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Just so we are Clear

Because of the stupidly high crime rates in areas with super strict gun control that obviously doesn’t work… we have to increase gun control everywhere else.


  1. Blaine Newell's Gravatar Blaine Newell

    Well of course we need more gun control. Look how well it works for Mexico. Their gun laws are the model for what the Progressives want. And it works great. No mass shootings in Mexico. No, gang land style killings. Rape and murder are non existant in Mexico. Obviously, we should be more like all the other countries. I don’t understand why we should be more like them, when our crime rate has been dropping for decades, and theirs keep going up. And I don’t mean just Mexico. Look at most countries in the world, and our violent crime rate is lower than most.

  2. Sergeant Mac's Gravatar Sergeant Mac

    Clearly, all the 22,000 gun laws ALREADY in effect simply aren’t enough…..

  3. M's Gravatar M

    Just make crime illegal. That will fix it, DUH!

  4. TribeLooney's Gravatar TribeLooney

    When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation….

    • mike's Gravatar mike

      Four days ago I saw a shot of some Congress members swearing in. My first thought was…….look at the folks making an oath to a diety they don’t believe in, regarding a Constitution they don’t believe in.

      Government is a jealous diety and the ruled over shall not have any other dieties before it.

  5. mike's Gravatar mike

    deity…..deities (laughing) spelling. I’ll add that to my new year’s resolutions.

  6. 01/09/2013    

    Hey, George; have you heard about the doin’s down in Paragould, Ark.? The high crime rate there is prompting the Mayor& Police Chief to put SWAT-armored AR-15 armed cops on street patrol with orders to stop and question any citizens they meet about where they’re going, what they are doing & show ID. Policy to be implemented in 2013. Constitution? What’s that?

    • 01/09/2013    

      That is asinine.

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