from the Reagan library’s Air Force One Pavilion at 8 p.m. ET.
    POLITICO will stream the proceedings live on its website.

    CNBC will also broadcast the debate

    Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum

  20. i watched a few of ur videos and liked them alot so i was woundering if u could answer a question for me…im 13 and my birthday is next week and this year is my first year of hunting and i am thinking about asking for a remington 700 270 sps rifle and i was woundering if that would be a good choice or should i askl for a 308 instead? thank you for your time and help 🙂

    1. Depends on several factors. Another good option is the .25-06, but that would all depend on what exactly you want to be hunting. I’d probably go for the .270 though, for deer and elk.

  21. Dear Ogre,

    I own a S&W 640 that I’m very fond of,but have been considering one of the 340 M&P for CCW.Do you have any experience with any of these ultralight magnums & will they practically tear your arm off with full house .357 Magnums loads like many claim?


    1. Arm? No. But your hand wont like them. Not one bit. They are for carry, not shooting. Great defense weapons, you can always have it on you… but they do suck to shoot.

  22. Hay Mad Ogre- I was so excited to receive your book, which mysteriously appeared on my desk one day. Sorry to miss the personal delivery.
    To see the name GEORGE HILL in print…ahhhh! I’m proud to possess one of the “early GH” pieces from ENGL 3440, and I’m just as proud to have the book.
    But I need it signed!

  23. Hey Mad Ogre had a question about the ACC 300 Blackout round, wanted to get ur opinion on it ive gone to my gunsmith and should be able to build one for around 800$ with the transfer fee cause i want it for an SBR platform do you think this would be a good move or would u go with a different caliber for it any info u could give would be awesome if Mark W. respects your thoughts on guns I know that I should as well thanks a bunch for the youtube refrence last night on AAR i watched them today and again i love my Lucid HD7 keep up the fight and shoot on !

    Thanks again
    Jeremy S

  24. Ogre:

    I respectfully suggest that you remove, or “de-list”, the “Bonehead of the Week” link. It directs us to the very same thing that has been published on that site for many months (maybe longer). There’s never a new “bonehead” actually highlighted. It’s been the Illinois AG for as long as I have been checking. It detracts from your otherwise excellent site. Thank you.

    1. See, Mossberg can do good stuff… The 930SPX. The 590A1.
      And then they go full retard with the Chainsaw, Roadblocker, and that joke of a Lever.

      1. Don’t forget the .22 with the .50 muzzle brake.

        I have a 500 that I love. I ran it through a shotgun class last summer and it ran flawlessly. They can do great things.

        But this?


  25. I’m interested in purchasing a lever action carbine for hog hunting. I’m considering either a .44 mag or a .45-70. I’m a bit “recoil sensitive”, but not a wuss about it. I’ve never fired a 45.70. What is the better choice for my purposes? I appreciate any info. Thanks!

  26. Okay, I’ve given up on the idea of a .44 mag or. 45-70. I will purchase a 30-30. But what make: Marlin, Henry, or Rossi? What’s the best bang for the buck? Thanks!

  27. Opinion on the Walther PPQ? I’ve been playing with one in the store for awhile now and I’ve got to say, it has the best trigger (and best reset) of any other striker-fired pistol I’ve felt yet. Haven’t heard anything about it from any of my usual, trusted sources so I’m curious what the word is.

  28. Ogre! You have my dream job.
    Are you a gunsmith? What schools did you go to, if so?
    Also, if you don’t mind, (I know it’s personal) about how much is your average income off of your shop alone?
    you’re amazing!

  29. Ogre,
    Any word on the Crusader 1911’s? I’m very interested in the product when/if it comes out.

  30. Hi: I don’t know you. My son loves you. I hate hawking stuff, but my son insists that you or your readers would be fascinated with a book I wrote about the Hitler Era from the German perspective, the message being that it CAN happen here. Anyway, the Kindle version is FREE until 2/21/12 at:

    Not trying to sell anything, but mainstream publishers have published other works of mine, but won’t touch this one so I don’t know how else to spread the word. Thanks.

    And if you need to remove this, I understand.

    C.David Baker

  31. I’ve always used Hoppe’s Gun Cleaning Patches. Worked well and proudly Made in the USA. I noticed the other day that they felt different(thinner & more fiberglass-like) & noticed the “Made in the USA” was absent from the front of the package.Flipped it over and there it was in small print at the bottom… MADE IN CHINA along with the California Cancer warning. Hmm,never needed the Cancer warning when made in the USA.This Chinese garbage is going back to the store and I’m buying patches made in the USA.Shame on you Hoppes.

  32. I accidentally double posted on your love of 40 article. Sorry. Could you delete the first one? Thanks

  33. Ogre! Little less than half way through Uprising USA and have already bought UK. Loving it. I keep waiting to read about some SIG 556 love but am thinking it may have been bypassed. Oh well. Still love mine.

    Speaking of the 556, any thoughts on some Crusader mods/SIG specific work? Honestly, the rifle is 100% reliable to start with so I don’t know what Slipstream will do for it but I’m always willing to try something different. Thoughts?

    1. Slipstream will really smooth out that SIG, but those rifles are extremely reliable. I maybe put a SIG in Uprising Russia, but they would be 552’s.

  34. Hey Ogre went down to see u at Basin but you wasn’t there, are you riding your bike?

    Hey my buddy Eric Larson at HBE Leatherworks has you on a link at his website, he does fantastic work you should return the favor and add him on yours too. in NSL.

    Keep up the great work I love reading your stuff!!

    Stay safe on the rocket!
    Pastor Dee

    1. If you see a red Honda Superhawk… I’m there. I’ll leave for an hour for lunch, but for the rest of the month I’m working 10 to 7. In May I’m going back to rotating days and I’ll be there a lot less often.

  35. I came across your book “UPRISING” and was pleasantly surprised, the follow up “UK” was even better. But now I am waiting for “RUSSIA”, the teaser at the end of “UK” got me fired up…any idea on release date? Your writing style lends itself to a rapid page turning read, your ego is only surpassed by your wild and vivid imagination. Please keep it up, I am now a fan.

  36. Ogre,
    Been reading your blog quite a while and love it. No B.S. from you whatsoever. Recently tried some Slipstream Styx on my Beretta 96 and it made an already smooth gun even smoother. Slicked up the trigger too. My question is, do I continue to degrease with Crud Cutter or similar when I clean the gun, or just use rags and solvent? (Obviously, I’d relube with Styx.) What do you recommend?


    1. I’ve become a huge fan of MPRO7 Cleaner. The stuff in the pump-spray bottles. Spray it on, wipe it off – Done. If it’s really gunked up, Spray it down good, let it soak, then wipe it off, done. No smell, fumes, or anything that can damage wood or leather. Its what I use almost exclusively. If I need something more for like Copper Fouling, I like the Hoppes Elite Bore Gel.
      Thanks for the kind words.

  37. Thanks for the advice. I’ve got a bottle of MPRO7 kicking around somewhere. Will use that from here on out.


  38. I’d like to buy the first and latest Uprising Book(s), BUT, I’d like to have them signed by you. I so enjoy your thoughtful and thought provoking comments on AAR and your web page, as an NRA pistol instructor, I frequently direct students here…So how do we make the book purchase and signing work…can I direct mail you funds? In advance, thank you.

  39. If you don’t know you should know… you probably know… Crusaders web site has been hacked by some jackass.

    I was really looking forward to drooling over your 10mm Glocks and now I’m left gun-porn-less.

    I guess a plastic guide rod is good enough… and the factory Glock sites aren’t all that bad…

    1. The Crusader Site is going to be going through some changes… Evolution… You may have seen some temp placeholders. Our Tech Guru is all over it like Masala on Rice.

  40. Sir, I am a retired USAF C-17 Instructor Loadmaster. If you would like any input on this aircraft for future work, please contact me.

  41. Ogre (and friends): bought a Sig Stainless GSR 1911. Ran 200 rounds of Federal 230 gr. ball through it without a hiccup. Took it down, cleaned and lubed it (I use Mobile One as my lubricant).

    Brought it to the range again and ran that old school Federal Hi Shok 185 gr. HP through it. At least one round per magazine would fail to seat. More disturbing is that the slide would fall into fire position after the last cartridge was expended, whereas the slide should have locked back. That happened only a few times, but I’ve never experienced that before. Most disturbing is that the pistol began having the same issues with the Federal 230 gr. ball that had ran flawlessly through it on my first outing (albeit, not as frequently as with the Hi Shok).

    What’s the issue here? Upon taking the pistol down I saw that I had the guide rod springs (is that what it’s called?) installed backwards. Could that have been my issue? Yet it’s just a spring that I expect will perform in whatever way it is installed. My Springfield works fine without such consideration. What are your thoughts? Should I try some Slip Stream? Thanks!

    1. Lubrication remains an unappreciated reliability factor. M1 is good lube, but it’s chemically formulated for a very different purpose. I’ve used it myself. But Slipstream is so much better that I’ve not gone back to it. SLIPSTREAM, especially the STYX formula is what you want. You’ll wish you could use it in your cars and trucks.
      But you probably have one of two issues going on that you think are not issues… A. It’s real easy for your thumb to hit your slide release and for it to not lock back and you not know it. Try shooting left handed and see if the slide locks.
      B. The magazines. Try some other mags to see if it feeds better.

      So I’d do this.
      1. Slipstream Styx. 2. Shoot left handed. 3. New mags.

  42. OGRE: Thanks…I’ll do EXACTLY what you advised. I ripped apart my mags, cleaned them, but I think I’ll still get a few Wilson Combats. Thanks again!

  43. OGRE: Ordered the Slipstream Styx, as you suggested. I think my Sig issues are also related to the magazines I’m using. I ordered some Wilson 47D’s. Do you advise applying the Slipstream to the magazines? Lube ’em up a bit? Thanks.

  44. OGRE: Thanks for the advice! I put a little Slipstream Styx on my Sig 1911, changed the mags to Wilson 47D’s and the pistol runs beautifully! Not one hiccup after 200 rounds.

    I have to say that the Slipstream is some great stuff. I “felt” the difference when racking the slide after the initial application. I also thought of something: when I was lubing my pistol with M1 it had that “wet” effect. I live in the desert, thus I imagine small granules of sand and dust could more easily attach to the oil and jam a gun up. But because you need to use so little of the Slipstream, one can avoid that problem. There’s less for dirt, sand and crap to stick to! You can use that as an additional selling point. Thanks again!

  45. I have a question, with how much you hate the M16FOW I find it funny that you currently work for a company that sells such a crappy rifle. Why is that? Why do you Rifles from Crusader Weaponry with that horrible DGI system that you hate so much?

    You woukd think one would want to get people the best, but you seem happy to sell people a weapon that will get them killed when needed.

  46. I remember back in 2011 you wanted a Keltec KSG shotgun. Me too. Even put a deposit on one back then. Nary a word since. Should this gun be called the Phantom?

  47. Just finished your book “Uprising USA”. Well done, a great read! How about a new book along the lines of the FEMA storyline without the zombies…it may turn out to be future factual accounting versus fiction. Great job, keep up the blogging and try to stay on AAR – every segment. All the best…

  48. Hello Mr. Hill

    I actually bought my ccw gun from you at Basin before I knew who you were. Still got it, Glock 23C.

    Anyways, I’m building a tactical rifle on AR platform. I am going to put a 16″ barrel on it and wondered what you prefer and why, when it comes to carbine or midlength gas systems?

    1. In an AR, I prefer 16″. Crusader’s True Polygonal barrels shoot like 18″ barrels, so they don’t give up anything, stay nice and short and light and that makes it a better weapon for general use.
      I like the midlength gas systems as they operate and slightly lower pressure than the Carbine length and it’s not slamming your BCG around as hard.

  49. Love the sterling and its rugged reliability, a bit heavy but functional. Unfortunately I bought mine before I new you made them. So 2 part question.

    1)Whats your view of the sterling as a SHTF survival weapon. Im not talking defense(we know it excels here). I am talking the ability and accuracy to harvest game within 100yds. Typically people tote the .22lr for survival harvesting but the 9mm should pack more umph. The other mindset is availability though you can stock up on .22lr it is not a military round. 9mm is a world wide military round and will be available where ever you step foot. .22lr if you didn’t pack it you may not find it. Outside of that the sterling weights in at almost the same weight as my AR, BUT the sterling is just simple and rugged and if something were to fail on it I am sure some scrounging in a garbage pile could repair it, I would start to get worried if I ran out of cleaning supplies for my ar.

    2)Do you guys still make the optics mount? I put my own rail on that extends back over the receiver, but because it is not grooved to fit the shroud it cants ever so slight to the left, making windage and elevation adjustments tiresome.

    1. The Sterling remains a fantastic weapon. It has some issues that needs to be addressed.
      1. The sights. Contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry to get a couple mounts. One for an optic, another for a light.
      2. The firing pin. They are fragile and will eventually break. Order a couple spares, and don’t dry fire it.
      3. Magazines. Order at least four spares and test them carefully. You want reliability and the biggest point of failure is the mags. You can also run Sten Mags… but they are not as good.
      4. A good sling. You can set up a forward sling mount. The Magpul MS3 sling is awesome and handles the weight just fine.

  50. My oldest daughters boyfriend just put me on to the Uprising Saga Books and I just got them in the mail today and I have just found your website and am checking it out and very much like what I see. I just read your post about reducing the weight of your AR 15. I just recently got into AR weapons. I had a Springfield Socom 16 that I liked very much but the weight was just too much and at 63 I like light weight. I now have a S&W M&P15 outfitted with Magpul furniture and back up sights and a Mepro 21 red dot sight and Timney trigger and I also have a Colt M4 with Timney trigger, Magpul furnture and a Nikon M-223 1-4X20 Scope. They are nice light weight and accurate and really put feral pigs down nicely.

  51. I am retiring from the USAF after 26+ years as a C-130 Loadmaster and later as an Intelligence Analyst. Have a little down time after 02 Nov 12…how do I score an invite for some Ogre BBQ and some time at Ogre Ranch experiencing some Crusader Weaponry?

    1. We will see. My schedule is not easy to predict… So I am not sure when I could commit. And Ogre Ranch turns into Winter Hell in November. But we shall see.

  52. I have a KelTec PF-9 which started to rust in my pocket from sweat here in Florida.

    What do you suggest for a finish? I think it is blued.


  53. I would like to see comments on what repair kits/were we should find them, we should have on hand. TEOTWAWKI would mean if you AR breaks and you don’t have the right parts you are SOL…

  54. OGRE!!!Alert, Alert, OK – since you’re not running for President…at least apply for this position!

    Article by Recoil Staff
    Source Interlink Media (SIM) today announced it had accepted the resignation of Recoil editor Jerry Tsai. Mr. Tsai will leave Recoil effective immediately.

    SIM, a leading men’s interest media company, will continue to publish Recoil, a gun lifestyle magazine that has to date proven to be a highly popular new title in the firearms sector.

    “SIM gives its editors a lot of freedom in terms of how they run their brands,” said Chris Argentieri, President of Source Interlink Media. “In this particular case, however, mistakes have been made, and Mr. Tsai is stepping down.

    “There should be absolutely no misunderstanding that Recoil is fully supportive of, and committed to, Second Amendment rights,” Mr. Argentieri added.

    Mr. Argentieri also announced Joe Galloway, Associate Publisher, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, has been suspended until further notice.

    SIM is actively seeking a new editor for Recoil, and looks forward to improving its approach to responsibly delivering engaging gun enthusiast content with the next issue and beyond.

    Read more:

  55. I am wanting to do some competition pistol shooting is there anything like that here in the basin?

  56. Hey Ogre,

    Its late and I have to go to bed cause I have to go to work in less than 6 hours. But am I going to bed? No! It is your fault. The articles on tonight, started out great and then each openend another can of awesome. So now its the middle of the night and I have my old engineering text book out and I am reading it so I can remember Morh’s Circle, and I am rushing cause I want to start God’s of Miskatonic, then I have a web page openend on the Moto Guzzi V7 that I am going to want to reread. Trunk Monkeys and the M9 was better than anything I read elsewhere this week and your military wish is perfect tough I would like to add 100 Seawolf submarines, pretty please.

    Good job.

      1. The number of torpedoes carried is still a secret; rumors are it can carry a mix of 50 Harpoon, Tomahawks and torpedoes. What is known is that it has 8 launch tubes, double of its Los Angeles class predecessors. It can dive to 3,000 feet, a depth that is more than triple the Los Angeles class’ max depth. It is supposedly 10 times quieter than the LA class, so quiet at 25 knots that if you were diving under water it could sneak a few feet behind you and you would never hear it. It can reach 45 knots submerged if it does not mind being heard. The bow and deck are specially reinforced so that it can break through the polar ice cap any time it would please it to do so and rain holy hell on any target within 1,500 miles.

        Although designed in the late 80s it is still 30 years ahead of any submarine any one else has. It is so flipping full of American goodness that if you told me it could leave the ocean and orbit the earth I would probably believe you.

        1. I’ve had some casual chats with some dudes in the Navy who are very familiar with the Seawolf. They say that they’ve sneaked up on Whales. They also say that running flat out, it’s still quieter than an LA running at slow and trying to be as quiet as it can. That may be an exaggeration, but it was said with pride. The Navy is quite proud of those boats… and very stingy with actual details.
          I would love to get aboard one and have a walk through.
          In any future Hostilities with countries like China – The Seawolves will be an unfair advantage. I like unfair advantages.

  57. Just a comment on the .25 cal., Living in a state that does not allow concealed carry, a Baby Browning is small enough to conceal unlawfully. Living in a town that has the highest murder rate in the country even a .25 is better than nothing, which is what our law makers demand. But they are allowed to carry. So, just for thought. I think a 25 would make someone think twice about messing with you.

  58. Ogre,

    Just found your website through another and really am enjoying it. I just began a firearms related blog, (see above website) and basically took the advice in your recent post about starting a blog. Not sure if I am doing a good job as of yet but I am writing as much for myself as for my friends and family or any poor slob that stumbles onto my site and surrenders 5-10 mins of their life to its ramblings. If you take a notion and can spare the time check it out, I’d love to hear your thoughts, criticisms, or just any general “get lost loser” comments you may have. Thanks! Great blog BTW!


  59. Dear Ogre,
    I was wondering what your take is on the Mossberg SA20, and also whether or not it’s close enough to the 930 to use the same aftermarket parts?

    Neither my wife nor I can use a 12ga pump any longer, as we have bad backs (to the point of disability) and the recoil knocks things loose, so to speak. When you fire two shots and spend the next 3 days in bed, you’re not going to get the practice you need for a home defense gun, you know? I thought a 20ga semi-auto might reduce the recoil enough to be manageable.

    Alternate suggestions would be more than welcome!
    -Ken in Oregon

  60. Quick question regarding my new Mossberg 930 SPX with pistol grip. I am new to tactical shot guns and specifically sling swivel studs installed on my gun. What do I need to purchase to complete this addition. Many different styles and ways to attach. Hoping you can answer my question, thanks!

    1. Forget trying to do a Single Point. Get the Viking Tactical quick adjust 2 point sling. It’s perfect for that heavy Mossy. Method of attachment really doesn’t matter, just anything that works. Your local gun seller should have what you need on hand. If not, will.

  61. OGRE: I hope you and your family are well. Question: do you have any thoughts on the Rossi Rio Grande lever actions? I’m not in the market for a 30-30 (I’d get an older Marlin if I were). But I see that Rossi has a Rio Grande in 45-70. Any thoughts or recommendations? I was going to get a Rossi in .44 mag, but saw the 45-70 and said “hmmmmmm”…..


    1. Yeah, I’ve looked over many Rio Grands. Each one is much better than what Marlin is putting out. I’d get one if I was in the market. But if you want a .45-70 lever… Get the new Winchester 1886. Its flawless.

  62. Ogre, would love to see more from your BA50. I have owned the big Bushmaster for just over a year. I have shot most of the 50bmgs on the market and this was my choice. People always doubt it when I tell them how accurate the BA50 is. Keep doing what you are doing Ogre. Take care my friend.

    1. Alas… it has been sold. It was a fine weapon. Looking at all the production .50’s on the market, it is my favorite, hands down.

  63. Thank you for your outstanding blog, guest commentary on AAR (and excellent books…the Uprising series of which I have 2). I appreciate and value your humor, wisdom, and experience. The challenges against our 2nd Amendment regarding our 2nd Amendment freedoms, as you very well know, are under attack. I would respectfully ask for you to consider writing a blog commentary on the need, urgency, and “how to” regarding contacting your elected officials at the federal level. Using the NRA-ILA website makes it a snap to cut, paste, and send. It is found here: I would happy to offer sample letters etc… In advance, I thank you for your consideration.

  64. I always enjoy your contributions to AAR regarding what is currently happening in the Gun Industry. I heard about the AAR Signature AR-15 and could you please send info and purchasing details. THANKS!

  65. Ogre! Been a fan for a number of years, love what you are doing with the blog, WTA, Uprising etc. Was wondering your thoughts regarding the Rock Island Armory line. I have had one of their Tactical models for about 4 years now with no malfunctions of any kind. I have put every type of bullet type through it except for cast. It didn’t cost a whole lot, it just runs and runs and runs…

    1. I’m a huge fan of the KaBar BECKER series knives. The Combat Bowie and the Companion and the Necker are my holy trinity of fixed blades. For a Folder, I dig the Kershaw Knockout.

  66. Madman, concerning the Ford Ranger, the knock off is the Mazda b2000 owned by Ford. I am a small construction/home repairman and I hate trying to get into a full size truck for tools/supplies and have had an 85′, 90, 97 and now a 2004 Ranger all with over 200k mileage. I also have a silverado and will not work out of it used solely for boat towing. Gary

  67. A few months ago I acquired a Beretta 92fs. Italy made from ’89 in excellent shape. It might very well be the most accurate pistol I have ever shot and fits my hands very well.
    Since you are an enthusiast of this pistol from what I have read I wanted to seek your advice. The only thing I do not like about the gun is the fixed sights. The rear doesn’t even have a two dot as I am sure you are aware of. Being that the sights are fixed (which would mean having to machine them out) did you have them altered at all or done it yourself to put other sights on them?
    Its about the only issue I have with the gun and was wondering what other professionals might have done to change them out.
    Also… I enjoy your gun columns and videos quite a bit … keep them coming.

    1. Mine are Fixed also. Learn your Point of Aim, Point of Impact with your favored load… a lot easier than gunsmithing and machining on it.

  68. Dear George:

    Being a long time fan of Armed American Radio and having learned that you recently moved to the Jacksonville area, I would like to extend an invitation to you to become an activist-member of Grass Roots North Carolina and to attend our annual meeting and dinner in Charlotte on Saturday, June 22.

    John Lott and James O’Keefe will be the featured speakers (please see alert below for details).

    I hope to see you there.


    Bill Krupicka, Member, Board of Directors, Grass Roots North Carolina

    William M. Krupicka
    2290 Land Harbor
    Newland, NC 28657-7934
    Voice/Voice: 828.733.8429

    GRNC Alert 6-2-13: Meet ‘Most Feared’ Gun Researcher & WIN AR-15!

    Each reservation to June 22 GRNC Annual Dinner will receive a ticket for GRNC’s next AR-15 GIVEAWAY: Likely only 200-300 tickets will be issued!*

    Describing how the left became unhinged when a truly objective gun researcher demonstrated that concealed handgun laws deter murder, rape and aggravated assault, Ann Coulter recently described researcher John R. Lott as “America’s most feared economist.” You’ve seen his writings supporting defensive gun use in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Review and elsewhere.

    The same radicals have made it their mission to destroy James O’Keefe, the man whose secret videos have unmasked voter fraud, left-wing support for prostitution, and hypocrisy at ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR and among gun ban advocates in the media and Hollywood.

    On June 22, you have an opportunity to meet them in person and hear their stories.

    You will also get to meet two of the most pro-gun figures in media and government in North Carolina: WPTF radio talk host Bill LuMaye, and NC House Representative Larry Pittman.

    And finally, you will be helping GRNC, the organization which brought you concealed carry, concealed handgun reciprocity and Castle Doctrine, and which forged the 39-member “National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban,” to “reload magazines” for the next round of battles.


    But GRNC is including an added bonus: Each and every GRNC Annual Dinner reservation will include a free ticket for our latest AR-15 giveaway. With fewer than 300 dinner reservations likely to be sold, those are the best odds you will see anywhere on winning this now (thanks to Obama & Co.) all-but-unobtainable rifle! Better yet, you don’t have to be at the dinner to win!

    * Note: This is not the same gun raffled off recently for the GRNC Political Victory Fund, but rather another Palmetto Armory M-4 configured AR-15 identical to the last. Although GRNC is not limiting the number of tickets to win the gun, we are giving away tickets ONLY with the purchase of an annual dinner reservation, making the number of tickets distributed almost certainly less than 300, possibly as few as 200. Again, you do NOT have to be present at the dinner to win, you need only make a dinner reservation as described below.


    James O’Keefe will be autographing copies of his book, due out June 18th: “Breakthrough: Our Guerilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy” and John Lott will be signing copies of his recent book: “At the Brink: Will Obama Push Us Over the Edge?” ven that O’Keefe’s efforts stretch beyond guns, please share this alert with like-minded conservatives and Tea Party supporters.

    Event details:

    Date: June 22, 2013

    Place: Hilton North Raleigh/Midtown, 3415 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC, 27609-7330, 919-872-2323

    Price: Dinner: 1st ticket, $50; 2nd & subsequent tickets, $40 each.

    VIP reception: $20/ticket. (Due to limitations of our credit card processing form, VIP reception reservations must be made by email to: GRNC Benefactor members, PRO RKBA Benefactor Sponsors, and active volunteers are eligible for free VIP reception tickets.)

    Tickets: May be purchased via GRNC’s web site at: Ticket availability will be limited, so order yours ASAP!

    Event schedule:

    4:00 PM: GRNC annual meeting

    5:30 PM: VIP reception

    6:30 PM: GRNC Annual Dinner & Freedom Awards

    Rooms: GRNC has a limited number of rooms available at the special rate of $95/night. Call the hotel number above and let them know you are with Grass Roots North Carolina.

    AR-15 giveaway terms: Rules: Drawing will be held at GRNC’s annual dinner on June 22, 2013. Entrants need not be present to win. All State and Federal laws apply. Transfers will be conducted between FFL’s in accordance with state and federal law. Entrants must be North Carolina residents and 18 years of age or older. Officers and board members of Grass Roots North Carolina, the GRNC Political Victory Fund and Rights Watch International are not eligible to win.

  69. It may be old news to you but Malwarebytes paid version is blocking your site as potentially dangerous. You’ve obviously been a bad boy, again. Couldn’t figure out why your site wouldn’t load. Turned off “malicious website blocking” and you fired right up. Probably the libs up to no good again.

  70. Hi, I like your work and the fun you have helping folks. I too help others, mainly veterans (Veterans Family Fund of America). This email is to introduce you to Lowell Kenney (his website is above) and he (like me) is an old Vietnam Army vet who is struggling with his firearms business. He has several great products that have yet to “take off.” So –why you, well I thought that if you contacted him and you tried out his “stub kit” or other products, he may get a little more business. The T/C makes a good Zombie killer or it can be a survival rifle/pistol, not sure of all of the opportunities it can offer but I thought that if you got with him, the two of you could design some great “one of a kind” weapons and have a little fun doing it. Just a suggestion and if some of the folks you know would like to donate to the VFFA, then so be it. FYI, the VFFA is a group of vets that all volunteer, we have no paid employees. Our CFO is Mike Brown (22 years USAF), do nations can be made directly to the website address or email him: Thanks for your consideration of this request.

    1. I love the TC Encore! Used one with a .223 and a .22-250 barrel to good effect smokin coyotes in Utah.

      I’d love to work on products with you and with VFFA. But it’s awkward contacing VFFA saying that someone said I should work them. If they contact me – I’d be all over it.

  71. My Wife and Sons are I town visiting family. We are fans of the Uprising Saga and I have been reading your blog for years. We were all hoping for a chance to meet you and tell you how much we enjoy your works and your counsel. MHI and Uprising were their bed time reading for months. If you are too busy or just don’t want to be bothered, I understand I am a bit of and Ogre too. We are here until Saturday 21JUN. Thank you.


    1. Sorry, Sam. My dance card is real full this week, Sam. I’ve got appointments all week and all over the place. And on top of that, getting my family ready for a road trip and working two Eagle Projects. If you had come out last week this wouldn’t have been a problem. Sorry man.

  72. No worries Ogre. Maybe next time. The boys may cry themselves to sleep tonight but I’ll just reread them a chapter of Uprising UK, yea, that’ll cheer’em up. They hate mimes too.
    Thank You,

  73. You have on occasions articulated my thoughts precisely (as you did regarding those a$$holes carrying battle rifles into Chipotle) at other times you have blocked my posts. Theres something I got lazy about and did not want to face but you slapped me in the face with. Something along the lines of an almost there and then and when with just a holdout at the mall with a crazy guy if I recall correctly. I likewise cannot shoot my LC9 near as well as I can my P7M8 which I cannot shoot near as well as my Jericho, but what is a skinny guy to do, I think I am just going to have to start open carrying summers as soon as I clock out, maybe a drop leg rig I can just throw on over my CCW on the job piece. Thanks, sometimes we all need a wakeup call.

  74. I’m a little mad myself about whats happening to me, maybe you could get the word out and help me.
    My name is William Baker. I own the property next to the KOA in Arco Idaho. I am writing due to an incident with KOA staff over the fence at my own property. I am not an activist, nor was I protesting or anything but: While on my own property I commonly open carry a handgun in a holster on my hip. I was minding my own business and walking my dogs around my acreage and actually on the phone with someone when I was called over to the fenceline by a KOA agent. He proceeded to tell me he had several complaints about me ‘parading with a gun’ down the fenceline. I had actually only walked the fenceline once that evening as it has been too hot today, and I was simply walking my dogs. I was at least 50 feet from the line when he called me over and I had to get off the phone to talk to him. I did not realize KOA was anti-gun, but this takes anti-gun to a new level: complaining about someone not on KOA property, whilst in uniform as a KOA agent on duty. Is this national KOA policy? I believe even if it is, I deserve an apology from KOA as I was minding my own business on my own property.
    William Baker

    In case you would like to politely talk to my local KOA
    Kampgrounds of America
    2424 3000 W, Arco, ID 83213
    (800) 562-3408
    KOA Corporate 888 562 0000

  75. Curious about what sheath you use for your Becker Bowie? Love my knife, but the factory sheath suuuucccckkks.

  76. George,

    You still high on the Lucid HD-7? I have an AR carbine I built with my WTA lower and want a solid red dot that doesnt break the bank.. I was looking at an Aimpoint Pro, then remembered you seemed impressed with the Lucid offering. I like the price point of the Lucid (Scottish ancestry), and if it is a solid unit i would happily go that way.

  77. Read your article on the Compact Polymer Baby Desert Eagle. I just bought one on lay away. What do you recommend for IWB and OWB or combo.



  78. Thinking of getting a local Superhawk 996. 12K miles. Excellent shape. Two older owners. Helibars. 2700 bucks. I had a 96 VFR and it was heavy. I can still get another newer VFR but they will also be heavy and still eat lots of fuel. So the hawk seems nice. I fuel up often anyway. – Neil New England

    1. OMG, you will love it. That engine has CHARACTER. Get it, give it a tune up and throw on a new chain an sprockets, and you are going to absolutely love it.

  79. George,

    It was great meeting you! My wife and I had a tremendous amount of fun at Blackstone and we’re hoping you guys open up a branch in Raleigh.

    We’re not sure if the stars will align for us to make it back for the Grand Opening but we’re going to try. If not, we’ll be back some other time. There are guns in the rental cabinet we didn’t have time to shoot.

  80. I’m glad to see your new Slidelock series. I became aware of you while listening to AAR. In so doing, I also noticed that you don’t get enough air time. When the host asks your opinion, I want to hear what you have to say because I value your opinion and manner of delivery. You seem to get short changed on air time on AAR. That pisses me off.

  81. Read you 9/7/2014 article “Current Top 1911 Picks”. Great info. Those were 45’s. What would be your “Current Top 1911 Picks” that are chambered in 9mm? Thanks.

  82. Hey there Mad Ogre! I have a rather in depth question to ask of you. Now I must start out that I did not serve in the military, I am what you would call a “mild” prepper. I haven’t completely lost my mind to paranoia, I simply prefer to live my life as “hope for the best, plan for the worst”, and realize the declining state of our country. I am doing research and searching for the right SHTF/EOTWAWKI Scenario Rifle. What I am searching for, and would like your opinion on is; the most reliable, most effective, most robust, most consistent and best “stop the raiding marauders” OVERALL, rifle. Now I realize that those 5 components are entirely dependent on situation, application, etc. For what I am searching, is NOT a range/safe Queen. Granted I love going to the range with friends, honing my skills and having a good time, but I am looking for a weapon that WILL get dirty, dinged, scratched, accidently whacked against bushes and trees, will crawl in the brush and mud with me and be around dusty Utah. An “end of the world rifle.” I realize no one gun can do it all, so I currently have a 1956 Winchester Featherlite 30-06 for hunting, Mossberg “persuader” 12ga, and an FNH FNX 45 for my daily carry. I later on plan on getting a long range rifle but have not yet determined its use and so I’ll worry about caliber later. I read your, “Why I hate the AR15” article and agreed very much with everything you’ve said. Cleaning my buddies M&P after a day of shooting, just plain sucked! In your article, you mentions piston systems would be a better upgrade. You specifically mention these guns: K2, G36, SAR, Valmet, Sako M90, Sig 550, FNC, Galil, Tavor (read an article about the IWI Tavor in which he said the trigger sucked and accuracy was greatly affected by it), AN 94, FARA 98, Aug, INSAS, AR 70/90, AR 18, Stoner 63. How would these firearms stack up against the SCAR 16/17(which you said is more worth $1,400 NOT the $3,000 they’re asking), ACR, XCR, Barrett REC7, SIG 516/716, SR-25, FS2000, HK556/726, FAL etc. In your Top 5 Manufacturers list for AR-15 you mentioned your pick was Daniel Defense. I saw a torture test with Larry Vickers on the DDM4 and was very impressed! Though I doubt, in real world combat scenarios, there is time to cover the muzzle with duct tape every single time one is near mud, water etc. I have seen an absolutely insane torture test from SIG Sauer with the SIG 516 where they never covered the muzzle. Is this the case with all DI vs Piston based systems? Most of these are 5.56 or 7.62 and when reading your article, 7.62 is the clear choice (I’m not gun shy or afraid of recoil so I’m fine with that) but how do you feel about 6.8 SPC, 300BLK, or 7.62×39? Supposedly, according to Future Weapons tv spot, the ACR can adapt to a 7.62×39, I personally have never handled one, nor do I have near the weapon experience as you do. Which is why I am seeking your advice. I have no intention of purchasing a crap stick from Walmart. If it’s the best rifle choice, mine and my loved ones lives are on the line, I am not afraid to spend 3 grand. I just want to know that through anything and everything, when I pull the trigger, it goes bang; down range and not in my hands.
    1. Which rifle has the most robust/reliable piston system?
    2. Which rifle is the most battle/real world tested?
    3. Could I hunt with these options?
    4. Which caliber to you feel is the best compromise of accurate/stopping power/mag capacity from 0-250 yrds?
    5. I’m 5’6”. Would length of pull be a serious concern with any of the options?
    6. Would sloshing in the mud, sand or brush of Utah make the weapon a failure, if I don’t immediately, have a chance to clean it, but I periodically clean and lube it properly like I should when going to the range?

    Please e-mail me your thoughts or you could create a blog on this idea. That’d be an interesting read!

    1. This will require a more lengthy response than I’m willing to tackle on my phone… I’ll have to respond to this next time I’m home on my laptop. Stand by.

    2. Okay, here it goes. The AR-15 is a much more developed platform than it was when I wrote that “Why I hate the AR-15” rant. What I said at the time, was true. And much of it is still true… however. However today the platform has evolved into a very versatile and rather robust system really, unlike anything else out there now. And .223/5.56mm cartridge is pretty much a universal round in the USA. But it is limited in any application requiring an ethical clean kill on big game. It was never meant for that. But a change up on the Upper, and you can shoot something more suitable for that task. Like .300 BLK or 6.8SPC. Which is better? I’d probably give it to the 6.8SPC unless you wanted to run suppressed most of the time.
      Now, I remain a huge advocate of the AK-47. But if you are going to get into that platform – buy a couple 1K cases and stash them. Then one more case to use, and replenish as you burn it up. Probably a good idea for any caliber really. A good AK such as a Krebs, Arsenal, or Rifle Dynamics… will set you back about the same as a good AR now. Between 1200 to 1500 bucks in either gun.
      If you want to start out cheap and build up over time – that’s fine. You can do that with either AR or AK, but it’s much easier on the AR.
      If you want something completely different, not too expensive, but plenty reliable… SIG 556 series. It’s an evolution of the AK, uses more common AR mags and ammo… It’s a good balance. Certainly better than the AR’s converted to run AK mags and ammo.
      All things considered… I’d go AR. Which I did.
      Of course, I also went Lever Action for use on things bigger or needing that bigger bullet. .30-30 still packs a serious punch, more so than the 7.62×39 which we often hear is similar. Not really all that similar at all.
      Now, all this being said… My Go To guns remain my 870 Shotguns. Because I like that bigger hammer approach. Slugs on Target yield great results.

    3. Simplistically speaking, may I volunteer how countless articles point to that simple arm used worldwide , under the same conditions as Utah, (Item 6.), said only contender being some version developed by- clue- the Russian inventor died in 2013; ‘nuf said.

  83. That’s awesome input! Thank you! So really any high end AK or short stroke-piston AR would do the trick huh? Are you still more partial to the 7.62×51 over the 5.56 or 6.8SPC? I love the 30-30, but that one is my dad’s so I’d have to get my own.

  84. Bonjour George,
    I clicked an old link in an old “favorites” file, itself resuscitated from a former PC that bit the dust, and see a few years ago, I visited your site at the below link; but I received a ‘URL, page not found’ .
    Any chance that you can point me again to that page anywhere, such as via “oldogre”… ? Th e page link was:
    PS. Also, any idea of how to contact a viable mil. contractor or potential contractor interested in this machine in our company’s inventory?
    It’s a US Multislide, in good condition and all tooled up to make standard mil-spec disintegrating links to belt feed the ubiquitous 5.56 x 45 (this from a reorganization of General Dynamics Canadian ammo operations). Cheers,

  85. Could you do a short blog post on shooting .38 Special in a revolver chambered for .357 Magnum? I have gotten conflicting advice from different friends and gun shops. Some say it makes a great training round, but others say you will ruin your gun. Since I am not really a wheel gun guy, I was hoping to get an answer from somebody who knows more than an anecdotal story or two.

  86. Hi,

    I believe I have a really good explanation for what happened in your ricochet video that can be analyzed and tested and is quite different than explanations already discussed. If I am right, it would provide guidance for preventing future accidents and could possibly be useful for military defensive applications.

    I would like to discuss this further with you via email.

  87. I have an interesting question for you. I’m working on a video game with a few friends of mine, and the sound of the recoiling bullet from your infamous video I think sounds neat and i’d like to use it in the game if that’s alright with you.

    If we did, it would end up being heavily modified to the point where somebody playing the game would probably not be able to recognize the audio source unless they were told what it’s from. The game itself doesn’t actually feature any firearms or violence, we just need a shrill metallic sound of something ricocheting and think the one in the video is neat.

    As the game will be released for free and we aren’t making any money off of it and are just making it for fun, I can’t pay or offer royalties or anything of the sort. If you aren’t okay with it, that’s fine and I totally understand.

    Thanks in advance!

  88. Curious if you have done any plinking time on the Rock Island Arms 1911 in 22TCM/9mm? Ran across one today at a shop and the price seems fair for what it is with both barrels and springs. They had the rifle as well in 22TCM. From what I’ve dug up on it its right in line with the ballistics that of the 5.7 FN, but cheaper. My only gripe, more like a wish, is if it would be capable of .45 auto as well…..just wishful thinking.

    1. The first time I saw that cartridge, Champion Shooter Bruce Piatt showed it to me. When he dropped it into my hand, my first thought was “A 5.7 Fighter”.
      I’ve plinked a few mags worth with it. The recoil is very light and the gun seemed to be quite accurate.
      I liked it.
      But the question is did I like it enough to really get into it. That answer is no. I am not sure what I’d really do with it. If it was in a light carbine, like, imagine a Browning Buckmark Carbine in that cartridge. That, I could see. That I could seriously appreciate. This round in a 1911… I’m not digging it. Because a pistol length barrel isn’t long enough for the cartridge to get it’s full potential. Or even close to it. But I do see why a lot of guys find it attractive.
      So there’s nothing wrong with the round, just the platform. Maybe if there was a Long Slide version of the gun, I’d take to it more.

      1. Thank you for your input. It seemed attractive in a sense of multiple capabilities on a pistol platform, good that you pointed out its best suited for long barrel so I think the rifle may be the better choice of the two. At $400 for the rifle new, minus optics, now seems like a good roll of the dice to try it with a couple optics I have laying around. Thanks again, Jerry.

  89. George, I am quitting FB so I’m asking you to post a message on FB for me, as we had a lot of mutual friends, like your Dad. FB is demanding that I upload my photo ID to confirm my identity. This is the last straw, I will not comply, so I am history. Please say goodbye for me and the reason. I think FB will be losing a lot of members soon. I will continue to read your blog and the blogs of other gunnies like us.
    Thank you. Andrew Benghazi

  90. Since FN Tactical AR 15 has essentially all the features you value in an AR I am curious as to your opinion on this AR

          1. If you have to pull the trigger would it be for the DDM4V11 or the FN DMR all things considered and why. Thanks

              1. K….thanks, but I still have a flip of the coin.
                Maybe you can give me your opinion on the following: of the two which bolt group do you prefer? Of the two which rail/hand garde system do you prefer?
                I think the DMR has a better trigger system(up graded), but I could be over rating the up grade…what do you think?
                My int need use is just target shootout and some predator hunting.

                1. My intended use is some target shooting and some predator hunting.
                  Sorry for the typo’s

                  1. I took both guns down and examined them both side by side.
                    I think I’d buy the FN DMR. Stock trigger in that gun is just fine.
                    The real question is optics.

                    1. Thanks….the FN comes with foldable iron sights (MagpulPro…I believe). Would you care to make a call re. Optics and mount(s). Expected shooting sweet spot between 125 and 175 yards.
                      Based on your side by side comparison I take it that you think the FN Midway 15″ hand guard system is at least equal to the one DD.
                      Appreciate your input!

                    2. Thanks….the FN comes with foldable iron sights (MagpulPro…I believe). Would you care to make a call re. Optics and mount(s). Expected shooting sweet spot between 125 and 175 yards.
                      Based on your side by side comparison I take it that you think the FN Midway 15″ hand guard system is at least equal to the one DD.
                      Appreciate your input!

    1. You can order it pretty much through any regular firearms dealer. They are not rare or hard to get.

      1. I have called a few dealers, and they are all telling me they do not come in this color. You think you can point me to a dealer you know that can help me?

  91. Hi Mad Ogre, I’m a journalist working on a story about survival tech, and I think you can help me — I could use some guidance from someone with your background. I can give you more details if you email me, but I’d like to chat if you have time between now and next week (Feb. 11). Hope to hear from you.

  92. I became a vegan about 2 years ago. Live in a one of the communist states in the nation. Just had one of my home brewed beers 🙂 then checked backed your website. Stole a glance at my old SS 6″ Dan Wesson revolver with love.

  93. Any help/input on the following

    Thanks….the FN comes with foldable iron sights (MagpulPro…I believe). Would you care to make a call re. Optics and mount(s). Expected shooting sweet spot between 125 and 175 yards.
    Based on your side by side comparison I take it that you think the FN Midway 15″ hand guard system is at least equal to the one DD.
    Appreciate your input!

  94. Hello,

    My name is Liza and I’d love to discuss with you the possibility of buying some advertising space on

    If this is something you’re interested in, then please let me know so that we can arrange a deal that suits both of us.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.



    1. No. I will not sell advertising on Besides, if I did – You couldn’t afford my rate.

  95. Hello, Sir: Big fan of your site. I recently learned of the continued existence of Inland Manufacturing, and their reproductions of various M1s and 1911s. They also make an M37 trench shotgun. If you ever get around to it, I think the world would appreciate any reviews you could do on (or at least your opinions regarding) these seemingly fine weapons.
    Thank you.

  96. When is Uprising Russia going to be available? The Uprising saga is BY FAR the best zombie series ever and it’s killing me not knowing what happened to Musket! Praise the Musket!

  97. Hi Ogre,

    What are your thoughts and recommendations for trigger locks?

    A little background:
    We’ve got our first kid on the way and want to be sure that when the little one begins running amok and sticking fingers in every nook and cranny that those explorations don’t get cut short with a bang. On the other hand, we don’t want our personal defense weapons (a Beretta M9A1 for me and a Beretta Px4 Storm for her, both with Viridian C5L lasers) to be so thoroughly locked up that we may as well not have them. Fumbling with keys or combinations in the dark when you’ve got an intruder is just a bad situation.

    I’ve tried looking for electronic locks, but the only one I’ve found reference to, the “Speed Release” is long out of production.

    Thanks much!

    1. I do not recommend any trigger locks. Instead, lock the gun in a rapid access safe, which is kept very high.
      When your kid is about 4, start the education process. Eddie Eagle Program.
      Don’t kid proof your guns – Gun proof your kids. Education is the key. Take away the mystery. Teach them to respect the gun’s power. Education is ALWAYS the key.

  98. Hey George. I heard you endorse the crossbreed line of holsters on Armed American Radio recently. They look like great holsters. My question to you, is will that type of holsters work for a locked and cocked 1911? It looks like the thumb safety simply rests up against the leather. Is this safe? Thanks.

  99. S&W Bodyguard 380 vs. Beretta Pico for backup? Both have second-strike capability, if the reviews are correct. Both are available with integral lasers. Close enough to the same size that that’s no help in deciding. Beretta has the replaceable frames and is rated for “+P” ammo (but apparently does not cycle well with standard ammo, from what I’m reading). S&W appears to be more robust, and the slightly larger frame might improve controllability? Reviews make it sound like the Beretta trigger may be lacking? Is either likely to handle dirty environments better than the other? Any other thoughts between those two? Thanks!

      1. Thanks. +P is tempting on the Pico, given that .380 is already anemic. But real-world experience beats power on paper.

        1. Just picked one up from a local shop I’ve never used before, but their website said they had one in stock with the green laser (10178). My schedule was based upon funds and need, but it turns out they were having customer appreciation day today, so $423 out the door. And the kids got some free archery lessons from an instructor who was doing demonstrations.

          The laser was blatantly visible in the half-sun conditions that we had. I look forward to seeing how well it works in daylight. I don’t imagine I’ll decide that sights are useless, but I do appreciate the option, and the on-grip activation that’s part of that model so I don’t have to think about buttons while under stress.

          The trigger does not impress me, but I think anything other than a nice SA trigger sucks. If I ever need to defend my life with tiny DAO gun like that, I trust that trigger feel will not be at the forefront of my mind. It’s more than acceptable for its purpose, and better than a number of other pocket pistols I’ve tried.

          So, thanks for the advice!

          Only decent .380 HP ammo they had was Remington GS. Seems happy enough with them, shooting minute-of-stump off my back porch. I’ve never really shopped for .380 defense ammo – anything you’d recommend?

  100. George, I just heard your 6/3 Daily Defense commentary on the Michigan State Police fiscal & due diligence irresponsibility regarding firearms. I want to contact my state Rep about this. Would you please email me your sources of discovery on this?

  101. I saw your YouTube video on Federal LE Flight Control buckshot, and am thinking of using to deer hunt this fall. What choke would you recommend shooting an 870?

  102. Best Gout articles ever! Thank you for that. I’ve been trying to describe the pain from this devil for the last 5 years, now I just have folks read your article.

    Thank you for your love for America, your love of family, your love of firearms and glad to have found you.

    Navy Chief

  103. On armed American radio today you mentioned that you carry a sig. Which one? I recently bought a sig 1911 and a P238 and have become an instant Sig fan. Thanks for the help.

      1. Thanks! In addition to the amazing craftsmanship and the fact that they devour any ammunition that I feed them, you described exactly why I became a fan when you wrote, “Like all SIG hammer fired pistols, there is not even a hint of a twitch when the hammer drops. Very stable. Very consistent… and very accurate. I am super happy about having this pistol.” I enjoy listening to you on aar. Keep up the good work.

  104. George, what .380 caliber handguns do you recommend? We are currently looking at the Sig P238 and Ruger LCP. Since you are Mark Walters’ gun expert, you must be very knowledgeable.

    1. The SIG P238 is a great pistol, but being a Single Action that you carry Cocked and Locked, it’s a gun really only for those with a lot of training and are very familiar with 1911 type pistols. Same with the SIG 938, Colt Mustangs, Kimber Micros… and any other guns of this type. If you are a 1911 Guy that needs a very small Sub-Compact pistol… these are great options.
      For everyone else – Pick something else.
      The Glock 42, S&W Bodyguard, Ruger LCP-Pro are probably my top choices for Little .380’s. Which one to get would come down to which one feels the best to you in your hands.
      Any of these are rather difficult to shoot well with… so make sure you practice a lot with it so you can use it under stress conditions.

  105. Hi George I just wanted to pick your brain about gun safes.

    I am by no means an expert on guns or gun safes, with that said I have looked up some videos on the internet about what makes a good gun safe a good one. I have a relative who works for a safe company and he said he could get me a Heritage Legacy Series gun safe for around $1400 (this certain model holds 30 guns). I have also seen Cannon 64 gun safes for around $1000 from Tractor Supply Company which does sound tempting but I believe that the Heritage safe would most likely be a better made safe. So basically, I’m wondering if I should go with the smaller, better made safe or the larger inexpensive one?

    1. That’s a good question. When it comes to safes, one must understand that they are not Appliances or Furniture. They become Architecture. A Permanent Feature.
      Once that is understood – one realizes that you should get the biggest one that you can that fits in the area you are going to place it.
      After that, the #1 Consideration is Fire Rating. The Time and Temperature ratings are important. You want as much as possible.

  106. George. I wanted to ask you about an old Colt 1911 I just purchased. Can you email me to discuss? I know your love for the 1911 and figured you’d be a good guy to ask a few questions to.

  107. Hadn’t looked in quite a while, but what happened to Slipstream Styx? Looked on amazon and gundoc’s site and don’t see any sign of it.

    1. I’m not sure… Joe may have pulled it due to the difficulty getting some of the more specialized Styx components.

  108. I’ve been wanting to get in to motorcycle riding for a while now and considering your recent shift , I thought this would be a perfect time to ask. Where do I get started? How do I choose a bike? What should I consider before going full bore in to this? If you feel like this is too much to respond to in line. Feel free to turn this in to a blog post.


    1. That’s a great question. And the best place to start is getting some Education. Not from a Friend, Buddy at Work, or that Brother In Law that owns a Hayabusa. The best place to start is with a course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. MSF Courses are taught around the country. Generally you’ll find 2 Day courses for just a few hundred dollars, which will be a mix of Class Room and Riding work. Pretty much most States allow that course to serve as the Riding Test to get your Motorcycle endorsement.
      You take that course, and you are going to have a much better idea of what kind of bike you are going to like, which may be different than the initial type of by you think you want now.
      Sport, Cruiser, Touring, Dual Sport, Adventure… It really comes down to use. This isn’t like buying a car… this is far more personal. This is more about you. Motorcycling is a very personal thing. But I do suggest buying a decent, used, and cheap bike from Classifieds, Cycle Trader, or Craig’s List (Always take a friend to go see the bike, a friend who has your back and is armed) or some other local source. Talk to your local cycle shops and ask them about used starter bikes.
      You want used and cheap… because you are going to drop it. It’s going to take getting used to. So don’t sell your only car to buy an expensive bike. And don’t ride in bad weather until you get a handle on things. Spend enough money to get something reliable. And take time to learn the dynamics of riding that bike. Work your way into it and don’t rush and don’t push yourself into areas that you are uncomfortable with.
      And then – when YOU are ready… Buy something you really like.
      New Starter Bikes that are easy and fun…
      Really Triumph has a fantastic new bike out that might be a great starter for a lot of people. The Street Twin. It’s a basic, classic, Triumph Bonneville with their 900 High Torque Engine. It’s easy to ride, not too heavy, and not too powerful – but plenty enough juice to use. And most guys that buy Triumph Bonnevilles, keep them for life. Which really says something about the Bike and the Brand.

  109. I just read your article on the CZ100 dated 1/1/07 and I agree with you about the 100’s horrible trigger but you failed to mention about how accurate that the pistol is. I have a CZ100 in 40 cal. it is the most accurate pistol that that I have ever shot. I have had 5 shot groups at 25 yards that you could cover up wit a quarter or a dollar. I was using a rest with sand bags off a shooting table and this was a measured distance, not estimated, I do not consider myself to be a good pistol shot. I have two other 40 cal pistols, a Para Ordnance P14-40 and a S&W M&P Shield and these can not hold a candle to the CZ100.

    1. I was unimpressed with the accuracy, which was handicapped by that trigger. Para’s and Shields are a low hurdle… But yeah, CZ really does make a great pistol. Their barrel steel is fantastic. And normally CZ really does make amazing firearms. I am a fan.

  110. George I was curious on what your favorite Glock trigger is? I recently purchased a Glock 19 and want to install a lighter trigger. Also, what is your opinion regarding weapons lights on carry handguns?

  111. Just got a look( online ) at the custom built BMW R 5 Hommage. Drop dead gorgeous and no, I don’t want to know how much it costs but I know you’ve become quite the BMW fan and wondered if you’d seen it yet.

    1. Yes. And I’ve even seen it in person too. Gorgeous.
      I wouldn’t quite say I’m a BMW Fan… I like that R1200 Boxer engine. A lot.
      Not so much the other engines. Though the S1000 is a freaking F-15 Eagle Engine… I just don’t really dig the bikes that that engine is in. The F700 and F800 engines leave me wishing for more. And the K1600 is just too huge for my taste.

  112. Thank you for what you’ve done both for our country and for this site.
    Does Crusader Weaponry still exist? I’m interested in assembling my first AR and I’m wondering if they still produce lowers. I’d be proud to sport their logo.
    Best Regards,

    1. Thank you, Sir. Unfortunately, no. Crusader Weaponry no longer exists. Due to some assholes that took up legal action saying that they owned the Copyright to “Crusader Weaponry” and such – it’s just… Gone. All those involved are no longer in the Gun Industry, save for one… who still makes Holsters. Privateer Leather, in Utah.
      It was good while it lasted, as they say.

  113. Yes, where do I send the money for the 22 caliber Llama gun. I’ve been looking for one to replace the one that was stolen from my collection.

  114. George,

    I am bringing this up because I tried to show a friend of mine Shattered Lands. It appears that most of Zachs books are out of print.

    Are there any plans to put them out as e-books or reprint?


    Matt Moose

  115. What are the odds that the Uprising saga will continue?
    Uprising Russia and Uprising China? I am still looking forward to some great reading material while sitting in the deer tree stand this fall.

    1. The odds are good. It’s just a matter of timing. I’ve a couple other books ahead of it in production now, and then we’ll roll through Russia.
      And thank you for the kind words.

  116. Please Email Me

    I am very interested in replicating the AK 47 Mods posted on your article IF YOU ARE GOING TO FIGHT, KALASH! back in 2013.

    Please let me know which buffer extension tube and castle nut was used on the build.

  117. Hi Ogre. Which Smith and Wesson shield should I get? 9mm, .40, or .45? Also are the performance center versions with the porting with it?

    1. The Shield makes a lot of sense in 9mm, and it has it’s best reliability, accuracy, and longevity. .
      The Performance Centers… No. There’s no point in porting a 9mm, or any gun that’s a Sub-Compact CCW EDC type gun. Use that extra money to upgrade the sights, and grab a couple spare mags.

  118. Hello George,
    I have been unsuccessful at getting my login/password reset over at WTA, The site never sends me the reset email. I am hoping that you can help me out.

    Thank you,

  119. Do you know a good needle bottle to put slipstream oil in? the little dropper bottle that it came in is starting to leak and dispenses too much at a time for putting it in knife joints.

    1. I’ve actually bought other needle oilers that contain other gun oils… poor that stuff into something else and put the Slipstream into the needle oiler.
      Which one’s best? No idea.

    09/05/2014 159 COMMENTS

    Has your top 5 list changed since 2014?

    thank you.

    1. That’s a good question… So I went back and reviewed my list. No. No change as of now. If anything, I’d say Bravo Company ties with #5 and not really dropped below 5.

  121. I would appreciate an email but understand if you don’t have the time.

    Hey Ogre,

    I read your article about gout and you describe the pain perfectly.

    I am 33, my first gout attack happened in summer 2015 and I thought I had somehow injured my thumb… but boy was I wrong. I tried to cool it before going to bed but it didnt help so I drank alcohol to be able to sleep and that made it even worse. Then I was going through hell for 2 weeks before it calmed down… little did I know I was up for more fun.

    One and a half years passed and all was good, then last christmas my toe of the left foot began hurting like hell and it quickly spread over my whole foot, making me question if maybe I should just chop the whole thing off and learn to walk on prostheses.
    During this attack I learned I have gout through blood tests and my doctor prescribed me allopurinol – at a very high dose (300). I didnt take it because I was extremely scared of side effects and it was all good until… late july this year. That’s when the party realls started going

    At first my toe was flaring up again and it was bad. Really bad. But I tried to distract myself playing video games – that worked for a day. The next day my thumb on the right hand flared up too as if gout was having a party with several body parts invited and let me tell you the party they had made me question my sanity.
    I am still suffering from the attack from late july – it is better now but the joints are still kinda stiff and while I can walk and use my hand they are still not 100 % functional.

    I still do not take allopurinol because I am still scared of the side effects, especially after I read that you start on a small dose instead of the maximum dose allowed here (in germany) as prescribed by my doc. I started changing my diet completely after the last attack, avoiding meat, animal fats and I cut beer completely. I also drink lemon juice every day and try to live more alkalic but it goes to the point where I am paranoid and it even affects my social life. Thank god I have an understanding wife!

    Anway, my wall of text basically only has one meaning – I read your article and felt so at home with what you wrote I just wanted to share my story. Plus I have a question: Do you think gout is managable without taking allopurinol? I know gout can lead to serious health issues like heart disease and strokes and since I am only 33 and only married last year I plan on living a little longer but I am really scared of the medication.

    Thanks for reading and a possible answer, keep up your great blog 🙂

    Matthias from Germany

    1. I’m sorry for your membership in this Club. Gout is something I’d only wish on a bitter enemy.
      Yes, Gout can be manageable with just diet for most people… But that all depends on you. Acid builds up for a few reasons… So, depending on how yours is triggered, you could either control it or treat it.
      After you bring your Uric Acid levels down, you can then stop taking the drug, and see if just diet allows you to keep the acid level down. But if it doesn’t, you risk another flare up. But the risk might be worth knowing.
      The flare ups are painful because the uric acid crystals are literally shredding tissue internally. This is why your hands are not back to normal… that kinda damage takes time to heal. Especially if you had a flare up for so long. It will take time. Give it time. But if I was you – I’d not risk another flare up until you are fully recovered.

  122. Was wondering if you’ve thought about or tried to get a tour of Bear Creek Arsenal, 310 McNeill Rd, Sanford, NC 27330?

  123. George,

    I’ve been re-reading Shattered Lands, and I was thinking how good it would be as an Audio book.

    I know someone in voice work, who might be willing to do it cheap for a small cut of the audio-book sales.

    Email me if this is anything you’d even like to consider.

  124. Mad Ogre, I’m new to your web page, and I find myself reading it daily. Very well thought out reviews, and the research you must do before every post shows how you go above and beyond to achieve an objective, non-biased presentation (which is rare these days) Great webpage, please keep posting!

    1. Thank you, Sir. But I assure you that I don’t ever research anything, but spout off the cuff… and often never even edit.
      But I appreciate the credit you do me.

  125. Mr. Hill

    I’ve just happened upon your web page. Nice work here.
    I’m reading so much about Slipstream but can’t find it anywhere
    with Google. Does it still exist?

  126. Hey There,

    Hope you are doing well. I was reading some of the blog posts on your website when I found a post that discusses The Deadliest Gun. Indeed very informative! Thanks to Tim Elliot for sharing that great piece of info with us. I’ve personally referred your blog to some of my friends who are passionate readers and they’d surely give their remarks.

    I am myself a passionate blogger about shooting and hunting and understand the value of good content. Wanted to reach out to know if you allow guest writers on your website? If yes, I would love to send you my post for review purposes. I don’t require payment for my articles, I’m just trying to build a name for myself as an author.

    I’d love to know what you think 🙂


  127. Hi George. How much do you know about military surplus Mausers? Would you rather have a Czech VZ 24 or a Yugoslavian 24/47?

    1. I’d prefer the Czech myself. Better made gun, cleaner machining. Probably better grade steel as well.

  128. Mr. Hill,
    Sir you wrote an article in 2005 for USCCA on the Springfield Ultra Compact, which at the time suffered from Failure-to-Extract jamming.
    There was not time to complete the article before receiving the pistol from Springfield and I am curious, did Springfield fix the problem?

    I have an UC .45 which also jams, even after sending to Springfield for re-working. Like you, I’ve taken it apart a number of times for through cleaning, messed with the magazine springs, even tried saturating the thing in CLP once before firing it at the range-which was a pain to clean afterwards, but had to rule it out.

    Aside from the obvious of sending back to Springfield, I’m looking for your recommendations before investing any money into aftermarket upgrades.

    Bottom Line: I am not ready to give up on this weapon yet.

    1. Springfield did indeed sort out the problem. I’d suggest a call to their customer service to discuss the matter, and when you send it back… also send a letter talking specifically about what it’s doing. They do care, and they will do what they can do help.
      As far as aftermarket parts… You are only trading one hand of cards for another, so it’s best to proceed with caution and to buy known good parts. And if all goes well, you’ve rebuilt the gun into something better. I’d say send it back one more time and if that doesn’t work, have a good gunsmith go through it Soup to Nuts.

  129. HI,
    Several years ago I bought both of your books and your brothers. I looked every so often for your next instalment. Did you get bored with it? Your website says that you have two, Russia and China adventures. I’m a well read person, but have always had a soft spot for horror and zombie apocalypse genre books. I found yours interesting and interesting because of your in-depth knowledge of firearms and military background. I recently ‘re-read your books and after I finished went to see if you had concluded he story.
    So I’m curious.
    Thank you, I’m sure you get asked often, but I felt left hanging.

    1. Uprising Russia will happen, eventually. I’ve started and restarted the book several times. But events have made just opening the UR:R File Folder very difficult for me. Everyone in the stories are based on real people, some characters even using their real names.
      Zach, the author of Uprising Italia, is my real Brother. As is “Uncle Musket”. And Josh, who makes an appearance in USA.
      Well, we’ve lost Zack and Musket. There are others, good friends of mine, who are major characters that have passed on.
      And their loss in real life makes their Characters exceptionally difficult.
      Because of this, I’m working on other projects.
      And from now on – I’m not putting people I care about into any future series!

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  131. Hi Orge. I’m in the market for a scope for my hunting rifle. I’ve watched your video on YouTube from 8 years ago on Nikon scopes. Do you still think Nikon offers the best value? Also what power setting do you recommend?

    1. Nikon still offers a great value, yes. As does Vortex and Burris now. As far as Recommendations go… That all depends on the You, the Rifle, What you are hunting, and how far away you want to Harvest it. Best Recommendation: Get as much scope as you can afford. The quality of the glass is more important than magnification.

  132. Ogre, help please. I’m picking up a dan Wesson guardian 9mm tomorrow. I picked up 500 rounds for $99 from midway USA to break it in. My friend just emailed me and said don’t use that cheap ammo in that gun. You could damage it. Your thoughts please.

    1. If the ammo is Remanufactured, I’d be cautious and examine each round, making sure there are no bulged cases or bullet set-back. Other than that, the Dan Wesson should handle it just fine. DO NOT judge the pistol’s reliability based on shit ammo though. Or accuracy.
      Have fun shooting it. It’s a great gun.

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    1. I get inquiries like this from time to time… Never comes to anything. I’ll post it for $200 Per Article if it is something I agree with. $400 if I don’t. I’ll take Amazon Gift Cards. I don’t trust PayPal, and I don’t process Credit Cards. I’m not a Merchant. So, Cash, Check, or Amazon Gift Cards will do nicely.

  134. Hey there George, I just found you once again via The Modern Survivalist when Fernando linked to an old article of yours.

    I used to follow your old blog and the one that came after. Once you went offline I thought it was the end.

    It’s nice to know you’re back even though it looks like you have been for quite a while. Anyway I’ve always enjoyed your content and a different POV at times.

    God Bless and it looks like I’ll be dropping around once in a while.

    Fred H.

  135. Slipstream (Crusader Weaponry) out of business? I finally got around to ordering from them (trying to anyway) only to find them MIA.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Crusader Weaponry is no more. The Principles in Crusader Weaponry all left Utah. Joe moved to Texas, I moved to the Carolinas, and Zach passed away.

  136. I appreciate this article on the 10 mm and your semi auto pistols. I have Glocks (2), First G-20 and a converted G-30, into the 29 Gen 4 10 mm. I wanted the sub compact .45 ACP, but I broke into the 10 mm conversion with the KKM Barrel 10 mm. I fully understand fully some people do not like, but I am not having problems in concealing either one and save around $ 500.00. Springs and recoil are manageable and depending on your choice of ammo, you can from 18 to 21 lbs. Please enjoy the day. Remember that there maybe some adjustments made in between. Thank you for your HELP and Happy Holidays.

    EEA Witness Compact 10mm – Suitable CCW?
    By George Hill // 08/01/2008

  137. George,

    Sold on the Ruger’s for price/quality…What do you think of their 1911 style 10mm? If not that gun, is there one you would recommend?


    1. That’s a tough question. Because while I am both satisfied and impressed with the Ruger 1911’s that I’ve handled and fired… I’ve only held the 10mm version. I’ve not fired one. So really, I just don’t know for sure. That being said, I am optimistic about their 10 and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be just as good as the .45 caliber pistols. I’d buy one with confidence. I will get one eventually myself.

  138. Seems like most people want to talk about guns…shifting gears. A friend just sent me a link to a $1 special on clam chowder. I reminded her that I don’t eat shellfish because I used to suffer from gout. She asked if it was really painful… A quick internet search led me to your blog post about gout pain. Maybe I’ve recovered because I was actually able to laugh. Your description is spot on. If you haven’t experienced it you just don’t know. I’ll never forget my first attack. Overnight. Both big toes. My doctor’s phone was ringing when he got in the next morning. The receptionist answered and said the doc would call me back. Nope. I told her I needed to talk with him now. He got on the phone and asked what was up. I said, “My big toes have turned to petrified wood and have been filled with shards of glass and shredded razor blades”. He said I had gout. The pain from the bed sheet is legit. Since then I’ve had brain surgery….a gout attack is worse. I quit alcohol, meat, and shellfish that day (have since been able to work in reasonable amounts of meat and alcohol, luckily). Just figured I’d share – in solidarity.

  139. Please email me. I have been using Slipstream for a long time and I am running low. I was hoping you might know where I could find some more.

  140. Hello,

    Do you have any advertising options available on

    Please get back to me.



  141. Thank you for this article that is so spot on with how I feel and have experienced. The past weeks the darkest in my life. I get it with everything you said….and the chop saw. Never taken a bullet, just have seen a friend take one who didn’t live after to see me have gout.

    You just didn’t mention shitting your pants from the Colchicine…. 🙂

    I will share this article with those who always have a solution, make me feel guilty, ….but with no experience.

    Thank you…Honorary Gout Club Member David

  142. I recently purchased the Kahr pm9 , also read your review. I agree completely. Love the gun. The long trigger works great for me. The only issue I am having, and you partially addressed. It is jamming every 2 and 3rd round. Based on your review, you referenced shooting 200 rds through the gun. Im there and still having the same issue. Do you have any other suggestions. Im also curious if you have a contact at Kahr I could contact. It’s been suggested that I address the issue with replacement clips. The shell needs to hold an angle of 33 degrees. Mine is typically flat with a full mag. Any suggestions would greatly help. Could you please email me
    Thank you for your time

  143. Dude, I read your “Why I hate the M-16/AR-15 Rifle” once or twice a year. Don’t stop reading…I wholeheartedly concur with that whole message.

    Thanks to you, I have four piston driven/operated AR’s and they’re outfitted with ACOG/RMR combos. In my mind, a DGI AR is a novelty and well, there to be played with, like a crossword puzzle.

    Best always M.O. I’ll forever be in your debt.

  144. Hope this helps. I was in a severe nervous breakdown for two years. Suicidal also. Here’s how I got through it. I did four things which saved me.
    1. I went to church every day
    2 I pumped serious iron for 2 hours every day.
    Didn’t miss a day at the gym
    3, I got on zoloft
    4 did charity work. Visited an old people’s home with my dog
    That’s it George. Might or might not work for you.
    Wishing you the best paul

  145. George. I’ve followed you on and off for over a decade and just wanted to thank you for your honesty and passion. I enjoyed you writing about things I don’t own like motorcycles, lever actions and 1911s because you let your passion shine. Ignore the haters who seem to be everywhere nowadays. I have nothing but respect for you sir. Still loving my Slipstream. Bob

  146. What is you opinion on the S&W 638 as a carry option? I am considering it due to the fact that I do not have the years of training and need something simple. I will get the training once am able to afford it.
    Also, what do you think of Texas (I live in Fort Worth) passing ‘constitutional carry’? I am for concealed carry all day long but this I am not really a fan of.

    1. I’m a huge fan of NOT having to petition the Government to exercise my rights that are said to not be infringed on.
      As far as the 638 goes, I’m also a big fan. Normally I don’t really dig Hammerless revolvers, but the 638 still lets you pull back or lower the hammer as needed. It’s almost the IDEAL Snubby for EDC.

  147. I was back on we the armed for the first time in years and re-read the story you started ‘Vibrant Darkness’. Are you still writing? If you’ve published anything since the Uprising novels, I’ve missed it. You spin a good yarn and I hope you still are. Hope life is treating you well and that you are blessed!

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Chip. I’ve Co-Authored “Grilling While Armed”, It’s on Amazon in the Book section… I’m still working on V.D. but it’s different now… And currently waiting for other projects. Silver Shot is almost finished in the first draft… Shadow Over Miskatonic IS Finished and going through editing. Then I’ll hit Privateer and Vibrant Darkness. CHEERS!

  148. Thought it was high time to write and thank you for your knowledgeable product reviews and frank honesty. First review I read of yours was on the SP101 way, way back. Great revolver. It is on me as I write this. Same with the Kershaw Blur by Ken Onion. Very smooth operation. Have made other purchases based on your thoughts and l have been very pleased with them.
    Your post “I comes down to two things.” is on my Favorites bar, and I reread it frequently. It has been a tremendous help. Maybe you could repost it for new readers. Best shooting advice I’ve ever read, and there’s plenty out there.
    Thank you, sir, you are a great American and you do your readers a great service.

  149. Hey,
    Rob from MxMegastore – is here. I looked at your website and found that you have written several helpful posts on sports gear and things, which I enjoyed. I am a dealer of sportswear and I’d like to add my website link to your relevant posts – . Please let me know what is the procedure to add my website to your platform. I am happy to do the same.
    Thanks & Regards

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  151. Oh, I know several. I’ll let them know you’re looking for information.
    And then we’re going to have a nice chuckle and not give it to you.

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