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Have to admit, I keep coming back to my Glock 23 RTF2 as my favorite pistol.
The balance of size, weight, and fire power is perfect.
Reliability has been flawless.  Accuracy has been very good.  It fits my hand very well thanks to the work I did on the grip.  I love it.
What’s your favorite?

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  1. My 1911 CCO.
    It has the hand fit and pointability that 1911s are famous for, with a shorter grip for better concealability… and a shorter barrel and slide to take up less real estate when worn IWB.
    Main drawback is capacity.


  2. I wish that I could pick only 1 but my favorites are my P30L & P7 PSP, both 9mm. The P30 is molded perfectly to my hand, is extremely accurate and I’ve not had a single malfunction or stoppage yet. The P7 is my favorite CCW piece as it’s small/compact yet very safe, very accurate and I’ve also not had a single malfunction or stoppage with that one either.

      1. If you’re firing that many rounds, then you’re engaging in combat, not simple self-defense. The P7’s are excellent self-defense pistols. Definitely not combat pistols, though.

  3. Since retiring from active LE I find that carry has become a secondary concern in that a “large” pistol like the Glock 23 is too much for just “walkin around”. I have several pistols and tried to get used to my HP in .40 or 9mm, same problem. I find myself constantly going back to either my Kahr P40 or P9, with the P9 and two extra mags winning most of the time. 7+1 and nite sights, extremely accurate and no malfunctions to date after several years of service. Corse if I go camping in Bear and Cat country I shoulder carry the Colt 10mm or Smith .44 maggie….

  4. Favorite pistol that I own? Easy: my SIG-Sauer P228. Of course, it wins by default, seeing as how it’s my only gun.

    Favorite pistol in general? Also easy: Browning Hi-Power in 9mm. Grip fits my hands like a glove, it points oh-so-naturally for me, recoil is practically nil, it was JMB’s last design, and it’s just plain beautiful to look at.

  5. Most of the time my M&P full size – reliable, very comfortable to shoot. 15+1 .357sig, Crimson Trace grip laser and a TLR-3 light.
    SIG P238 rides in the pocket all the time including bike rides, roller skiing and when I’m wearing pajamas. Much nicer to shoot than the LCP it replaced.

  6. While I still carry 92FS if I had to have just one,it would be a milspec Colt 1911a1. It may not have capacity or other modern bells and whistles, but it works and keeps on working longer than the Eveready bunny

  7. I try to avoid having a favorite anything since the first time I read The Book of 5 Rings, instead I try to learn about a wide variety of weapons and understand their strengths and weaknesses.
    That being said I do have some pistols I like better than others.

    I have switched to the XD-40 for the most part (SC for carry, Tactical for open carry and target shooting). I’m not a fan of the grip-safety but it has yet to be an issue other than aesthetically. I like this pistol much better than the Glock as it fits me without spending time, effort and money changing it.

    My other pistol is an EZ40 (aka CZ999, built by Zestava in Yugoslavia, not the CZ in the Czech Republic) and it is one of the most accurate and reliable pistols I have ever owned. It is a bit heavier that my XD’s as it is a fully ambidextrous copy of the Sig P226 and the only factory mags are 10rds in .40S&W, but I paid $400 for the pistol and 6 mags delivered and they are still well under $400 even now, CIA is importing them but it is OK snice the Grinder-Monkeys don’t touch them.

    I also like the Steyr M40-A1, in fact, if they had produced the L40-A1 when I went to the XD I might have gone there instead. It is a bit weird but despite how much I hate the Glock grip angle, I like the Steyr with it’s 111 degree angle. I might even switch to the Steyr tomorrow if I could replace all my XD stuff at the right price.

    I have also used the CZ-75 (and clones but every clone I ever had was problematic) The Sig P220, the 1911, the H&K P7 and P9S, the Bersa Thunder pistols (full size service pistols, not the compacts), Taurus PT92 and the Beretta Cougar and I would carry any of them without hesitation.

  8. Ruger GP100 with a 6″ barrel. It is, of course, not my concealed carry firearm. I just love shooting this thing. Talk about a tack driver.

  9. I have cycled through a few semis over the years…Glock 22, Colt Commander, Sig P6. Even a P-64. But for the past decade, my favorite CCW has been a 3rd generation Colt Detective stuffed with BB 158gr LSWCHP +P.

    Its a classic for a reason.

  10. Still liking my series 70 Colt Combat Commander in .45 ACP. Shoots where it looks and goes “BANG” every time I pull the trigger. YMMV.

  11. Favorite is subjective.

    If you mean putting the life of my family and self on the line, it is a simple full-sized Gen 2 Glock 22 40 S&W. Off the shelf with only tritium sights added. Absolutely, faithfully, completely, dependable protection.

    If you mean most fun to shoot, it would be my Ruger Mark II Stainless w/ 5.5″ Bull Barrel. No rail, no optics, just good, very adjustable sights and amazing accuracy. Knocking squirrels out of trees at 40 yards is a no-brainer if I do my part.

    If you are talking about simply pretty, it is an early ’70’s Browning Hi-Power with mirror finish deep bluing, no tooling marks anywhere in sight, amazing attention to detail in production, and beautiful checkered walnut stocks. All “off the shelf” bought in a local hardware store when in college. My wife shoots best with it and I keep it stoked with Barnes 95gr. TAC for her use in HD should there be an intruder when I’m not at home.

    So, I guess my favorite of the favorites is what my wife can best defend herself with. It’s a nice plus that she and the Hi-Power are both still beautiful after all these years (married 41 years last month).

  12. You simply can’t deny the reliability, stopping power, and most notably the image of old-school wheel guns. Owned many autos and revolvers over the years and test drove some super fine examples of combat/LEO handguns. Must say, in terms of auto rounds, the 10MM and 45 ACP takes the cake. The one I keep coming back to for daily CC is a Ruger SP101. Small, comfy to carry, to me not overly heavy, and packs the power. Granted it only has 5 rounds, but what more does one need? Laugh if you want but these litle hand howitzers truly are form and function at it’s finest.

  13. The one I happen to be wearing on any given day. Since it could be the one that saves my life on that day!

  14. My favorite handgun is my Para Ord P-14 LDA. Unfortunately it is in storage. I go back and forth on which Glock I like best, the 36 or the 20. I want a 29 sf, that might become my favorite gun. Now to find one when I have the cash.

  15. Since you specified “pistol” I’m going to take that as auto-loader, so I’d have to say the CZ75 series, particularly the P01 & SP01 variants.
    But as a whole, all handguns included, without a doubt, I’d say it’s the S&W 4″ L-frames.

  16. I just bought a Sig Scorpion 1911. If it ain’t my favorite yet that’s only because I haven’t had the chance to put a thousand rounds through it. It is saweet!

  17. Star B. ‘Cause it only set me back $50 when I had my 03 Collector license and it always goes “bang” until the mag’s empty. It is what I could and did afford. 2nd favorite is the pre-war Walther PPK war trophy in .22 LR my best friend gave me because he’s dying of cancer and his kids are absolutely not interested in any of his guns. It is now part of a set, with the Ruger 10-22 I paid $49.95 for new in the early ’70’s. If I could get a PPK in .380 it would be my new love.

    PS. The 10-22 must have at least 25,000 rounds through it by now and never a hiccup. Yet.
    Not a pistol, but still………

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