Militarized Law Enforcement

We see in Ferguson, MO the most recent application of LEO’s that are far more Weaponized than the normal police officer or even SWAT.   This is the future.

What bothers me though is that the Police are getting these military grade weapons and armored vehicles without training for them.  Sufficient training in the use and function, the training in when to use them.  And a completely reeducation on THE CONSTITUTION so they know most importantly, when not to use them.  I honestly don’t know any LE Agency that does enough training as it is, let alone enough to support this military grade hardware.

A Soldier will go to a School to learn to properly drive an MRAP, or any other vehicle in the Army’s Motor Pool.  How not to cock up driving them.  How to recognize problems, turning, clearance, normal stuff.   But these LEA’s and only getting the vehicles and pretty much handing them over to the LEO’s.    Cops go through basic law enforcement training…. Which does not include the operation of SAW’s and MG-240’s.   Squad based maneuvers.  LEO’s are not SOLDIERS.  And when they dress like, act like, and think they are Soldiers, I can see that leading to problems that they have little comprehension on how to deal with.  Such as an OPFOR that gears up and uses the military tactics against them.  They are not prepared for that.

I see problems like Ferguson getting more frequent, and a lot worse.

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  1. I fully agree with the point, but I’m not really sure I could blame the situation in Ferguson on police militarization really. Perhaps the response. I personally think we’re having another Trayvon incident here where we’re getting manipulated or inaccurate media reporting that’s feeding on preexisting racial tension.

      1. Oh I did read it. And I’m not trying to put words in your mouth or anything like that. Apologies if it came across that way.

        I’m just a little more interested in what exactly caused this incident. To me it’s starting to look like the shooting may have been justified. After all the medical report shows the assailant had shot in the front and not the back, as been reported. Only time will tell what happens there.

        That being said I’ve never been a LEO or in the military. So I try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unless we have a really egregious case. Especially when it comes to Federal law enforcement. Case in point the U.S. Fish and Wildlife SWAT raid on Gibson Guitars for ‘illegal wood’. Or the FDA SWAT raid on an Pennsylvania Amish farm for ‘illegal milk’.

  2. Agreed.

    Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.
    The storm is coming and it is plain to see to all who will just look around. I keep hoping that we can somehow avoid it but that is getting harder to do.
    I say save those you can but to do that you must first survive.
    So, I’ll just keep praying for a miracle while I prepare me and mine as best I can.

  3. Re-educate on the Constitution is right. Then take back all military issued equipment. Show me one example that would justify a LEO being issued a SAW.

  4. If any good comes from this mess hopefully it will be that the police can be returned to their proper role as peace officers. What they’re being morphed into is more of a standing army of occupation. Because drugs. Because tear-izzum. The police have always been held in contempt by the denizens of the inner cities and housing projects but they’re rapidly losing the goodwill of the suburbs and with rural folks as well. Some of the most virulent cop haters I know are elderly rural farmer’s wives who are about as radical or menacing as aunt bea from mayberry. Why? Because of the way they’ve been personally treated by the police or the way they’ve seen their family persecuted by corrupt players in the system. You lose those types of people and you need to reevaluate what you’re doing.

    What is referred to these days collectively as “law enforcement” needs to do some deep soul searching damn quick. You’re rapidly losing the respect and support of the most ardently law and order and law abiding. Not only losing respect but they’re actively disliking you. That doesn’t end well for anybody.

  5. I would agree with the whole de-militarization of the police if law enforcement was rolling through town in armored vehicles on a day to day basis and parading around in full gear just because…but what’s happening in Ferguson is a show of force in proportion to the threat, which is a pretty big threat. Things seem pretty tame during the day but once the sun goes down things turn ugly with violence and local businesses getting destroyed, burned & looted. I do believe that if just the town’s police force formed up they would get over run after dark. Sure the protesters are bent out of shape because they are seeing police who look like they mean business, but what should they expect? This whole Michael Brown thing rubs me the wrong way (race card being thrown around, people going off emotion instead of facts, etc.) but I also believe that there are police out there that should’ve be allowed to touch a gun much less wear the uniform.

  6. Incidents like Ferguson should not be tolerated. The people on the street rioting are animals and should be treated as such, not this bullshit coddling that has allowed the cancer to spread.

    Secondly, inaccurate reporting without any accountability needs to stop. Reporters who inaccurately represent facts to skew opinion and generate a response need to be personally held liable.

    This incident should have been handled swiftly and with force. Instead the police, with the exception of the sheriff’s office, have behaved like pussies. The Ferguson police chief, state police lieutenant who had the audacity to protest with these animals, and the governor need relieved of their positions immediately. God help the lieutenant if he ever needs backup; he won’t receive it.

    Three independent autopsies, two concurrent investigations, a presidential and AG response, all over a likely justifiable shooting. BULLSHIT. Let the police investigate their own and stop wasting my tax dollars appealing to those who represent the decay of society. Arm the police to the teeth and handle incidents appropriately, that is the only way to quell the nonsense.

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