S&W 1006

I need a S&W 1006.  The gun the FBI couldn’t handle.


The best alternative to the 10mm Glocks and EAA Witnesses or a 1911.  Not that I dislike those options, they are the common ones.  I want something different, and I think the 1006 looks like the one to get.
The FBI version was the DAO 1076.  The 76 also was slightly shorter in the barrel, like a Commander version of the 1006.  I actually like the decock/safety, but I think I’d rather have the longer barrel with the 10mm.  


17 thoughts on “S&W 1006”

  1. I love my 1006. One of these days I’d like to get a 1066.
    It used to be possible to pick S&W 10MMs for $350.00 used all the time. Unfortunately the demand has picked up and prices have raised accordingly.

  2. I would stick with the Glock but what the heck have both . If you know anyone with a bbl. for a Ithaca Mag 10 ,I would love a heads up. Don’t have one hanging around the shop by chance ? I have been enjoying your blog for quite a while , wish you had more time to post.

  3. They are biiiiig guns but the ones that I’ve handled didn’t have the best triggers and weren’t the best feeling pistols in the hand unless you have larger hands.

  4. Does it still come with the counter-weight so you don’t list to one side when you walk down the street with it in belt holster? 🙂

    1. Two full mags on the other side to counter balance works nicely.
      Who knows that pistol is too big for his hands.

  5. Carried a 1076 with full power loads (custom loaded by Federal first and then Master). The first time I went to Glock Armorer school the instructor told us nobody had carried full power 10. We told him we did for about 15 years. You might find one of our trade ins. Watch out for the very last guns. We had some breakage on the slide around the trigger safety plunger.

  6. I wonder if someone could make a slimmer grip for it. It doesn’t take much off the width of the grip to make a pistol a lot more comfortable for those of us with medium to small hands? The Chip McCormac thin grips on a 1911 were great.

  7. Personally I’d prefer the Witness 10mm. Due to the fact a Witness 10mm was my VERY first pistol… and I’m generally too poor to afford a S&W 1006.

    Oh and the 15 round capacity of the EAA certainly doesn’t hurt.

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