Maybe I could own a Goldwing.

I’ve said more than a few times that the Honda Goldwing is to Bikers what retiring to Florida is for old people with no imagination.

I’ve been wrong and I admit my mistake.  I could own a Goldwing.  This one.

9 thoughts on “Maybe I could own a Goldwing.”

  1. Since you are thinking about a cruiser for the leg positioning, a good used Honda Valkyrie (IF you can find one) would be worth a look.

    1. I would look for a Honda or a Kawasaki cruiser. The Valk or Fury would be just DREAM BIKES. You don’t find either on the Slightly Used Market very often.
      But honestly, I’m really getting more into the ADV bike types. The Leg position is Rideable for me and I can stand… and the bikes are tall enough I can just hang my foot down off the peg too.
      I’ve ridden a few different types, and all of them are workable.

  2. Many years ago a friend of mine broke his Tib/Fib when his ankle was wrapped around the peg while he was riding with his leg resting on the front of the peg and his toe caught on something. Ugly business, be careful out there.

  3. Naked ‘wings are really cool. There are a couple of originals around here, and they are badass even though period pieces. Your example shows the potential…

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