How I hope it plays out…

  1.  Hilary and Trump finalize as the Candidates…
  2. As we get near October, the FBI pushes for the prosecution and Hildabeast is Indicted.
  3. The DNC scrambles and whoever they put up gets soundly trounced by Trump.

    Here’s why I hope Trump Wins:  SCOTUS Picks.  Specifically for this guy:

Thomas R. Lee, Utah
Born: 1964
Position: Utah Supreme Court
Background: Justice Lee, who has held his current post since 2010, is the brother of Senator Mike Lee of Utah (who endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in the Republican primary) and the son of Rex E. Lee, who was United States solicitor general under President Ronald Reagan.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Senator Mike Lee a few times, Back in, what was it?  2010 when we were both running for office.   Mike Lee impressed the hell out of me with his absolute in depth knowledge of the Constitution, his reverence for it, and his love of the freedoms that it gives America.  His patriotism was clear.  He had said that he was “Raised that way”.   If Mike was raised that way… then his brother Thomas was raised that way too.  And THAT is the kind of man we NEED in the SCOTUS.

Trump will have the pick of 1, and probably 2 more Justice seats.  This will fundamentally make or break our Nation.  If we get in 1 liberal… it’s going to suck.  If we get in 2 liberals…. Our Nation is truly finished.  I am not being overly dramatic here, but the fact of the matter is that the Liberals/Progressives/Communists will Legislate from the Bench everything they can’t get done in Congress and there will be zero hope for our country.

8 thoughts on “How I hope it plays out…”

  1. I hope he wins for the same reason. He has said he will also overwrite the gun EOs issued by Obama also. I’m not sure it matters if Hillary gets indited or not. I think he will trounce her in Nov.

  2. I think Trump has a better chance to defeat Hillary than he does any substitute, especially VP Biden. I’d advise watching the polling for the next month or so – – if Trump continues to gain ground over Hillary, she will probably get indicted and forced out of the race for VP Biden. Biden would suck a lot of Trump’s support away, especially the ones who are holding their nose and voting for Trump only to prevent Pres. Hillary.

  3. George, of course, you are prophetic. I will still hold my nose when I pull the lever for Trump. I was “all in” for Cruz, but that is not to be. Regardless of my distaste for Trump’s behavior and tactics, we simply cannot let Hillary Clinton become President.

    No candidate(s) Trump might put forward for S. Ct. could possibly be worse than what Clinton will do.

    My concern about Trump in that regard is that there is too much “let’s make a deal” in him. If he bargains on Supreme Court nominees rather than digging in and giving support to the Republicans in the Senate, urging them to develop backbone and hold the line, we have a big problem.

    Some things are simply not negotiable and our Constitutional rights are among them.

  4. If the FBI asks for an indictment and doesn’t get it then the very public resignations that will occur (according to several reports I’ve read) would be just as damaging or even worse to her. Not only is there the evidence of serious criminal activity but there is also a cover up on top of it.

  5. I think a Trump win will buy America time, that’s all. How today’s America choses to use that time remains to be seen. There are two huge mountains we have to climb as Americans who believe in the values of our Founding: the pervasive liberal culture and the demographic momentum set in motion decades ago. I’d like to be optimistic, but I think realism is the better, if bitter, pill.

  6. Shot fired tonight at a Trump rally. “Protesters” jumping up an down on police cars. Sanders promoting a vigorous defense at the Dem convention….Love the criminals at the Trump rallies, more votes for Trump like him or not. Got to out and buy more popcorn for the Dem convention. Hope its a replay x2 of 68 for them. NO ONE deserves it more.

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