22 thoughts on “AR-15 For Trade”

  1. Not to forget the antis would love to ban that jeep! BTW, I have one and love it! Get the four door….


  2. I could see some dealer doing this just to generate some publicity for his dealership. It would be cool if he then turned around and threw in the AR-15 to the next person who bought a Grand Wagoneer.

  3. Id hate to play in to the hype but its not far from the truth, saw insane prices at the gunshow today. Almost sold a stripped lower for 350.

        1. Full disclosure, if was a complete lower.
          ATI Omni, a $110 lower an a good day.
          Since it went so quick, I know it would have went higher… but I almost felt bad at the price it sold for already.


  4. I’d hate to be a firearm manufacturer right now, because it is so hard to predict what the regulations are going to be both federal and state for the next few months. The market could end up being flooded with all those “tactical” firearms being re-sold or the governments could shut you down and any investments you made in manufacturing could evaporate.
    I kind of wonder what the casualty rate for Jeeps are vs. AR-15’s?

  5. I actually saw someone trying to trade their truck for an AR on backpage today.

    Not a good truck, but still.

  6. Ironically enough, somebody listed a Bushmaster AR-15 today on armslist.com, in the Cleveland region, looking to trade for a Jeep Wrangler…….. I really hope people aren’t seriously paying these astronomical prices/trades for these weapons!!!

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