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CZ’s still got it.


Test fired one of Blackstone’s rental guns.  A CZ 75 Compact.  That’s 15 rounds, offhand at 7 yards.  I think that’s pretty dang good accuracy for a compact.  The fact that having never fired this gun before, I was able to wring this kind of accuracy out of it?  I’ll take that.  I’ll take that every day.  I need to shoot this gun some more, with a couple different loads.

I remember another CZ, one I used to own.  Same frame size… that also shot this good.  The CZ P01.  (Opens PDF)  And one before that, a CZ 97B, which to this day remains one of the most accurate handguns I’ve ever owned.

This begs the question…

Why do I not own a CZ handgun?  This is madness.