19 thoughts on “Crusader Icon”

  1. Badass indeed. I’m not into tattoos (freakin’ HATE needles!) but if I were… I think I might get that inked on my shoulder.

  2. Nice looking, though I could take or leave the wings.

    Instead of crossed ARs, what about an AR and a sword crossed?

      1. Fair enough, I suggested it just because I like swords. The company belongs to you all, do as ye will.

  3. I don’t get the company logo. The guns make sense bc that is what you sell, but the crusader logo? Are you guys a group of armed catholics intent on violently retaking Jerusalem from the muslims in exchange for vast wealth and a chance to have all your earthly sins forgiven? I’m in if that’s the case, coz I got me bills to pay and lots of sins needin forgivin.

    1. “A person who engages in a Crusade.” is what it means by the dictionary.

      A crusade is defined in several ways including:
      “3. A vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse.”

      I dont get your objection. Its a name.

      1. It’s not an objection, it’s a question. What do power hungry european medieval catholic warriors have to do with selling quality semi-custom firearms? It’s an obsolete icon. The catholic church is no longer a political powerhouse more obsessed with earthly kingdoms than god’s kingdom, the Turks are now NATO allies, and we no longer go around killing people because of how they choose to practice religion. The icon of the crusader represents a culture and period of time that goes against everything the bill of rights stands for; you couldnt come up with a more unAmerican symbol.

        1. It’s about fighting for your beliefs. Had nothing to do with Muslims or Turks. Sorry you don’t like it. Feel free to go away.

        2. The stoopid is strong with this one.

          Pal of mine has a dog named Pez. Dumbest damn animal this side of the Rocky Mountains. Catches thrown rocks till his lips bleed.

  4. The wings look to Polish, and their Cav hasn’t been really good since the siege of Vienna.
    Who notes he is Polish.

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