CZ’s still got it.


Test fired one of Blackstone’s rental guns.  A CZ 75 Compact.  That’s 15 rounds, offhand at 7 yards.  I think that’s pretty dang good accuracy for a compact.  The fact that having never fired this gun before, I was able to wring this kind of accuracy out of it?  I’ll take that.  I’ll take that every day.  I need to shoot this gun some more, with a couple different loads.

I remember another CZ, one I used to own.  Same frame size… that also shot this good.  The CZ P01.  (Opens PDF)  And one before that, a CZ 97B, which to this day remains one of the most accurate handguns I’ve ever owned.

This begs the question…

Why do I not own a CZ handgun?  This is madness.


9 thoughts on “CZ’s still got it.”

  1. Because CZs are badly overpriced now days. Just like the Klashnikov sporters which were $350 and are now $650. BTW last S&W factory sale at Shooters of Jax SWaMPy Sport 15s were $539.
    You can get the EAA version of the CZ with a .22 LR conversion fitted for less than a CZ!
    Who is tight with a buck.

    1. EAA is fighting past, and some current, issues with rotten customer service. CZ-USA has gotten better over time (by which I mean since the 80s), and CZ-Custom pushes them up a lot too. I would not buy a Witness (EAA/Tangfolio) except from one of the Witness gunsmiths — too many potential issues that I don’t want to potentially deal with EAA on. Those issues vary from problem guns to changes in magazine design that can be problematic to spot.

  2. If CZ could produce a decent factory trigger pull, I’d be all over one. But they can’t and I won’t.

    1. You’ve not fired a CZ 97B before. I can tell. Because they have absolutely amazing triggers. And with use – the rest of the CZ’s triggers become very good.

      Except for the CZ-100… Which is probably just about the worst I’ve felt in any Service Auto.

  3. About a year ago I had a fascination with my P-01 as well. Unfortunately, the magazines didn’t hold up well to a two day Tom Givens Class after getting dropped in the Texas sand a few times.

    When Mr. Givens comes up behind you after your fifth FTF and tells you you may need a new gun, as he would say, “A detective would call that a clue.”

    After replacing the springs (most were new) with Wolff Springs they seemed to function fine as long as I was just on the square range. But, I completely lost confidence in the firearm as a defensive tool after that experience. Of course, my back-up pistol for the course, my G19, finished out the weekend without an issue.

    Great gamer guns and range guns. But, once bitten twice shy for me and CZs as defensive tools. Which is sad, because I’m really interested in a P-07 from CGW.

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