Severe Storms

Our prayers are with those in Alabama and the other states effected by these severe tornadoes and related storms.  There are few things that can make a man feel so completely helpless and at the mercy of God, like a Tornado or a Hurricane. Or a flood.

I’ve been in 11 Tornadoes and 3 Hurricanes, and I’ve watched some crazy things flying around from them.  Trees ripped up, power-line’s falling and sparking… people panicking…   It’s a horror show.  I remember when my twins were born, the hospital had lost power and they released Momma and the little boys.  Our car at the time was a tiny little Geo Metro.  (Yeah, laugh at the 55mpg we got in that thing!)  Driving that little car, winding through the debris in the streets… it was scary.  But we were lucky.  Our home was still there.  Not like those in Alabama right now… whole neighborhoods erased.

There is an upshot to all this… Americans can be industrious people when we get off of Facebook.  Alabama will bury her dead… and then rebuild.  The new construction will help spur the economy and just like every other disaster (short of The War of Northern Aggression) Alabama and the Nation will come out stronger for it.

4 thoughts on “Severe Storms”

  1. Was it Faulkner who wrote that , “In the South, the past is not forgotten- it is not even past”? Think it’s time to give that “Northern Aggression” stuff a rest, already. Anybody who was around back then should feel free to chastise me.

  2. It’s unbelieveable how powerful Mother Nature is…and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. When the tornadoes hit NC, we were only 10 miles away from where about 20 of them touched down…and we only got some rain & wind, but just a few miles away many people lost everything and others were without power for days. Now Alabama got smashed…hard. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is affected by Nature’s fury.

  3. It just Mother Nature showing her power to the folks that want to give her ” rights of human nature”.

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