Considering teaching 3 new Courses.

I’ve been thinking about three new firearms courses.   Let me bounce this off you guys and see if these would have some traction.

1.  The Lever Action Operators Course.   This course would be a focus class on the Lever Action Rifle platform, specifically Winchester 94’s, 92’s, and Marlin’s 1895’s, 336’s, and 1894 rifles.
The course would start out with the introductions, history and development… and then move to disassembly, cleaning, repairs and modifications, and then moving on to tactical applications within the weapon’s performance envelope.

2.  The 1911 Intensive.  So many Shooters have commented that they are “Not Familiar” with the 1911.  This course would fix that.  Taking someone who’s never fired a 1911 before, and turning them into someone who is both familiar and confident with the pistol.  This would start out with of course the history and development of the 1911 pistol from 1907 to present.  We’ll cover a detailed breakdown of the 1911, to full disassembly and reassembly.  Every single pin and part.  Students would bring their 1911’s and we’ll tear them apart, inspect each part, clean and lubricate each part, and reassemble.  We’ll talk about common modifications, things to avoid, things to look for, and how to make the 1911 fit you the best.  Then we’ll cover the application of the 1911 in a defensive role.   Classroom in the Morning, Shooting in the afternoon.

3.  The Grilling While Armed Tactical Grilling and Shooting.  We’ll combine two of my favorite things in one course.   We’ll start out with how to set up your grill, how to cook direct grilling and smoking on your Weber (or other) charcoal grill.  Once the coals are lit and the meat and heat are set, we’ll do a defensive pistol course.  During the breaks from shooting, we’ll cover Pro Level, Champion Grade cooking techniques so you get the most out of your Grill.  Then we shoot some more.  And then once the smoking and grilling is done – We FEAST.  So you come away from this course, full and satisfied with grilled and smoked foods, and with the knowledge to grill and smoke your own, and with some improvement to your defensive shooting.  Okay, really this is just a day of hanging out at the range with good people and good food and enjoying the Freedom Lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “Considering teaching 3 new Courses.”

  1. All these courses I’d take in heart beat, time and money depending of course. The grilling and the 1911 course especially.

  2. Bourbon and bullets has a nice ring to it.
    Partake of the bourbon AFTER the bullets are done flying; of course.

  3. I like it. Once you get the courses and materials up and running you could combine all three over the course of a few days with plenty of time for hands on individual instruction.

    The Ogre rides again. ( grin )

  4. Hmm. I wonder what would be a good starter course for getting into 3-gun. Is there a good central clearing house for various 3 gun sports?

    1. A 3-gun course is actually a pretty good idea. There are different techniques & strategies than there are with tactical/defensive shooting as well as the firearms themselves can be pretty specialized. I have not seen or heard of a 3-gun course so there could be a market for this class.

  5. Levergun course would be great. I’d love to learn how to tune and run leverguns. And I know several people who would enjoy a thorough 1911 specific course.

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