Everyone knows your guns work… and everyone knows your cheap plastic sights totally suck.  Everyone that takes their guns seriously, change those sights as soon as they get the chance.

You guys are bringing out the new 30S model, pretty much to compete with the Springfield XDS… Let me tell you, this is going to come up second place to the XDS.  The S is slimmer, which is the biggest complaint about the 26 and 27 which are considered chunky.  The S also has the advantage that it’s coming with good sights, right out of the box.


Put some decent sights on your guns!

12 thoughts on “Dear GLOCK”

  1. On November 7th, I purchased the 4th Gen Glock 23 I’d been considering, with standard sights, because apparently Glock stopped putting night sights on new guns, or so people around the internet forums said. It makes absolutely no sense. Oh well, I purchased a set of green front/orange rear Meprolight’s and will install them myself.

    (And thank you YouTube, for allowing me to see several trained gunsmiths do the job properly first. I’d much rather learn from other’s mistakes before learning from my own.)

    1. RE: Glock stopped putting night sights on new guns…..

      That’s odd. Last month I just bought a blue label g23 gen4 that the shop just got in. According to the counter guy, the blue labels they are getting only come with Glock night sights installed. My plan was to get Trijicons or Mepros, but since they were already there and seemed bright I just let it be. Hopefully Glock night sights are descent.

      1. Supposedly the “blue label” Glocks are supposed to be LE sales only, and Glock has changed their sales policies so many stores have stopped carrying them. *shrug* Glad you were able to find one!

        1. It may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but here is the Glock list. I was told commercial pilots no longer qualify, which wasn’t applicable to me anyway.

          *All sworn Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) State, County and City
          *All Federal Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) FBI, US Marshals, DEA etc
          *All Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including Federal, State, County & City
          *State Licensed Security Companies (ie. Loomis Fargo, RAM, Securitas, etc)
          *State/City licensed Security officers
          *Active Military personnel-all branches
          *National Guard personnel-all branches
          *Military Reserve personnel-all branches
          *Legitimately retired military veterans with “retired” military ID
          *All TSA employees
          *Licensed Para-Medics and EMT’s
          *Fire Fighters (including volunteers) with appropriate ID
          *Commercial Pilot license holders & Federal Flight Deck Officers
          *Court Judges
          *District Attorneys and Deputy District Attorneys

  2. I agree 100% with you Ogre. Last pistol I got I went with a S&W M&P9c because it just “felt” slimmer but I didn’t have to immediately upgrade the sights. Glock lost out on that sale mainly because of the cheap sights that are standard. And I carried a Glock 17 for years.

  3. Didnt Glock respond to the XD-S 10 years before the XD-S was even made by releasing the Glock 36? Single column, concealable .45 ACP with about the same mag capacity?

    Glock would have been better off making a single column 9mm, but I know that is crazy talk. If they were going to do that they would have done it years ago.

  4. I bought my first handgun last year. A Glock 21 but I’m not liking the sights but thought I was just not used to it. Maybe its not me

  5. I’d be a lot more impressed with the 36 if it wasn’t, you know, almost the exact same size as a Glock 19. 0.05″ thinner isn’t a good reason to go from 15 to 6 rounds, with no option to use larger mags as reloads.

    I don’t mind the plastic nub sights on the guns, largely because I know I’d be swapping sights ASAP anyway. At least they’re easy to swap, 5 minutes and I’m done. Ever change an XD front sight? I had to cut mine in half with a dremel and file; it was amazing how tight it was in there. Maybe they’ve stopped press fitting them with a damn 50 ton press or whatever it is they do, but as I recall back when I was changing the sights on my XD, there were plenty of tales of gunsmiths refusing to do XD sight work.

    I’ll probably never own another XD. I have no reason to switch away from the Glock platform because I love me some Gen 4 Glocks, but the real reason I’d never buy another XD is Springfield doesn’t sell crucial spare parts. The extractor, for example. The only reason I’m keeping my current XD45 is it makes a nice platform for a 250gr 45 Super experiment, and I already have 10 mags and several holsters and whatnot. I’d have to take a huge loss to sell it. It’ll end up gifted to someone for an HD gun a few years down the line, I imagine.

  6. I agree that the stock sights suck. I automatically buy Warren Tacticals anyway, so it’s not that big a deal. I had the stock Glock 19 night sights and didn’t care for them.

    I am interested in the 30s. My G30sf is great, but a bit of a pig to carry. .45ACP is almost the same price as 9mm these days, so what the heck.

  7. I think the biggest problem with Glock width is that the thinnest the grip can be is dictated by the thickness of the magazines. And a magazine that is made of a layer of sheet metal, wrapped in a layer of plastic, is never going to be as thin as a magazine made of a single thickness of sheet metal. At this stage in the game, given the number of guns and magazines in circulation, Glock is never going to be able to realistically do much more about the grip thickness. At least, not without making a complete departure from their existing models.

  8. My .02 is that Glock as a company is stuck in a time warp. Its guns were cutting edge years ago but are rapidly being surpassed by newer tech like XD and S&W (of all makers). They have something that worked for them and in many cases still does and they are not going to change because change is hard. I look forward to them continuing to slide down the pole of global sales as newer makers take the lead.

    OK this newer dark less background is ok but I liked the overt lite background a lot better Og.

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