Jeep Noob

One morning recently I was on my KTM 525 MXC sitting just below the trail head to “SUPER SECRET TRAINING LOCATION 2”.  To get to SSTL2, you pop off Highway 121 where there is a narrow looking trail going up rather steeply to the top of the hill.  It looks daunting, but it’s really no problem.
I was sitting there adjusting my neck strap and gloves after having to stop to take a cellular call when a Jeep Wrangler Safari pulled up.  It hurt my eyes it was so shiny new.  The driver and his girl (smokin hot redhead) were wondering if they could make it up that trail as it looked too narrow, so they asked me if I thought they could make it up.
I told them it was plenty wide enough if they take it easy.  I explained how I used to go up it all the time in my Chevy 2500.  The driver… the boy… was unconvinced.
At this point a pair of Ford F-350’s came down the trail.  The second truck was pulling a trailer with a Bobcat on it.
I looked back at the boy, winked at the girl, flipped my visor down, and took off down the highway.  A mile later I looked back.  There was the Jeep.  The boy didn’t sack up and try it.

14 thoughts on “Jeep Noob”

  1. It sucks that they made “406” into such an ugly zombie. She is hot. Sorry, backround noise= ZombieLand.

  2. People like that have no business owning Jeeps.


    No scars whatsoever: -3 (Unless Pre-CJ restored, then: +3)

    Krylon home-made paint job: +1 (for realizing it’s just going to happen again)

  3. You should see the brush pinstriping I’ve given the 4Runner. I’ve taken trails that had my wife muttering prayers and my son screaming “WE’RE GONNA DIE!!”.

    If you’re afraid to treat a 4WD like that then you probably should have just bought a Prius.

      1. Tires and wheels and you will have a great Super Moto. I wanted to do that to my DRZ bad after one of the instructors went through the MSF class course at about 60 mph on a super motoed DRZ.

  4. I remember one old timer saying that if he thought he couldn’t get to where he wanted to go in the boonies with his old 2 wheel rear drive pickup, with a limited slip differential, a comealong, shovel, rope, and extra spare tire he needed to turn around and find a different route not a different vehicle.
    What’s really sad is when you see a tricked out four wheeler upside down on the highway. Four beers meets high center of gravity. “You could tell he was drugstore off roader, his rally lights were on top of his roll bar instead of underneath.”

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