Girl Scout Cookies

They nail me every year.  Cute little girl asked me to buy some Girl Scout Cookies… she is adorable… huge grin that wrinkles her nose.  I said “I only have a 20 dollar bill.”

“That will get you six boxes!”  She grinned… little con-artist.  I took six.

I didn’t open a single one of them… then I got home.  All six boxes were emptied shockingly quick.   I love Thin Mints.  They are my crack.  I think I ate 3 out of the two boxes I got.  Next time – all six will be Thin Mints.   I like the other ones too.  But Thin Mints are my crack.

So how come the Girl Scouts of America don’t mass produce these, put them in Grocery Stores everywhere, with proceeds going to the Girl Scouts?   This old fashioned tradition of selling them individually is inefficient and means I have to wait till next time to get another cookie!   Arrgh.

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  1. Wal-Mart is allegedly selling knock off thin mints and tagalongs, haven’t seen any at my store though…
    More to the point, I think the reduced-availability/once-a-year-giant-selling-frenzy method has worked well for them so far. The image of Girl Scouts selling cookies door-to-door is central to their marketing, not something they’re likely to get rid of soon.

  2. George, you’re doing it wrong.
    I am never without my thin mints (my crack as well). See, I have a network. My sister was a Girl Scout. My mom was a cookie mom. They have connections, still. So when they sell them near me, I buy them. When they’re not selling them near me, I import them. When I’m deployed, oh how they roll in. My sister simply mentions “my brother is deployed” around some little girls she babysits- I get cases.

    It’s all about who you know.

  3. I also like the thin mints. It’s a toss up between those and the peanut butter ones on which is bettter.

    Thin Mints are even better if you put them in the freezer.

  4. George, I concur. Thin Mints are full of win. I’ve taken cash loan repayments from friends in the form of Thin Mints. You should appreciate this. It’s from an Army buddy of mine’s facebook page:

    “I was mugged today by two individuals. Suspect 1 was approximately 4′ tall and wearing a green uniform of sorts. Suspect 2 was a similar height and wore the same type of uniform. MO is to stare at you with their beautiful brown eyes and ask you, “Sir, would you like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies?” Then proceeded to use some kind of mind control because my wallet was emptied and hands were full of Thin Mints.”

  5. I just make sure I never run out. I usually end up buying at least $30 worth of cookies at a time, and they go straight into the freezer. BEHIND STUFF, so I don’t see them unless I am digging through the freezer for some reason.
    Sure, I don’t get to eat as much now, but all year long I’ll be pleasantly surprised to see those cookies hiding in the back of the freezer, take out one stack of thin mints, and then re-bury the cookies.

  6. Wish I could find that picture that was on the internet of a GS smirking into the camera with a house on fire in the background surrounded by fire trucks. Caption: “Next time just buy the damn cookies”, what a hoot!

  7. It’s not just about raising funds. GSA says it helps developing the following skills:
    •Goal setting
    •Decision making
    •Money management
    •People skills
    •Business ethics

    $20??????? Pocket change! My granddaughter hit us up for over $70. Plus shipping!

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