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  1. Agreed, Marc. Actually I think ol’ Joe did pretty well. I mean he spouted a lot of liberal bullshit but he wasn’t nearly as easy for Ryan to tear apart as I expected. He’s an idiot, but far from the debate disaster that I was looking forward to.

    1. Have to disagree that he “did pretty well”. My kids used to argue in the same fashion: talk loudly and long, divert to irrelevant subjects, and make up “facts” out of whole cloth. That isn’t debating, no matter how you frame it. I understand that’s how DC plays it, and that makes me fear for our country even more.

      Reason has left the building.

      What really keeps me awake at night, now, is that — for a few more months at least — this parody of a man is a heartbeat away from the red button. That is a horror I could never have dreamed of before now.


      1. Truth. The DC system is well and truly broken. I meant “did pretty well” in the context of my expectations. I believe the pre-debate post comments on here used terms like “eat him alive” and “slice and dice old plugs”. But yes, it was more due to Ryan’s inability to deal with him than Biden’s talent.

  2. Cock he may be but he took little Paulie on a trip through real politics and, in the process, seriously fucked him.
    Woo Hoo!

    1. You mean by acting like an infantile teenager by interrupting, eye rolling, and laughing like a jackass?

      1. Sadly, yes. Playing to your partisan audience is how the D.C. game works. Infantile? Sure. But it’s the way it goes and Ryan should’ve known how to deal with it. It’s not like this doesn’t happen every day on the beltway.

        1. Ryan handled it correctly. When somebody acts up and behaves like an infantile little bully, you simply quietly correct him, and behave reasonably.

          This is how adults signal each other that someone needs to be sitting at the kiddie table and be handed a sippy cup.

          1. Outside of Washington politics, yes. This, however, is a different playing field and one that Ryan should know well. We’ve seen him do a much better job with this sort of thing in the past and he should have known to expect unbalanced behavior from Joe. I can’t believe that once Biden started controlling the debate sitting there and taking it (even maturely) was the best option Ryan had. A debate like that is a performance, not an exchange of ideas, and Ryan’s actions could have been more memorable.

    2. Are you getting paid to google up conservative sites and post this nonsense?

      Or are you just a free-range liberal retard?

      Biden was GIGGLING about Iranian nuclear weapons. The man’s family history of strokes and seizures has caught up with him.

      1. Just a free-range one I guess. That makes my eggs tasty.

        Oooh, good stuff!

        I’ll leave “retard” thing alone but…it’s tacky, don’t ya think?
        But… ageism too? Cool!
        So, the scenario is: This crazy, old coot goes on the TeeVee and, in conversing with the “l’enfant terrible”, talks over him (What’s up wit dat?)
        Then, he brutally browbeats this earnest, seasoned politician for no obvious reason but…?
        Isn’t that what politics is?
        If you Repubs could come up with candidates who don’t look idiotic right out of the gate, then you could argue fairness.
        Little Paul was only three when the Geezer first took office.
        And, before we go down the old/senile/dementia route, please consider your boy, Sheriff Joe.
        I rest my case.
        But… Kristopher… Is there really a way I can get paid for this?
        I mean, that would rock. I’ve just been doing this for fun up till now.
        But, I down with it. Let me know.

  3. Mr Biden is a brain damaged man so on the basic facts he is prone to confabulation so we don’t even know if he is lying or misprocessing. What kind of insecure person choose this for 2nd place in the country.

  4. The whole thing reminded me of a debate ( ? ) between a science teacher and a used car salesman. Is it just me or does Joe Biden remind you of Archie Bunker? I half expected Him to call Paul Ryan “meathead”.

  5. Biden came across as a complete a-hole, condescending to and mocking Paul Ryan throughout the debate. Luckily, his performance was universally reviled, and Romney has widened his lead in several states because of it.

    1. Universally reviled? No such thing in these partisan times. Just as many people saying the debate narrowed Romney’s lead. Which takes us to the inevitable conclusion that polls are a bunch of hogwash when the margin of error equals or exceeds the front-runner’s “lead”.

  6. Just remember………….

    “The single best decision that I have made was selecting Joe Biden as my running mate. The single best decision I have made. I mean that. It’s true.”

    –Barack Obama, October 15, 2010.

    That says it all.

    Time for a change. Time to put actual adult Americans back in charge.

  7. “Joe Biden is a Cock.”

    He is suffering from brain damage due to a history of micro-strokes and seizures. His son had his first stroke this year at age 42.

    He functions well enough that he can buy groceries, change his clothes, and feed himself, but he can’t be trusted with anything complicated, and needs to be impeached as too mentally incompetent to hold his office.

    Not his fault. The fault lies with the manipulative idiots that allowed him to reach that office.

  8. I was waiting for Biden to yell ” YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH ” like Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. You can’t have a debate with people like Biden. Ryan handled it the best way possible, he was unflappable and stated his facts. Did anyone else notice that the moderator seemed to be able to sense when Ryan was about to score big and would cut him off?

  9. Juvenile and condescending? Ya but it was far disturbing than that. He acted like a abusive, immature, parent. Zero respect shown to Ryan, and that was the plan. What scares me more than anything is the “Ya he was a dick but…..he was entertaining”. Obama is a rock star that cant sing and Biden is talentless Keith Moon wannabe who keeps you watching,waiting, for the train wreck that he is. Unfortunately this isn’t a concert that in the end we say “that was the worst show ever” rather we end up running into a trench with white squares pinned to our backs.

  10. Ahhh, love me some Moon-a-loon. Didn’t think I’d ever see his name here, but thank you

    1. But there are plenty of people around the intarwebs talking up what a strong victory it was for Plugs. Back in my high school days I would have loved ten bux worth of whatever those richardheads are smoking.

      Biden was a bidet. He got to wash Ryan’s arse and then swallow the rinse. That was a total butt whooping purty much like Rmoney gave to Obamalamadingdong the week before.

      Brang on November. Keep yer powder dry boys because the zOmbies are going to turn themselves inside out over the epic defeat they will get. There will be blood.

      1. Biden won? What? The dude was showing his ass the whole time. Syria bigger than Libya? He said several times, and anyone with a nugget in his skull knows that’s not true. Syria is a smaller country. Higher population, but smaller. And Iran doesnt have a weapon that can carry an N-Warhead? So 2012 Iran isn’t as capable of 1950’s Russia? That’s bullshit too, because they do have a missile. Fateh-110 is one, Shahab-1 is another… and I know they have at least one more, but I forget the name.
        Biden also said lowering taxes doesn’t work – Even though JFK said that, did that, and it worked… Never mind Reagan and Bush did that too and again it worked for them too.
        Biden did not win. You have to be mentally retarded to think he won.

  11. Mr. Hill, I believe that by associating Biden with an inherently useful bird or body part, you give him too much credit.

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