5 thoughts on “Some of my thoughts on the Beretta 92FS”

  1. All time favorite – as a duty weapon. It’s big…. Difficult to conceal for me…. Not exactly a CCW… Then again I don’t have the body to hide it. I’ve been using this gun for a number of years… Am an active military guy, this is what I was usually issued. The only comparison I have is to what I’ve been issued otherwise, and that was a
    G19 and P228. (M11). As far as the 92… No failures to feed or extract. Able to hit the target under duress (not combat), and able to reload and have confidence it would do its job. That said, it is a weapon designed for war – austere environments, in places where only 9mm is readily available, and big enough/well made enough to endure being thrust against the ground, covered in mud, immersed in water etc… The only real comparison I would have to say based on limited experience is the Sig 226. I had the option on my last deployment and chose the Beretta 92.. But hell, what do I know, I am a staff officer in the twilight of a mediocre career in the army. But the last coolest mission I did? I had an M9.

  2. The 92-series is nice, but the compact version fits my hand a lot better than the full-size 92/M9. I’ve had a 92SB Compact for years, and am sorely tempted to find a 92F Compact to go with it. (Which would give me one for each hand, John Woo-style. 😛 )

    That said, if I were to do it all over again, I’d opt for a CZ-75 – or better yet, CZ’s P-07 Duty – as I prefer the slimmer grip profile and Browning-style, frame-mounted safety.

  3. If you were going to Syria next week , would you want the beretta or a glock twenty one. Glock twenty one. Guaranteed

    1. Seriously, i’d take the Beretta give the choice of those two options.
      Because if I’m going to go to war with a .45, it will be a 1911.

  4. I’ve always liked the 92FS as it’s a very pleasant shooting pistol, is very accurate & will eat any 9mm ammo without issue. Personally I wouldn’t carry one as they are just gigantic…but if I was fatter I could get away with concealing it as the silhouette would blend in with my jelly rolls. I believe that you camera was having a hard time focusing on the pistol because you had way too much back lighting. I’d love to see better detail of your pistol but unfortunately you had some lighting issues.

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