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Gunfightercast vs MadOgre

Just a heads up.  There is going to be a little competition at some point in the future, next year.  An M4 Throw Down, between myself and Daniel “Shaw of Japan”.
The Smack has been Talked.
See, last year Daniel and I had a little competition going on with Pistols.  I won.
The Young Jarhead wants to take on the Old Grunt on his terms now… Carbines.  I’m Game.
But I think I want to make this something more.   Let’s take bets… Donations… With the pot going to The Wounded Warrior Foundation.
The Challenge should be a tactical scenario perhaps?  Such as a Kill House or Jungle Walk… Timed of course, but with accuracy deductions, like IDPA scoring.    Shaw of Japan, since he lost last time, gets to go first here.  He sets the pace on his run.  A Judge will also award or deduct points based on his Tactical Performance…. IE, use of cover during a reload, slicing the pie, etc.   After he does it, then I make the run.  To be fair… Neither of us will see the course of fire ahead of time.



  1. Lesptr's Gravatar Lesptr

    10 bucks on the Ogre.

  2. 10/13/2012    

    I’ll kick in a donation.

    • 10/13/2012    

      Right on. We will set this up soon.

  3. Matt F.'s Gravatar Matt F.

    Shrek versus the Karate Kid!? I’ll definitely toss in to see that. There has to be video proof though! How about the highest donor gets a signed picture of the loser in skinny jeans?

    • 10/14/2012    

      Skinny Jeans? I don’t want to put a Marine in Skinny Jeans. That’s not right.

  4. Skeptic's Gravatar Skeptic

    Can we get one of the shoot’n shows interested?
    Is there a PPV audience?
    Who can we get to ref? Does Tamara look good in stripes?
    Is the NRA Wittington center available?
    Imagine a shoot ladder on the 1K range!
    Who is full of something this morning.

    • 10/14/2012    

      I don’t know of this is TV Worthy stuff. Maybe get Nutinfancy to video this and make it a 3 hour motion picture.

      • 10/14/2012    

        Nutinfancy does a 3 hour movie about his reason for choosing Cornflakes over shredded wheat in the morning.


  5. Nightcrawler's Gravatar Nightcrawler

    You know what? There needs to be a stage where you guys mix it up. Get out of your comfort zones. I’ve heard they do things like this at NTOA meets.

    I’ll donate my Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum. Or hell, my Super Blackhawk Single Action. See how you guys roll when you’ve got six shots and reloading is more complicated.

    Single shot 12-gauge could be in a stage, too. I’ll donate my NEF Pardner boomstick.

    • 10/15/2012    

      I’ve got both a Redhawk and a Super Blackhawk in 45LC I’d loan out. I’d love to see that stage! I also have a coach gun with exposed hammers. It’s brutal with buckshot loads!

  6. WEKM's Gravatar WEKM

    This must happen. This MUST be filmed! and of course, shared with all us gun nuts.
    I am all in on the donation as well. But sorry Ogre. I love ya, but a have to support and cheer for the fellow Marine.

    • 10/15/2012    

      I understand…. He is a good shot too. But I’m going to thrash the hell out of him.

  7. 10/19/2012    

    Say when! I will use both hands this time.

    • 10/19/2012    

      And I have a secrete… I am not Left Handed.

  8. Rich's Gravatar Rich

    For promo purposes, Ogre has to have a Crusader branded carbine, Slipstreamed and all. An interested round would be trading carbines at the firing line, with no chance offered for bench adjustments. The Crusader carbine may surprise some media in this scenario. It is going for a good cause too.

    • 10/19/2012    

      One already has if you talked to the Media Guys that went to Winchester’s new .308 PDX1 Media event.

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