The Beretta Pico is most interesting.


Designed to be as narrow and flat as possible and still feel “Hey, that’s not bad” in the hand.  I have to admit that I dig it.    They have a soft shooting feel and are shockingly accurate for a pocket .380.
These are good little guns.

6 thoughts on “The Beretta Pico is most interesting.”

  1. to late for me. I have been pocket carring a lcr, but I find it a bit bulggey in some pockets so I picked up a glock 42. I have to work with it though before I start carrying it.

  2. An extension helps me control the Ruger LCP and carries well in a pocket holster.
    Who notes Beretta’s are not inexpensive.

  3. Ogre-san: I liked the Pico too, but the one available at my local shop could keep the mag seated, so I had to pass. Neat gun, tho’

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