Crimson Decision

We got in a demo display from Crimson Trace.  Dummy guns with the laser grip on them.  Just to see if they fit, I pulled the 1911 grips of the dummy gun and put them on my ATI Commander.  They fit perfectly and the all black grips certainly looked a lot better than the strange wood grips.  We came to the decision that they are made of Peckerwood.  But we can’t confirm that.    The all black look worked.  I had been thinking of going with a nice redish colored wood, but now I’m thinking of doing the blackout routine with this gun.  Plain, simple, all black… I like it.

But do I want to do the Crimson Trace grips?  I know Crimson Trace laser grips have some distinct advantages.  Anything that can help you get on target – advantage.  Anything that could keep you from having to drop the hammer in a stress situation – advantage.  $250 tariff, not such an advantage.  That’s a heavy price tag.  I don’t know if I want to spend that much on this gun.  This is not my defensive gun… it’s a project gun.  A tinker gun.  I might just do those cheap Ergo Grips plastic things.  After all, I have a set of those on my SIG TacOps, and it actually does very well.   The Sig deserves better, but still… the grips work.

6 thoughts on “Crimson Decision”

  1. I have CTC on my 1911. It’s not daylight-visible but it is very useful in medium to low light. And I find that the red dot is always a surprise to me…I forget that the laser is there and yet it comes on as needed. Terrific interface, IMO.

  2. I had the CT but took them off for 2 reasons. 1) when I place my trigger finger along the slide like I was taught it blocks the laser and 2) it was making me a lazy shooter relying on the laser and not good sight picture.

  3. Don’t lasers (except for IR) – like tracers – work both ways?

    That would seem to be a disadvantage in many situations.

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