For the last few years, the itch to get another motorcycle has been uncontrollable.  Well, Saturday that itch came to a head and I actually went out looking for a bike.

I found one.  The question is do I pull the trigger on it or do I let it go.  It’s an older bike, in great condition… the style I like, the size I want… Even if it is a V-Twin.  It’s getting about 50 miles to the gallon, which is much better than my truck which I think gets about 3… or at least it feels like it.

If I want to “Run out to Salt Lake”, that trip costs me about 140 bucks.  On this bike, it would cost about as much as a good Sandwich.   Which means getting out there to take care of business actually makes some business sense.  And with Crusader’s growth, I’m going have to get out there more often.  Not for Training Days, because I’d still have to bring the truck, but for other things… like helping Joe get orders processed, Slipstream made, all that.  And, hey… Get some 5 Guys Burgers because I just freaking feel like it.  Can’t do that in my truck.

If something happens like I want it to happen tomorrow or the next day – I’ll get it.

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  1. Yeah, the only thing that keeps me going with my 11 mpg Jeep all winter (4WD on all the time) is getting 60 mpg in the summer. I’m not actually saving money considering I paid about $5k for my bike, but it makes me feel better at least.

    Are you getting decent panniers? I can’t stand riding with a backpack, and it’s so nice to be able to lock my gear in my hard bags when I get where I’m going.

  2. I hope you get it. I remember reading your old stuff about bikes, and thought maybe the itch had gone away – glad to see it hasn’t. I still want one but happened across a good deal on a 90′ Honda Civic, 4 cylinder, 5 speed car – for 500 bucks. 200,00 miles, but interior looks new, and runs and drives like a new car.
    Hard to beat that.
    Nowhere near as fun, but practical in this age of stupid “we can’t drill our own” gas prices.

  3. Ogre, love your blog!!!! Have you looked into the Ural motorcycle? Father-in-law has one (drives year round in Maine), great bike, very practical. Who wouldn’t want a 2WD bike, and with the included sidecar, you have a place to stash your gear. Check out the link below, would love to see your review on one…

  4. Since I’m retired my sole source of transport is a little Kawasaki 250 Ninja. A common baggage trick for the little buzzers is to get a 15 gal. Safe Packer at Walmart, a couple of U-bolts and some bungee cords and a couple of padlocks. You attache the safe packer to your grab rail with the U-bolts with the nuts to the inside. You get U-bolts that are just big enough to let you flip the box out of the way of the seat. You put some holes in the bottom of the safe packer for the bungee cords to attach to the fold out clips most bikes have. this keeps the safe packer down. I also keep an adjustable bungee cord for over loads I just fold the top over and bungee down the overload. Beats paying $100 for a tail bag. Some guys use the bigger Safe Packer on a board for touring.

  5. My dad’s Prius gets like 30 mpg on the highway, 50 mpg driving around town. Although it would use a lot less gas on a drive to Salt Lake because of the long, sloping hills. When it coasts it recharges the battery. That would be a sight to see the Ogre in a Prius.

    I’m just sayin, if gas mileage is your only concern. . . plus you can carry more gear than on a motorcycle.

    1. I have a personal hate on the Prius. See, I need better highway than city. BMW has a much better hybrid system than the Prius.

  6. Same problem here. I keep supressing it because I have debt to pay off before the inevitable crash of the $USD.

    By this time next year I should have all debt paid off except the mortgage. THEN I will buy another scooter, but it will have to be and off road model, lie a Paris Dakar which is good for both road and dirt for end of days.

    Otherwise I’d just get a road bike with a windscreen and side bags in a 1500cc or bigger. I’m partial to the Kawasaki Mean Streak Marauders. I will never own another scoot without a windscreen ever again. I don’t miss all that helmet buffeting and the strain it put on my neck. Has to have a hydraulic clutch too.

  7. I think you should get it Ogre! I bought an ’05 Triumph Speedmaster back in June last year instead of paying off my car when I found one for a steal. Best decision ever. I never once regretted it. Insurance for a year costs less than two months insuring my car and truck.

  8. Every man needs a motorcycle and when gas hits 5 bucks a gallon it’ll be your go to mode of transportation. You’ve also got many friends and friends to be that have them. A Crusader Ride? Sounds like a good time.

  9. I just wish the BMW bikes didn’t cost so much. If the darn Euro would fall against the dollar??
    The thing I liked about the old R and K bikes was that you could work the engine without having to pull it from the bike. I don’t know how the new models are. I swear to goodness the next bike I get is going to have hydraulic lifters or I can get at the valve adjustment without having to take half the bike apart. Kawasaki had gone to shims on their new Ninja 250Rs and it is a bear to get at and adjust and people are having a hard time getting the factory shims.

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