My two main guns now

I know I’ve been packing a Glock 23 for years… but lately I’ve been doing that less and less.  Really it’s been relegated to Car Gun Status now, so I always have it close when I’m out and about.   But what I carry on my person – that’s changed.

10464352_10203310469695910_5109397919341637312_nMore and more my Go To pistol has been my Beretta 92FS, and I’ve been carrying my 1911 a LOT more.   As I type this post, it’s the 1911 that’s sitting by my left hand.   Don’t laugh at my desk… I know it’s cluttered, but then again, so is my mind.  So it all works out.  That’s my beloved GI… which had a light issue with cracking grip panels.  That was the worst thing that could have happened, because dang it… now I’m thinking about changing other parts.  Like a Beaver Tail and a Commander style hammer… and if I am doing that – I might as well change the sear and trigger… You guys know the drill.   The grips were the lid to a bloody Pandora’s Box of tweaks.   Why?  Why the hell did I do that? I could have got some double diamond checkered wood grips and have been fine.  But no… I asked my friends for some regular old black plastics… thought I’d cheap out… not thinking about how they fecking changed the whole dynamic of the pistol and it’s in my head that I could change other things.
And now I’m looking at the Beretta 92FS and thinking… “You know, Wilson Combat is now making Beretta parts.”  They have a slick short reach trigger… No… NO!

No… I’m not going to mess with my Beretta.   That’s become the Go To Gun.  My Almost EDC.  I’m not doing that.
But the 1911…  Well… that’s different.
I’m thinking why not have some fun with it?  I can detail strip it blindfolded, and that sentimental GI memento cherry has been popped with the black grips.   Why  not?

But you know what I really want to do to it?  Have a Color Case Hardened Finish done to it.   Kinda like this:

Deep polished blued levers and safety, but the slide and frame – Color Cased.   That is just sexy to me.   I don’t know.
What do you guys think?

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  1. The color case hardening is pretty sexy but once it starts to wear it tends to look like crap. A finish like that is something for a showpiece. Now if you are going to do a beavertail safety & commander hammer I do have the Wilson beavertail jig that you will need for the tang…that’s if you go with the Wilson part. They do offer a non-gunsmithing “drop-in” part (there really isn’t any such thing as a drop-in for the 1911 with only a very few exceptions) but it doesn’t look “right” with a non contoured tang. If you need the jig let me know.

    1. I’ll do actual gunsmithing after I relocate. I can’t buy parts right now. I’m thinking going with Nighthawk Custom parts – just to be different.

      1. …relocate? Where & when is this supposed to happen? Nighthawk small parts are pretty much the same as Wilson so the pattern is pretty damn close.

  2. On 1911’s , I’ve gone every way from bone stock to full tilt custom built on a Caspian frame and slide to my specs. I still thing the 1911 A1 is the most useable stock pistol ever made and would happily carry one from now on if necessary. That said, I prefer the short trigger and arched mainspring housing. If that doesn’t work for you then the lid’s off the box for sure.

    Its easy to drop a grand basically d**king around with a good design that really only needs to be shot enough to break it in and find reliable carry ammo and magazines. I can get on board with a better pair of sights. Maybe some grips that really work for you. A beavertail grip safety if you must but that’s gilding the lilly IMO. If the pistol has grown on you as it is now, it seems to me that in this case less is more. How many pistols have you tweaked and sold over the years? Just sayin’ . . .

    Never really warmed up to the Beretta. Good pistols, just not really my thing. Whatever you want to do? – Knock yourself out but remember, pics or it didn’t happen ( grin ).

  3. Oh lord here we go….Carrying a CCW is a decision made (or should be made) based on A LOT of factors like: Budget available, Your (perceived) ability with chosen weapon, weapons available, physical ability to carry/use and/or legalities of CCW in your area, and in my mind the big one: perceived threat level.
    For a lot of (harrumph!) decades I carried a 1911 off duty without a second thought. However as I aged the 2lb plus chunk of steel got more and more unfriendly. Add to this the march forward of technology in metallurgy and plastics (excuse me polymers). Not to mention the changes in the legal atmosphere towards cocked and locked which when I signed on was perceived as the “normal” carry in semi autos, revolvers being the carry of “the good guys”. For the last decade of service it made sense to carry the same gun on and off duty issued Glock 23 in 180gr., .40SW which at least in our area has acquitted itself very well as a one shot man stopper, when such can be had. Now newly retired I have held onto only three .45’s two 1911 variants, one full steel 5 inch barreled GI stock, a Kahr P45 and a hi cap polymer single action monster. Daily carry is now, based on the above criteria a Kahr P9 in my low threat neighborhood (147gr JHP HST’s) or its bigger brother P40 (same ammo make in 180gr). Just did my annual qualification shoot with the P9 and it was a breeze. If for some reason the jihad comes to the NW then I would step it up to a Glock or the aforementioned 14 round .45. Time, Ogre (and tech) marches on not to mention the fluffs I have watched with cocked and locked acolytes fumbles under stress on the firing line vs pull and (trigger) pull pistols. The 1911 is a pistol for the dedicated and willing to accept the risks inherent in its 100 plus year old design. The Berretta is too large for my hands and again, its 9mm in a huge envelope turns me off. Son 2 loves it, but he’s 6’2” and large mitts. Peace out.

    Author of “Recon of Worlds” on Amazon Kindle……….just cause.

  4. if the cherry popped, what about a bobtail cut to go with a no-bite beavertail? Personally I like the arched mainspring on my ’43 GI but the sights are hard on my aging eyes, and its finish could really be improved…

    1. If it was a Commander sized gun – yes, I’d bobtail it. On a 5″ a bobtail doesn’t do that much for me.

  5. As you’ve previously stated, it’s already dead nuts reliable, so No, don’t do anything other than get a larger set of sights on it, in the next few years, you’ll see what I mean. ( Yes, pun intended) Other than the sights, I think it’s a GTG, no BS workhorse!!

  6. Since everyone is talking about changing 1911s is there an ambi-safty anyone would recommend? I dont really want to change my old GI model but as a lefty the stock safety needs to go.

    1. I’d only change to a Commander style hammer and a modest beavertail… that’s it. Just to remedy some hammer bite. I wouldn’t call that tarting up.

  7. Ok. Be careful. Your original post gives the impression that there’s a strong possibility of snowballing .
    I’ve ruined a couple of good guns the same way.
    My favorite AR was saved from a similar fate by a change in my financial circumstances. After a National Match trigger from a popular manufacturer and 3-piece piston kit I was prevented from really going nuts on it due to lack of funds.
    I am deeply thankful.

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