10 thoughts on “Huh, no .40 left.”

  1. This seems to be the theme everywhere. The only thing left on the shelves at my local gun store is dust…. and they seem to have marked that up also.

  2. Because last time we noticed that the last things on the shelf were .40 so we all bought .40’s.

  3. Good reason to have multiple barrels or guns. I can shoot 9, 40 and .357 from the same M&P frame/slide. I carry .357 and practice w mostly 9.

  4. At the local Walmart, shelves bare except…..4 boxes of 357 Sig which I promptly relieved them of. Love my G32

    1. John,
      Cheers to the .35 Rem, and condolences on being stuck in that state.
      Dad used a Rem 141, .35 Rem for years. I shot a doe with it in MD as well. Hope you escape soon!

      As to .40 – good points above, PLUS if you’re stuck with FMJ due to the unaffordability of large quantities of JHP, wouldn’t you want a bit more slap, such as offered by the flat nose of the .40 projectiles?

  5. We need an updated video showing the shop. Cal-Ranch recieved 3 cases of 9mm the other day. They were almost gone in about 3 hours. $10 a box sale.

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