Government Shut Down.

The only problem I see with a Government Shut Down is that they well eventually Re-Open.

If the Government shuts down – all the Congressmen should have to pay for their own flights home.  One way.  And their .Gov Credit Cards should be Cancelled.

The Military should still get paid, but other than that – Let it all shut down.


9 thoughts on “Government Shut Down.”

  1. Yes on pay the military , but ground anything flying out of Andrews so someone (little barry)gets some quality time with his wife at home, or is that to cruel?

    1. I’m saying they should have to pay for their own airfare on a commercial carrier, not on our dime. How the hell is that cruel?

  2. Yes! Agreed 100%. But bring the military home, you will be able to reduce by 1/3 and they will remain strong. Probably stronger. Increase training, pay by 20%, higher standards etc. Save $ and be more effective.
    Get the hell out of the middle east. Let them feed on themselves and see how they do. Israel will be fine. Let them do what we won’t.

    Finish the keystone pipeline, drill in Alaska and we will become energy independent and may actually balance the checkbook in 20 years from now.

  3. Riddle me this batman, when the government is “shut down” they still have about 46% of the work force on the job, right? Cause their work is “essential”. So FIRE the remaining 54% and our budget problems are solved no? Hell if the gov was run on constitutional principles 90% would vanish over nite anyway. To hell with them all.

  4. Folks can laugh at tin foil hats, but even the Right is getting hoodwinked by their own. This is moving a whole lot quicker than I thought. First the NSA, attempts to limit civilian access to weapons, blanketing American skies with 30,000 surveillance drones, while simultaneously equipping the police state.
    Freedom is being assaulted in a coordinated attack. And it’s being led by both Rinos and Asses in govt:

    1. Sulaco, I think it’s a lot more sinister than the 2nd Amendment issue. I’m not saying NSA is anti 2nd. I’m saying that they are in the spying business, period. Give them the reach, and they can spy on anyone and they become a tool of a nefarious govt with bad intentions. It’s proven that they are already spying on us, so that piece of the puzzle is in place. In the future all a govt has to do is issue orders (civil unrest, economic collapse, social unrest, pick an excuse) and they can use the NSA to collect the data on any resistance. There will be 30,000 drones already in place that the govt can usurp with a stroke of a pen. Even without military, Homeland Security and Police Forces already have the weapons, ammo, and infrastructure to crush riots, resistance fighters, etc. The current war on our 2nd Amendment rights just makes all these plans easier to implement.

      Not saying that this is all immediate, but I am amazed how quickly these pieces are coming into place. I’m saddened how all of us are sitting back while our freedoms are taken away and supposed conservatives are for it. The govt is not our friend. Right or Left. We have to connect the dots. Already a small city near me is purchasing a drone to “monitor crime 24/7”. How would you like to live in a world where there is an eye in the sky over your roof all day long? Should make the sheep feel safe. But I don’t like wolves guarding the pen.
      All I know is, I’m shooting the first drone I see over my house…

  5. Well the government shut down last night and somehow the sun came up today. I keep asking myself, what about the roads?

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