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Now that Ruger has made their Gunsight Scout with a Synthetic Stock, which has shaved a pound off the gun, I’m finding it difficult to make excuses in not getting one.   I got notification from a distributor that they have some.  *sigh*
The problem was that I was wanting to get another lever action first.  Now that choice has been made into a question again, and that irritates me.
See… this is the problem with working in the Gun Industry.  One must be very jaded or one doesn’t bring home any paycheck to pay the bills.   One muse shield yourself by being unimpressed with New and Shiny.  One must be picky and snobbish about firearms that one could buy.
When I first got to Jacksonville, I had to sell my .45-70… because money was tight with paying a Mortgage and Rent and Moving Expenses and setting up a new house with things like Utilities and Toilet Paper and Food.  I’ve not purchased a gun since.  And that’s really getting under my skin.
And as you guys know – I’ve been jonesing for a revolver.  A 4″ GP-100.   But I’d take a different revolver… like a 686 SSR or TRR8.   And I’ve been really wanting a Mossberg 464 SPX, because it’s so Borderlands crazy.
Now, here’s my fear.  I dip into that well of Gun Buying and I may not be able to stop myself… I might bing… and that’s not cool.  Think of this like an Alcoholic that works at the liquor store that wants to sample a couple things.  One must be cautious.
And then there is the new Synthetic Scout – just like I had wanted from Ruger since the Scout first came out.

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  1. Just one, don’t give in to temptation. Just write each gun you want on a piece of paper and put them in glass. Then draw one out. That will be the one you buy.

  2. We moved to the country and everyone here wears jeans and cowboy boots and has a dog in the pickup truck and there’s 4-H clubs – and now I got some cowboy boots too, and I want a Colt single action. I’m going totally retro. A lever action is next.

    1. I finally (oh you didn’t know I was looking) found and secured a Winchester 1886 NIB right in my sweaty palms. It will be off to the range Saturday. Damn they are well made. The wood is not quite Browning Hi-Grade but the fit and finish is right on….

  3. This is the first I’ve heard of the Rugar Scout rifle in synthetic (but no suprize, I don’t read that many gun blogs besides this and a few others) but that sounds very very intresting. I’m a sucker for a bolt gun with iron sights, but I think really I want two different Scouts. I’d love one in a “Scout” configuration with its fixed irons left where they are, and a scope mounted forward on the supplyed rail, but then I’d also love one with the XS rail/rear peep sight and something like a fixed 10X scope traditionally mounted and a bipod. Maybe .308 with the 10x and their .223 in scout?
    I feel you on the 686 SSR too, I’m always amazed I never see guns like that in my local gun stores. It boogles my mind that everyone doesn’t find them sexy, powerful, and utilitarian.
    But here’s some really bad advice I was given once “It’s just money, you make more everyday!”

  4. Being a longtime Ruger fanboy, I almost hate to say it…but the best thing that happened to Ruger is that the Ruger family is no longer running it. I’m thanking my lucky stars that the people who are now running Ruger actually listen to the marketplace, and build products their customers want.

    That said: I’d rather have a CZ P-07 Duty than an SR9. Although I’d gleefully take a SR-1911 over both… 😛

    As far as leverguns go: My next one will be a Henry Big Boy in either .357 or .44. Love my Lever Octagon Frontier in .22; Winchesters are well-nigh unaffordable for the average shooter these days; and Marlin’s build quality is in the toilet. Although I do still have this inexplicable jonesing for a Rossi Ranch Hand. Must be all those re-runs of “Wanted Dead or Alive” I saw as a kid, and my later love of “Firefly”…

  5. The worst (and sometimes best) part about working at a gun store is how easy it is to make impulsive purchasing decisions.

  6. I would look at a GP100 (or almost any other revolver, for that matter) only in conjunction with a Hogue wood grip. They come in many grains, styles and finishes. Shopping them is half the fun. Decisions, decisions…
    After installing a checkered Coco Bolo on my 4″ Stainless I’m now suffering from the “chicken or egg” conundrum: did I get the grip for the gun, or the gun for the grip? I know GPs come from the factory with the rubber Hogues these days, but compared to a fine wood grain, its like seeing Katherine Heigl…
    or seeing Katherine Heigl in a tiger-strip bikini.

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