FN has done something completely awesome.  They have made available the M249 SAW for Civilian sales.  That’s right, you can buy and have an M249 SAW.  And I got a chance to play with one.


You might be asking – “How?”  Because it’s SEMI AUTO.  This is, according to the Law, a 5.56mm Rifle.  It is NOT a machine gun.   It will only fire once per trigger pull.    Now you are probably asking “Why?” 20160408_123243

Because a lot of Americans have served their nation and have used the M249 SAW during that service.  Those of us who have used it, we all loved it.  It’s accurate.  It’s easy to work with and lighter compared to other weapon systems… such as “The Hog”, M-60. 20160408_123314


All these guys and gall want to have something they used… that’s an American Tradition with Veterans.  Well, with vets around the world, really.    There’s a lot of guys that like to have a good Collection of weapons for various reasons, History being one of them.   And the SAW has been a big part of American History for the last 25 years now?  How long?    Well, now anyone that really wants one can get one.
Now you are going to ask “How Much?”   Well, this is one of those, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it sort of things.  There are a great many brand new motorcycles on showroom floors that are priced the same or less.  They are almost 10 Large.   Not cheap, no… But its there and you can get it if you have the means.


10 thoughts on “FN M249 SAW”

  1. If you form an executive protection security company, you CAN buy a new full auto one. Or even an M-240.

    The May ’86 abortion of a law needs to just die …

    1. Yes it does, as well as the whole NFA law, completely. It serves no purpose other than to annoy.

    1. About what? The price?
      Yeah… it’s high. But at least they are selling it to the public.
      It should be about 5 grand. FN would be selling a ton of them if they did.

      1. I disagree. Most guys who can afford a $5k range toy can probably afford a $10k range toy. FN would not sell twice as many at half of the price.

        Much of the high sticker price is tied tothe design and engineering of parts to make it semi-auto/ATF compliant, and tooling up for a limited production run. The buyers are each paying a hefty portion of FN’s R&D on this model.

        1. This is made just south of me and I’ve been there… no, those small part differences are not an extra 5 grand worth. Not even close. FN wants to keep these exclusive and elite. They do not want this to be a common thing.
          If it was the cost of 2 high end AR’s, a lot more guys would say “I can do that” and start saving their Cuss Jar money. At 10 Grand, it keeps it in that elite status.

    1. For me? Yes, a waste of money. For a grunt who remembers shooting out the barrel of an automatic M249, while holding off a Taliban attack on a FOB? I would have to guess one of these would be priceless to own.

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