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The UK has become a nation of pansies

There was a new article about a fox of unusual size that was trapped and killed.  The fox is suspected of eating a pet cat, so the man of the house got a trap and took care of the predator problem.

Take a look at the article here.

The fact that the fox grew so large points out that it had become a very dominant predator that has learned to get nice easy meals.  Pets.  Dog Food.  Or food that people left out to feed the cute little wild critters.   All things that fox don’t normally eat.  It’s become used to be so close to humans.  This leads to it becoming less fearful of humans… which leads to stupid humans holding out there hands like they are in some Disney Cartoon and all the sudden the stupid human is bitten and infected with some sort of disease that is now a problem of their nationalized health care system so the whole nation has to pay for the person’s stupidity.

But that’s not the problem… the problem I see here is in the Comment Section.  You can tell everything you need to know about a Paper’s (or Blogs) readership and intended audience by the comments.  But not just the comments, but the Voting on the Comments.  Those remarks that give support to the culling of the predator are buried in negative feedback.  All the while those comments that take moral umbrage at the killing of the creature get the most “Thumbs Up”.  And then they applaud comments about how wrong it is that a child was photographed with the huge fox.  And worst yet – The Child was SMILING!  How barbaric!  How horrid!  Someone needs to take that kid away so he can be properly reconditioned!
That is why the UK is a Nation of Pansies.   Come on England!  You are the Nation that gave us Churchill, The Super Marine Spitfire, TVR, and music with balls… How sad you have become!


  1. MacLean's Gravatar MacLean

    Same thing going on here with coyotes in some parts.

    A nearby City police agency was hiring a special USDA approved hunter to shoot one that had been nipping at kids.

    • 03/15/2011    

      Because the Police or the Animal Control Officer was incapable? Wow.

  2. James Walton's Gravatar James Walton

    Sadly, I am forced to agree with you.

    St Albans, UK

    PS: we still make music with balls, though …

    • 03/15/2011    

      Yes, the UK still rocks when it comes to music. The CEO of Burger King has said that the women of the UK are unattractive and the food is horrible. I disagree on both counts… The food is good and the women are hot… But on a whole, the men need some more Testosterone. Not all of them… there are some awesome guys from the UK that I call friends.

      • Flint's Gravatar Flint

        Maybe the BK CEO was looking at the men, and just thought they were women, when he said that the women were unattractive?

  3. TBeck's Gravatar TBeck

    Hey, those British foxes are dangerous! It takes a platoon of cavalry to take one down!

  4. Curtis's Gravatar Curtis

    This seems like one of those problems best solved with an AR 15 and a spotlight. It would work on the foxes too.

  5. 03/15/2011    

    A few days ago someone found an actual, live, .22 Long Rifle round on the street! Police were called, a cordon established, the papers alerted, and a photo of the IED posted for all to see.

    • 03/15/2011    

      I love the reporting… “A STARTLED man”. Good hell… a .22 round is startling enough to require not just police response, but all caps. Amazing.
      Now, what would be really startling would be if it was his testicles in the puddle… because I’m sure he never though he would see them again.

  6. Elijah's Gravatar Elijah

    Also there’s the demise of the traditional sport of fox hunting. Again, thanks to the bleed hearts.

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