14 thoughts on “Sterlings on my Mind.”

  1. I have shot one, very clumsy. Designed more for ease of production than use by humans in the field of war…IMHO

  2. Your blog has officially jumped the shark. You can no longer provide a single word of text; when you do get around to posting? Best of luck to you George. I mean that sincerely.

    1. Yeah, it’s been pretty light for about a year now. Mostly just contentless posts like this or rehashes of old topics. My guess is it has to do with all the hopping between employers that he’s done lately. Here’s hoping he can find something that sticks…

  3. WTH is there to say about Unobtainium? The Sterling was a decent 2nd gen. buzz-gun, by all reports. The curved mag cured a lot of the Sten’s feeding problems, a medium rate of fire, and a perfect weapon for Imperial Storm-troopers who never hit a darn thing!
    Besides, who doesn’t like a sub-gun that takes a bayonet?

    1. Well, I do have reasons for bringing these up.
      We’re looking at doing another run of these, but with modern upgrades.

      1. That’s cool. I bought one from the original order but it has malfunction issues. Anyone in Utah that could take a look?

        1. Joe moved to Texas, and I don’t know any gunsmith in Utah that’s familiar with Sterlings. Contact Joe.

        2. Check barrel straightness. The one I got was bent by the UPS gorillas.

          They fixed it without a lot of guff.

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