The ZX-11 is now officially for sale.

I hate this. I seriously do love this bike but I’ve finally accepted that my leg is not going to let me ride it anymore. Last time I rode it to work, it hurt far too much. After a long day on my feet, the ride home and the cold combined to put me into physical shock from the pain. I have a very unusually high pain tolerance level, and this was beyond it. I made it home, got the kickstand down, and damn near fell off the bike.
I just can’t ride it anymore.  I love this motorcycle and it’s going to kill me to see it go.  But I just can’t do a Sports Bike anymore.

I will entertain reasonable offers for sale, but would prefer trade for another motorcycle such as a Cruiser with a fat engine and more importantly, forward foot controls.

11 thoughts on “The ZX-11 is now officially for sale.”

    1. I have been on a cane since that night, and on Percocets. My knee has been for most of this week, larger around than my thigh.
      But it’s getting better and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to leave the Cane and pills.

  1. Youth is a gift but antiquity must be earned, one day at a time and it doesn’t come easy. Probably why ancient cultures respected their elders.

  2. Hoping the best for you! I know your not into HD, but my ElectraGlide is damn comfortable. There’s probably a good reason alot of MC cops ride on ElectraGlides. Downside it’s heavy, upside is for some $$$ I had the tour pack (rear luggage) removable kit attachment put on and when riding solo looks, feels, and handles like a street glide. Wishing you health and happiness…thank you for your blog and love your AAR commnents!

  3. With 53 year old knees, I went through the same deal, shopping for a bike with some power and performance, yet with the upright sitting position — — is excellent for narrowing the field. All new crotch rockets have unbearably (for me) far back peg positions.

    On the verge of giving up, I found the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200. Essentially 90 degree knee and back positions. It’s comfortable, yet agile, and fast, though not an 11 second bike.

  4. If you want a bike, as I did, with 90 degree or more knee position, and upright back position, the choices are limited:

    1. Old bike: 80s era “standard” superbike, like the 84 V65 Sabre I picked up as a relearner bike (after a 25 year hiatus from riding) or any of the CBs of the era. But then you have old-bike issues.
    2. HDs: Sportsers have neutral position; other HDs bring the knees forward of neutral. But then, heavy bike with low performance. A matter of taste, I guess, plus does it match your terrain?
    3. Some 2cyl BMW or Honda ST1300 sport-touring bikes or the latest VMax…in general sport tourers are super heavy, ditto the newest VMax.
    4. That new Triumph.

    For me, the Triumph was best compromise bike, considering all factors.

  5. Ogre-San: Sorry to hear that. Had a similar problem. FYI, the Victory Cross roads/COuntry has 18 nch floor boards – very accomodating, and the rest of the bike is super comfy too. And- -it doesnot handle badly at all. Just saying..

  6. Geez Og, sorry to hear that. I second the suggestion above, to look hard at ST bikes like the Triumph, and not to jump into a cruiser-style. I rode a Honda Shadow for a year or so, and it killed my back. Before selling it, I found myself actually leaning forward and using the passenger pegs! The best roadbike I shoulda never sold was a BMW R100 with a cafe fairing. Beautiful, classic, reliable, comfortable, stable, all-day ridable.

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