The Democrats let this happen.

WARNING:  The following is an Inflammatory Political Opinion Rant:

The problems we are having with Muslim Extremist Terrorists is not all because of Obama’s lack of leadership as many people seem to be saying around the water-cooler of Facebook.  As much as I appreciate the sentiment, and any well crafted cut at our flaccid, lame-duck, Golfer In Chief… It’s just not true.  This is a problem that’s been building long before Obama.  But it is still in the hands of the Democrats.

It all started way back in the 70’s with the USA’s deals with OPEC and basically turning the whole Oil Industry over to the Middle East…. but that makes for a longer story than I have time to tell right now.  Let’s fast forward to Bill Clinton’s term in the Oval Office.   He promised to cut the budget for Intelligence by 5% for 5 years.  A 25% reduction.   He was successful for 3 of those years.  That’s a 15% reduction.  That’s a lot.  But that’s not the whole story.   Clinton also forced changes in policy regarding the gathering of HUMINT.  Specifically he didn’t like the system of paid informants and working with an established network native contacts in foreign countries.

Why spend money on HUMINT giving it to people who may not be 100% Pro-America when we can just use SIGINT, electronic methods?  So all our Intel became Cyber-Sourced… and things started to go down hill.   We lost that good eyes on target intel… the snitches.  Who’s intel had previously aided in many awesome Badguy Take Downs that the public wont get to read about for another 30-40 years, if ever.  I’ve heard some first hand stories that would make you stand up and salute the flag while singing the star spangled banner… but they are stories that must remain untold for now.

Let’s compound this with Bill Clinton’s refusal to take custody of Osama Bin Laden back in ’98.  Had he done so, imagine the change in the way things would have rolled after 1998.

The Democrats also have a long history of OPSEC fails.  One famous example was the Democrat’s disclosure on CSPAN that our INTEL guys are tracking terrorists through their Cell Phones.  Within an hour, every one of those phones went dark.  They also failed to warn our informants that Pvt Bradley Edward Manning had released their names, thus exposing them.  Within a few days they were all captured or disappeared with many publicly executed.   Where’s Manning?  Oh, he’s in prison, enjoying a sex change operation that you and I paid for.  (Wait, has he actually had that operation yet or is that still planned?  Planned?  Okay, so he’s still doing the whole Hormone thing now – Don’t care.)  That happened in 2010. Who was the President?  Obama.  Not Obama’s fault?  I’m sorry, Obama was Captain of this Ship, and he’s the one ultimately responsible.

After Manning’s treason, (why can’t we just hang that guy?) things only got worse.   The Dems in Charge persisted in ignoring Intel reports.  This is why we had disaster in Benghazi.  Ignoring Intel and ignoring requests for security, and then refusing to let our men take care of business and effect a rescue.  That was actively stopped.  In fact, that seems to be the most active things the Dems in Charge actually did was to put forth a lot of effort to make sure any rescue didn’t happen.  They stopped CIA Action Teams, they stopped SpecOps, they stopped the Navy, (actually going so far as to relieving an Admiral from command) and they stopped the Marines who were as I understand, were  on the flight-line spooling up to go.   All within striking distance.  All ready and able to go.  All ordered to stand down.  That had to take a lot of scrambling on the Dem’s part to stop it.

Now we have ISIS.   And Obama’s ignoring of the intel reports and underestimating them, and dismissing them… because Golf is more important.  And now ISIS has cut off one of our Reporter’s heads.  We tried to effect a rescue.  The Dem’s say it was a failure of our Special Forces to get him.  How could they when they had poor Intel because the Dem’s have done so much to ruin our Intel capability?  So the result was when the SF got there, the hostages were already gone.

Here’s the deal… All the Intel budget we have, is being used on Americans in America.  Those eyes are turned on us instead of being turned outward, looking at the enemy.  Well, on us and on our Allies.  Not the actual threats.  We’re not looking at them enough.  Because the Democrats think WE are the Enemy.   Not them.

Thanks Dems.

7 thoughts on “The Democrats let this happen.”

  1. I think you left out one of the important reasons we are losing our ability to generate human intel. We seem to have an inexplicable ability to fail the people who help us in hostile places. It shows the people who risk their lives to work with us that we will not stand by them when we grow tired of the struggle and head home. Think of all the stories regarding informants, translators, etc. who worked with us only to then be denied entry to the US when we left. They now have to abandon their homes and burn everything that connects them to us.

    It is a sore spot with me that a million people can stream over the southern border and not get deported even when arrested, but we can’t let people who helped our soldiers in a war zone come start new lives here in relative safety.

    If I was living in a country that was in danger of being taken over by islamists and knew that the US would not come to my aid when things went bad, then I would be reluctant to stick my neck out to help supply them with intel.

    1. What country would want the USA to be their Friend? You have a good point.
      Israel isn’t exactly happy now, are they?
      So when to we give a big shaft to Germany? Oh, we illegally wiretapped them…
      France? England?

  2. Let us not forget the mental mind set of a Dem. Clintoon SOLD missile technology to the Communist Chinese for campaign cash. When asked about it on an interview he stated “We had to do something the Republicans were going to win.” There in minor is the Dems feelings on America and what it is owed even by its “President”. Obamie is worse far worse his is a planned destruction of the country as a free nation. Keep your powder dry brothers.

    1. Oh no… I ain’t forgetting that one. At one point before that sale, it was said that China was 30 years behind us in missile development. China at that time didn’t have an Aircraft Carrier either. Then Bill Clinton happens. Now it’s said China is only 2 years behind.

      (As told to me by a certain fellow from JPL, used to be in the Military, and knows more about missiles than any one person should)

  3. All good points about dems, but I think you may be looking through the scope with one eye closed. All men in power in this government are corrupted. It was the Republicans who brought us the patriot act. The CIA wasn’t reading this blog before Bush.

  4. Excellent observations, for a group of political supporters whose main defense is blame Bush. Well how about blaming ourselves…
    Twice this hero of liberals and pantywaists was elected president. He has been a train wreck playing out in slow motion…the democrats and more than a few career politicians have done nothing but assist in this assault on America.

  5. Our foreign is utter, utter madness and that madness was bad enough under republican administrations and only got worse under the democrat ones.

    We had a nominally stable, secular Iraq that wasn’t a threat to the US and we decided to invade for BS manufactured reasons and it turned into a mess that cost thousands of US lives and likely will end up run by muslim lunatics.

    Libya was no longer a threat to the US yet the US and nato decided to stick their noses in and now we have a failed state which is run by muslim lunatics.

    Syria was no threat to the US and yet the US has funded and supplied weapons to ISIS in an attempt to overthrow Assad. Now ISIS is on the verge of establishing a new lunatic caliphate all across the middle east with our help.

    Clinton took us to war against Serbia which was no threat to the US at all and helped create more muslim radicals in the heart of europe.

    Way back under Bush 1 he and his state department essentially gave Saddam a green light to invade Kuwait and then feigned shock when he did so. That cost us more lives and treasure. Looking back one has to wonder if that whole war wasn’t orchestrated for other purposes other than US vital interests.

    Then there was the Somalia debacle. It goes on and on.

    Utter madness.

    These nations are supposedly so dangerous, such a threat to the existence of US that we have to bomb them, but we open the floodgates and let their damn citizens in the US! We’ve got Somalis in Minnesota and Maine. Mosques going up all over the country. Bosnians and Chechens and Iraqis being let in by the thousands. Those 9-11 hijackers weren’t Presbyterians from Decatur or Mormons from Provo. The border is essentially open to the south for any dregs of humanity who can crawl across. It’s in-freaking-sane.

    Deport those who’ve immigrated from those places and start clearing out the ISIS like cancers in our own country and then maybe worry about the ones somewhere else. The battle is HERE AT HOME not over there. It’s like shooting at robbers pillaging a house 2 blocks away while your wife and daughters are being gang raped on your own kitchen table.

    Our foreign policy sure as hell isn’t benefiting the American people in any way shape or form and it hasn’t for a long time. It’s time it started.

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