9 thoughts on “Your Gun Store Sucks.”

  1. That’s a lot of inventory! Now we need a post-election government that understands the right to keep and bear arms isn’t about having limbs between your hands and shoulders.

  2. Wow. That’s a hell of a set up your company has there. And while I say my that my chosen gun store doesn’t ‘suck’ (Mississippi Auto Arms) you guys seem to have them beat in a lot of ways. If for no other reason than that you have an truly impressive selection.

  3. I stopped watching at about seven minutes. You have an awesome inventory. Much better than anything in my neck of the woods. It must be great to work in a profession that you love, surrounded by the things you love. Maybe I should just move to Utah, seems like a shooters paradise. The only problem I would have if I was in your position is that I would steer everyone towards the Tikka T3. Unless they wanted a shotgun.

  4. Not bad, but Shooters of Jax is almost as good, but a little less discriminating in their selection. Website sux tho…sigh.
    Who needs more gun money and a stable stomach, I suspect turning off the TV until the election is over might help…sigh.

  5. Not a great first couple of minutes in the vid, Shades of the Nut!
    Who loves you anyway…but watch it! QC, QC, QC….

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