Two shows worth watching.

One old, one new.

The old show is new to me.  I’ve never watched it before, but i’m loving it.  The Shield.  Great series… good writing, good twists, good actors and characters.
The main character, Vic Mackey, is one of the most interesting characters on any TV shows.  A Bad Guy that does good things for good reasons some times… and does bad things for good reasons some times… and every once in a while does a good thing for bad reasons.  But you end up rooting for him.
The whole series is on Hulu Plus.  This makes Hulu Plus well worth it to me.

The new show is VIKINGS.  A Semi-Historical drama that is pretty accurate in some things.  Cool characters, and a smoking hot Shield Maiden that is worth watching just for her.  Rower.  Overall, I find the show extremely compelling.  Even if it’s much like Sons of Anarchy on Long Boats.  You could call it Sons of Vikings.  But that’s not quite fair.  This show is unique.  And very well done.  I enjoy it a lot.
You Armchair Historians can stuff it about historical inaccuracies… it’s the best we’ve seen so far, eh?

8 thoughts on “Two shows worth watching.”

  1. Yeah! Vikings.

    “Ah, ah,
    We come from the land of the ice and snow,
    From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
    The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands,
    To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!


  2. You might give the TV show Justified and Southland a look…

    Justified had as a script writer Elmore Lenard…

  3. Got hooked on Game of Thrones on HBO makes Vikings look like a fur mini skirt verision of Vikings 90210. Darn it! the free HBO week is over and I have to buy the disks…

  4. Here’s a little trivia for ya…

    The Shield is loosely based on the Los Angeles Rampart Scandal. The character Vic Mackey is, again loosely, based on the real life CRASH officer David Mack, who was at the heart for the scandal.

    Word is that the show was almost call “Rampart”, but was chnaged at the last minute for some unknown reason.

  5. With regard to the Sons of Anarchy comparison, is it just me or do Ragnar and Jax Teller look like they could be brothers?

  6. I don’t know how far you are into the series with “The Shield”, but the first and second seasons were great. IIRC it started getting a little convoluted half way through the 3rd season.

  7. You have great taste, both shows are great. The Shield is epic and was the first good original drama that FX put on the air and opened the way and set the style for all the great drama’s that are on cable now. The Vikings is just plain cool to watch, The hot blonde kickass shield maiden alone makes it worthwhile and between that and Game of Thrones, makes my Sundays a great night.

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