8 thoughts on “1911 Truth”

  1. Well there’s nothing wrong with the idea of a hybrid car any more than the idea of a ‘hybrid gun’. Coming up with new ideas and new improvements to old ones is just a natural part of technological progress. It’s the very reason we even have 1911s at all. Someone thought the Colt m1892 revolver wasn’t cutting it. So they came up with the 1911. For my money if someone comes up with a good modification to the 1911 design that replaces the the barrel bushing and guide rod with a better design then I say ‘rock on’. And if that’s not good enough for some purist out there… well so be it. Then we’ll just call it a modified 1911 and carry on, often, and everywhere.

    Now that being said the Toyota Prius is a piss poor design that’s (more often than not) driven by some of the most self righteous people you’re likely to see.

  2. Love me my hybrid M&P. Way easier to take down than my 1911…
    Still like the 1911, but it spends a lot more time in the safe.

  3. as per my previous comment on the 2 tone 1911, I think I might try to have one done up. my only problem is I want to start with a 1911 that matches part for part with the same gun any of us would have been issued in ww2 had we been there. thinking auto ordinance here not sure of anyone else.

    1. You want to look for a Springfield GI model. I love mine… it’s the most like my issued 1911 than any other I’ve seen.

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