I was asked about my ideal 1911 Configuration… The Ogre Edition 1911, if you will.   My dream 1911.


It’s really simple.   We’re going to start with a Lightweight Commander platform, give it a Beavertail and a Commander style hammer.   The rear sight will be neither a GI or a Novak, and it wont be adjustable.  It has to be able to facilitate one hand slide-racking in an emergency.  And it’s going to have the “Bobtail” conversion not just for looks, but for feel and concealability.IMG_1903

The Muzzle end will have a deep target crown and will be flush with the bushing.  Also note, it’s going to have a Bushing and a GI style spring plug.367fg170

The front sight will have either a Trijicon HD, Big Dot, or Gold Dot front sight post for MAX Visibility.  NO FIBER OPTIC.  The rear will be nice wide notch, sans the 2 rear dots.  I don’t like double dot rears.

The overall gun will be slightly “Melted” to soften any hard edges.
Serrations will be simple GI style, with nothing forward.


The grips will be rich Cocobolo wood, thin, and low profile, edges slightly rounded.  The front strap of the grip frame will be 30LPI checkered.
The gun can either be all black, or black over a light colored frame.

The Caliber will be 10mm.

This is my ideal 1911.  Though no one as of yet makes it.

Ha!  Looks like my tastes have not really changed all that much…

The Ogre Edition 1911


18 thoughts on “The OGRE EDITION 1911”

      1. My wife bought an old one. I want one as well … and would try to convert it to 10mm.

        Because 10mm!

  1. So, a bob-tailed 10 mm Commander, simple high visibility sights. Recoil system as God and J.M. Browning intended. Simple, Old-School. I like it. Small question, if it matters; 4 inch, or 4 and a quarter inch? The 3/4″ difference in the Colt product, back in the day, always mystified me, and I know reliability in .45 was always worse under 4″. What are your thoughts?

  2. Not sure how well the aluminum frame would hold up to 10mm?
    I like the simple approach, nothing added that isn’t needed.

  3. My nephew bought a colt delta elite a while ago. I shot it, liked it then saw the price. So like the cheapscate that I am I went out and got a Glock 40 Mos ready pistol. The delta has a slight bark to the recoil nothing to bad at all, the glock will snap your wrist if you are not careful. Still got to get the right backstrap onto the glock so I can control it properly.

  4. Yes.
    As an alternative I will take a V-Bob. CZ/Dan Wesson will build them in 10mm, just not as a regular catalogue item. Only change I would make is Henie tritium straight eight sites.
    Or I would take a slide barrel mag option to put on my current light weight commander.
    Or any double stack 10mm commander. For that I will give up a lightweight frame and the bob.

  5. Ogre were close I like everything you want but I would start with an Officers model frame under that 4″ slide and stick to .45.

  6. About everything you mentioned is basicly a Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact, frame, size, sights, except for caliber (its 9 or 45) and the cut off butt. Got one recently and it is fantastic in a 1911 EDC piece. I still want zombies in Russia….

  7. My S&W 1911PD, the Scandium-framed Commander model, is close to your ideal. No round butt and traditional .45acp, but still a great pistol.

  8. Aluminum frame…Hmm?

    Integrated feed ramp and barrel?

    Feed ramp insert – steel or unobtainium?

    Anodized aluminum frame/feed ramp?

  9. Dan Wesson would do a custom one, I think, as would more expensive makers. I recently got a Nitro 10 from STI and absolutely love it! I have several Dan Wessons and really like the Guardian configuration, usually carrying a 9mm one with 10-rd magazines.

    I think the aluminum frame would be ok with more modern metallurgy but it would still not be a gun that would last like a steel one. It would be a bear to shoot with “real” 10mm loadings, too. HUGE difference between my .45ACP Guardian and an all-steel V-bob in .45ACP. Don’t think I’d want to have a 10mm aluminum-framed pistol.

    On the other hand, I’ve been seeing 10mm Dan Wesson Commanders (the older production) coming up for sale and have been thinking hard about one. I like the round a lot and I think that the new loadings from Lehigh Defense would make such a thing the ultimate sidearm.

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