The New Rugers

I hate to say it, but I’m becoming a Ruger fan.   This is something that 5 years ago I would never have said.  In fact, 5 years ago I was busting Ruger’s chops regularly.
But Ruger has been trudging along, improving what they do, and making new things that I am liking… as a result my overall opinion of Ruger has been turned 180 degrees.   While other gun manufacturers are slipping on quality control, Ruger is improving.  While other manufacturers are making guns cheaper and acting like they are making improvements – Ruger is actually making improvements without cutting corners.
Ruger’s Revolvers are now setting the standard.  Their SR series pistols are just flat out damn good.  And their economically minded “E” series is probably the best Bang for the Budget Buck next to a Surplus Makarov… if you can find Surplus Maks anymore.
I could see myself buying one of their new LC9S pistols, or an SR9C, or an SR45…. or… or… I gotta say, Ruger is making some fine firearms.
Oh – don’t be so shocked.
We live the world now where KEL-TEC completely ROCKED a SHOT SHOW – no one saw that happening.  So something like Ruger deciding to take making weapons seriously shouldn’t be a stunning event.   But there it is.
Don’t get me started on the two 4″ GP100 revolvers we have at Blackstone.  The Want is too high to tolerate for much longer.

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  1. I’ve been drooling over a 3″ barrel SP101 for over a year now, it just seems perfect and unlike my 6″ Colt Trooper I might actually carry it.

  2. Been running a GP-100 6″ in stainless for some time now and love it. It’s a bit of hog but well balanced, especially when running hot loads, it is then you’ll appreciate the meat of it. In tow and often my daily carry piece is a SP-101 snubby. To me it’s very comfy to carry and relatively compact with the 5 shot cylinder. For a snubby it is a bit rowdy with warm loads, but thats a given. My only gripe is the factory grips are just totally worthless, primarily the GP-100 because of it’s size/load capability. That being said Hogue grips are the way to go.

  3. I’m in the market for a pocket gun, and 3 of the 5 on my list are Rugers. And if Ruger would ditch that Hogue grip on the GP100, the one that was apparently designed for Thor or The Hulk, and put something that us regular people can wrap our normal-sized hands around, I’d pick one up in a heartbeat.

  4. Has Ruger addressed the slow trigger return speed and false reset issues in their double action revolvers?

    1. I have about 20 Ruger DA revolvers, ranging from the early 1980’s to 2014 (SP101, Security Six, GP100, Redhawk, and Super Redhawks), and none of them exhibit anything like that. I’ve never heard of anyone else having a “false reset” in their Ruger DA’s.

    2. Oh, of course…. You poor thing. Ruger has just shat all over you haven’t they? You’re such a gunfighter…The Rugers just don’t cut it for such an experienced man of action such as you…PFFT.

    3. A fast and positive trigger return is just as important to double action revolver shooting as the trigger pull. I don’t want to loose contact with the trigger in fast DA work. If the trigger return is sluggish, it is easy to outrun the trigger reset point.

      Perhaps Jerry Miculek’s emphasis on positive DA revolver trigger reset will clarify things:

      Go to YouTube and enter “Revolver Showdown”

      1. If I try really hard, I can duplicate that lockup that the Python did in my Security Six, my Colt Trooper MK5 and my S&W Model 57 Mountain gun. I can’t duplicate it with any others. All of my guns have stock, but well, used triggers.

  5. They’re rocking it with their revolvers, for sure–Smiths are getting to be a tougher sell with every new product announcement from Ruger, though Ruger’s pistols have room for improvement. They’re great for folks who are new to guns but some of the features put off more serious shooters. Big fan of the American Rifle series but not a fan of their ARs (though to be fair I’m not the target audience for them and the new AR556 has been selling like beer).

    Though I have seen a disappointing amount of SR-22 pistols that can’t pass a basic function check. If you guys sell those, check every single one before handing them off to customers.

  6. The GP-100 grip is easy to swap out for the original style rubber with inserts, available from Altamont.

  7. I’ve got the LC9S on the Buy List. Been looking for a compact 9mm BUG and I think this one will do just fine!

  8. You know what i want? I’m not really a revolver guy, but I could be for this: An updated 1851 Navy (.38 special), made double action and break-top. Is that too much to ask? I’m sure Ruger could put something like that out.

  9. Never been a fan of Ruger in the past. I considered their rifles to be a step down. I did like the original Red Label over under and am pleased to see it reprised in an updated version at a very attractive price.

    I have only one Ruger firearm, had it a long time. and it is fabulous. It is a Ruger Mark II bull barrel stainless .22LR pistol with target sights. That is one fine, incredibly accurate and instinctively pointing target pistol. I love to shoot it.

    If the new stuff is as good as that Mark II, then I need to take a look. I’ve been wanting a new wheel gun. The GP100 suddenly went up higher on my consideration list.

  10. Ruger just announce a new variation, the LC9s Pro.

    No external safety and no magazine disconnect.

  11. Welcome to Ruger, Ogre-san. I’ve had most of them, and you are correct that they have recently begun to get better, noticeably so. Also better conceptually. Glad you noticed. The only one left for me is a Redhawk in stainless with the shorter (five inch?) barrel and of course, the wood grips. Maybe waiting for a better trigger – there’s still some room there……

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