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  1. Ogre,

    Great looking photos from Moab! The wife and I are headed there in early April and would love some “local knowledge” and/or recommendations. It’s our first trip to Utah and we’re excited to hike and backpack in Canyonlands, Arches, and Monument Valley. We’re staging out of Moab and going to take each day as it comes.

    Any suggestions on restaurants and “must see” attractions?

    Also, since we’ll be out in some remote areas, the G20 with some Buffalo Bore and Underwood ammo will be going along for the ride. Being a GA resident, Utah honors my CCW so the wife and I will both be packing. Any thoughts/suggestions/admonitions about carrying in Utah?

    Anyway, great pics and I appreciate any info you care to share.


    1. There is a fun little joint called the SUNSET GRILL. It’s up on top of a plateau overlooking Moab. It used to be the home of the dude that discovered Uranium in Moab back in the 50’s. It’s got a really cool history, and the guy helping manage the joint is named Nick. Solid guy. Tell him George from Triumph sent you. The salmon was on point.
      Other than that place, any of the Mexican joints are pretty solid, at least all the ones I stopped at.
      As far as packing – Do what Gandolf said. “Keep it Secret, keep it safe.”

  2. Ogre,

    Many thanks for the Moab knowledge, and CCW insights! Appreciate the quick reply, too!!!


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