Question… Would you want one?

Now, this is a hypothetical question… nothing is planned… just me and my wild ideas here.

Let’s say Crusader Weaponry did a small run of custom, semi-auto, legal 16″ barreled (so no special paperwork needed), British Sterling SMG’s.  9mm, of course.  34 round mag.  Folding stock.

All the internals cleaned, deburred, Slipstreamed, and otherwise fitted.  Trigger pull improved.  External, the gun is Duracoated a Flat Black, Wolf Grey, or Olive Drab… your choice.  And let’s say that you could get that gun for… oh, say… only 600 bucks.

Would you want one?   Well, yes, of course you do.  You are Gun Guys and Gals, and Want isn’t the problem…   The real question is “Would you BUY one?”

BTW, yes, you could totally bring this to a Crusader Carbine Course… because that would be just that sweet.  Easy weapon to handle and shoot and hit with.  Slight Variations on normal carbine tactics, but still very workable and effective.   And Cheap To Feed.   Fun… Sterlings are made out of Fun.


39 thoughts on “Question… Would you want one?”

  1. I really like Sterlings. If I remember correctly, the magazines are relatively available. Sights are pretty poor and not sure if they are at all adjustable.

    Visually, a full length barrel jacket would look better, though it would weigh more and probably cost more to make than to re-use original parts.

    So I’d have to say “no” — it would be a nice toy to have but I couldn’t justify $600+magazines for the toy. Doesn’t mean that other people wouldn’t pay that much for it.

    1. I had thought about the full length shroud, but without it, one can easily make it an SBR if one wants. Which is what I would do with it.

  2. For $600? Yeah, that would be high on the list.

    I assume any logos would be small, to keep the authentic look? “Where’d you get that?” would probably be asked so often that you could completely leave it off, and still get plenty of referrals!

  3. I do kinda want a stormtrooper rifle.

    Would mostly depend on whether or not I had the $600 to spare.

  4. Hey, according to world.guns the barrel length is 196mm which converts to 7.7″

    With the shorter barrel, perhaps I can buy it sans stock (as a pistol)?

      1. Then I’d say “yes”

        For a democratic state I can have hi caps, suppressors, SBR’s, AOW’s, SBSG’s and full-auto only’s. The only thing we can’t have are flash suppressors and folding/collapsible stocks. Oh, yeah. And .50 BMG’s unless they are single shot.

        How much are magazines for those Sterlings?

  5. Needs to have an integral silencer, See L34A1 Sterling.

    A Delisle .45 carbine build would also be neat.

      1. Prepare for the ATF cavity search. I’ve been through the manufacturer’s license process which also included a 100% records inspection. It’s a whole different ball game when you become a manufacturer.

  6. Hello,

    I personally wouldn’t find THIS deal very alluring, but I would love it if Crusader Weaponry would expand their semi-custom Glock offers to include a Glock 19 with all the fixin’s!

  7. Yes, I would definitely buy one. I’ve been tempted by the ones that were on the market already. However, I’d be willing to get one if I knew Crusader was building it.

    Also, you should look into what it would cost to offer an accessory kit to make it look like a Star Wars E-11 blaster rifle. I know it’s completely ridiculous, but I still think it would be fun to have. Might also generate a few sales to people that normally aren’t interested in guns.

    1. You mean to pretty much just put a rail up on top for an aim point and then epoxy some windshield wiper blades along the handguard area.
      Well, I’m down with the rail, and was already thinking about putting a Vortex SPARC on it.

      1. Yeah, the rail is a good idea for practical purposes anyway, a red dot optic would work great on one of these.

        For the hand guard, I’m thinking some sort of aluminum barrel shroud that would slip over the regular one. The extra barrel length may be an issue though.

        1. Or put a simple Rail on the bottom and a Vert Grip there. Don’t touch the shroud at all that way. But then again, if your heating the barrel that much – warm guards are probably the least of your worries.

  8. I had a 9mm AR-15 for a couple years, and it was an awesomely fun gun to shoot. I love playing with pistol caliber carbines; they’re like a 22 on steroids, almost no recoil but stuff actually happens when the bullets hit. 🙂

    I’d buy one of these in a second, or as soon as finances allowed… I go through flush/poor periods based on how much VA is screwing me over at the time. Maybe I can shift that LR-308 gathering dust in the closet and hang on to the cash.

    So, I’d say count me in if it works out.

  9. Where do I send $$$$? I’ve been looking at 9mm carbines, all have disadvantages. Perhaps this is the golden egg. Maybe that goose did come through!

  10. Hmmm… what kind of time frame are we talking about in terms of when you need a deposit and the full payment for the weapon?

    That and are these being made from scratch or some sort of parts set?

    1. I’m looking at a parts kits right now. This is just theoretical right now. Crusader is fairly busy with our other projects. But this is something I really want to do… because, hey, I want one too. But this run will be no more than 12 guns. Don’t send any money right now. I’m still looking at the options and the trying to predict the future… but I would need all 12 guns pre-paid.

      1. Prepaying isn’t an issue. How long would it be from the time we prepaid until the guns were ready? Also, how many mags would come with the gun?

        1. Just one mag would come with the gun… But delivery would be pretty quick after all the parts got in… 3 or 4 weeks total, I think.

  11. Sign me up.

    I’ve been looking for a 9mm carbine for a short time, everything has disadvantages.

    Perhaps, this weapon is the proverbial golden egg. Chalk one up for the goose.

    I’d be happy to prepay……

  12. That is a pretty cool gun but I’m a lefty. How uncomfortable/practical would that be for someone like me?

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