I’m now a S&W Certified Armorer


As of today, add S&W M&P series to my Armorer’s Belt.
Colt AR-15
Bushmaster AR-15
SIG P220, P226, P228, P229, P239.
Yes… Bow down to my intimate and detailed firearms knowledge!

Much like an A+ Certification in computers, it pretty much just means I can swap parts and clean it without pooching your factory warranty.  But at least I got that going for me.  Which is nice.

5 thoughts on “I’m now a S&W Certified Armorer”

  1. How long did the cert class take? Last time I got a Glock Armorer cert the class was less than six hours. No duh on the class, the guns are just that simple. Same I would think for the SW as they mimic the Glocks tech a lot…

  2. Does the official S&W course include trigger jobs? Geoff Who is looking for a source locally near beautiful St. Augustine, FL

    1. No, but you will learn how to remove and reinstall triggers… which means aftermarket triggers.

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