Packing my Glock 22

Last couple days I have been packing my Glock 22.  This is the $200 dollar Rescue Glock that I saved and rebuilt.  I have to say that it’s becoming one of my favorite handguns.  The chop-job I gave it, cutting it down to G23 size was a big help.  The stippling job also helped.  It fits remarkably well in my hand. 
But I think what makes it carry so well though… is the holster.
Jason from Consealment Solutions put a rig together for me that I just love.
I was going to write up a review here… but it wouldn’t to it justice.  I’m going to have to show you.  Video Review is coming.

7 thoughts on “Packing my Glock 22”

  1. Thinking about a stipple job on my G17, but I’m afraid that I might mess it up. I would love the extra grip.

  2. Interesting. Of the two arms, Glock and Beretta, what would you trust most in the field? Which one do you shoot better?

    1. That’s a good question. Both are excellent, accurate, and reliable. Hmmm… I’m not sure. But I think I still lean Glock due to the trigger and the gun’s weight. Of course, as I shoot more, that could change. I just wish I could feed both guns off the same magazine.

      1. It’s a failing of our species that we have such a cacophony of magazine types. Irksome.

        I prefer the Beretta but get along fine with the Glock. They both work.

  3. I am liking more and more the Beretta Px4 Compact, small grip circumference, I can get all three fingers on the grip. I know a place where I can rent on in .40 and try it.
    Who finds the SWaMPy 9c best with the long magazine and the grip extension.

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