The Dems are pushing for global violence

For some reason, the Democrats are pushing forward the releasing of a CIA Report that outlines the use of enhanced interrogations.
Allied Governments have all said this report will lead to violence and death.  All our Intel Advisors have all said that this report will lead to violence and death.
Yet the Democrats, with the White House approval, are going to release this report.
This is a childish, “If we can’t have it, no one can have it” sort of thing.  This is why Landlords require big deposits for Renters… Trashing the place before you leave it.   The Dems are the worst at this.  Remember the missing “W” keys from all the Keyboards when Bush won?
But this is a whole new level of low.  This is them wanting to watch the whole world burn.  Just so they can point fingers and blame Republicans.
But we will all know this is a lie… This is all on the Dems for this one.

15 thoughts on “The Dems are pushing for global violence”

  1. I agree about the intent behind releasing it, as far as those who made the decision are concerned.

    But, objectively-speaking, it should have been released, anyway. If America can’t set the moral standard – including doing the adult thing and admitting fault when it occurs – then who can?

    So, it should have been released, but not in this incomplete form… it’s final form should include the trials of those responsible for these heinous crimes. Including Obama and his cabinet, because they supported this until it became politically expedient to change course, and they should be held to exactly the same standard as anyone else.

    That won’t happen, obviously, because you correctly pointed out that /their/ decision to release it has nothing to do with taking a moral stand, and is solely about petty retaliation.

    It’s quite sad when someone can make /Kerry/ sound like the voice of reason…

  2. I’m with Flint. The truth of the matter is that this should have been released long ago. I certainly agree that the timing, motives, and breadth of this release are suspect but at least something will be available to the public. I don’t think it’s much of a victory over the “big government surveillance state” but it’s not a defeat either.

    The responsibility for any damage that occurs doesn’t rest with those who pushed to release it (whatever their motives) but instead with those who kept it secret for so long. As Flint said, this is America. We were wrong, everyone knows it, and the fact that we’ve wrongfully denied it for so long is nothing short of shameful. The culpability rests on the shoulders of everyone involved, Republican and Democrat alike.

    1. They never should release it. Screw these terrorists.
      They don’t fight fair and are evil people. I’d water board the lot of them and more if it would save lives. Which, by the way
      It did. But it is just another reason to vote republican.
      Obama did 3 things well.
      1 his policies gave the congress back to the republicans
      2 not learning from this , his policies gave the senate to the
      3 he has screwed up this country so bad, that the republicans now have a CHANCE to beat Hillary.Something they did not
      Have before this.
      Making 5 million plus,illegal aliens legal and now this goes a long way to maybe getting back the presidency.

      1. According to Obama, pretty much everyone who posts on this website is a valid terrorism suspect. So, you’re okay with being tortured, then?

  3. Not one person involved in the program, which was signed into law by Clinton was interviewed for this “report”. The congress, not just the intel commit were briefed over 30 times during the time this was done. The ex chief of the CIA says vital life saving intel was gained and saved both US and our allies lives in real time. All the releasers of the report were for years in full throated approval of the program until now. Screw them all.

    1. I stopped listening when they tried to sell all the terrorist plots averted due to reading all our e-mails…
      My parents taught me that spooks aren’t for real.

    2. The criminals responsible for these acts claim that their acts were justified? Shocking!

      It would actually only be surprising if they did not state that their actions produced results. The guilty always assert their innoncence, or that they were justified. The mere fact that someone makes such claims cannot be taken as proof of anything other than that he made that claim.

  4. Flint, I would torture any terrorist if it would save lives and I would torture any
    American who was KNOWN and PROVEN
    TO BE A TERRORIST. And that’s the last I will say on this subject

    1. I think you missed his point. If the day comes to take a stand and defend the Constitution from a government run amok, who do you think will be charged as known and proven terrorists?

      The Gestapo would have welcomed your willingness to be judge, jury, and executioner of your own people, by the way.

      We have due process and a bill or rights for a reason.

    2. Pretty slippery slope from “he’s KNOWN and PROVEN TO BE A TERRORIST so let’s torture him!” to “Let’s torture him and we’ll find that he’s KNOW and PROVEN TO BE A TERRORIST!”

      Just because going outside of the system accomplishes your motives here doesn’t mean that it’s right. I’d be very careful what you’re wishing for when you advocate extrajudicial powers for the government…

      1. Exactly. We’ll torture anyone who can be proven to be a terrorist… and we’ll prove that he’s a terrorist by torturing him into confessing!

    3. There are no instances where torture is justified.

      However, these terrorist are engaged in acts of war while out of uniform.

      Put them up against a wall and shoot them if they cannot provide useful information. And then use B-52s to arclight their home villages and mosques for supplying recruits to engage in war with the US.

  5. I see multiple problems with this release and generally agree with Ogre.

    First, if there was to be a public report it should have been years ago. The waterboarding practice was discontinued years ago.

    Second, the timing is the worst, at the very time we need maximum leverage and demonstration of capability to the “bad guys” wherever they are and whatever acronym they operate under (ISIS, ISIL, IS, al Qaeda or Satan, et cetera).

    Third, the report was drafted exclusively by the legal counsel for the majority party and completely omits any disagreement or dissenting point of view.

    Fourth, the ovewhelming majority of the intelligence community, both civilian and military strongly disagrees with most of the content of the report.

    Fifty, the conclusion that the techniques constitute “torture” is patently false. We know what torture is. Calling these techniques torture is like Bill Clinton saying that it depends on how you define the word “is.”

    Sixth, the conclusion that the techniques did not work is also patently false. It is widely known publicly that some of the information obtained through the techniques played a role in finding Bin Laden.

    Seventh, and finally, the report HAD to be released now, because after the change in committee structure in January, the team of writers would no longer be in place and would have been replaced under the new majority leadership. This was their last shot at defaming those who stand between us and harm, something they relish doing.

    Other than that . . . . it was a “great” report, right?

  6. Mmmm CIA doing bad stuff to really bad people that want my family dead…? Finally getting something for my tax dollars is what it sounds like to me.

    1. Tax dollars have been funding really bad stuff to both good and bad people for over a century. But if it makes you sleep well at night…

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