It’s about the Foundation

I’ve been hearing a lot of really bad theories on how to shoot better.  Basically there are no secret tricks to shooting well.  There are no shortcuts.    It starts out with the foundation.    You can’t shoot well if you don’t have a solid foundation of THE BASICS.  First, let’s talk about your Grip and Stance.

Once you have a good Grip and Stance, you have to get a good Sight Picture. Too many guys are watching the target or the rear sight… You need a hard focus on the front sight post. Don’t worry about anything else. Just the front sight. Your eye will be able to center the target in your sight picture without you focusing on that front sight.

After you have your foundation solid, and a good sight picture… It’s all about the Trigger Pull.  You can have everything else perfectly in line, and then throw it all out the window with a bad trigger pull.    Riflemen who are all about accuracy go to great lengths to get a great trigger pull.  They have a 7 to 9 pound gun, with a trigger pull that weights maybe 1 or 2 pounds.  With a handgun, you have a 1 pound gun with a trigger pull that’s anywhere from 4 to 9 pounds.    So how easy do you think it could be to have the trigger pull ruin your shot?  I read a Shooter’s Bible from the 50’s and a competition shooter from that era wrote about how it’s all about the trigger pull.  This was as important then as it is now.  Nothing’s changed.  A good pull should be a smooth and constant pull from the take up to the break.  This will take some practice.  The best way is Dry Fire Practice.    Unload your pistol… take the ammo and put it in another room.  Check the pistol again to see that it’s unloaded.  Now lock the slide back, check the chamber and magwell once more time.  Now that you are completely sure the pistol is unloaded… Dryfire it in a safe direction.  Cycle the action and aim carefully at a target.  Concentrate on your grip, stance, and sight picture.  Get that sharp focus on the Front Sight Post and break that shot.  That front sight post shouldn’t have twitched.    If the post came off target, keep practicing.  Make 10 clean breaks and call it good.  Do another 10 tomorrow.  10 a day.

Grip & Stance, Sight Picture, Trigger Pull.  That’s your Foundation.  Here’s some tips for you.


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